Tuesday, 26 May 2020


Days have been passing by in business & sometimes nothingness.  I'm still finding this whole thing strange & although I'd like to sometimes be out & about, there are some who don't know the meaning of "d i s t a n c e"  & we are still avoiding most things unless necessary.  Life is ticking over in a slow manner & we are getting used to it.

These two baby quilts are now at the forever homes, after a quick pass over at a distance.
 My Centred quilt that I've been doing with Sandra from MMMquilts is now actually on the machine.
This is the backing which I've pieced from this & that, as we have limited access to buy anything other than necessities.
Playing with one of my own designs because I could.  It did end up having a few reincarnations due to some of my bits being too small.  It will now reside in the tub till I get it quilted.
This is the corner I spoke of when I acquired the blister on my thumb.  Those 2 big shrubs on the right hand side have now gone to reveal the silly space that existed behind them.  We have plans to put in,  a nice paved area surrounded by pretty flower beds & the bench we are going to restore.  I showed the bench ends in an earlier post.
Most of this massive hedge is going to come out, as in winter this area is still very wet after heavy dew or frost late into the afternoon and is where I want to place my new raised veg beds.  We are also finding trimming harder as we get older.  I've actually go some wacky ideas.
3.  TODAY.
Installed and ready to be lit..............exciting.
And while it was being installed I got to play with these two...........
 This is an 8 week old Jack Russell puppy who belonged to one of the plumbers.
And this lovely lady, a border collie belonged to the other one.
Not the best photos, but they will have to do.
Even though we've taken some very quick walks since there has been a couple of dry days, I often forget to take my camera.  On Monday as the weather started clearing late in the afternoon we popped out & I remembered to put the small camera in my pocket.  Not much to see on our rather mundane route till I saw these.................
Ibis near the linear walk & the photo is not good, because I forgot my glasses.  Oh dear, take one & not the other. 
OK, that is enough from me, but all my musings are keeping me hanging in there.
Wonder what tomorrow will bring?
Please take care all, stay safe & huggles from down under.


  1. Awww, that puppy, and of course the other lovely doggy too. Your quilts are lovely, we're lucky to have hobbies to keep us occupied during lockdown, though I have to say I haven't actually been doing much crafting at all.

    1. Thanks Jo. The dogs made my day as well as having heater installed. My crafting has been very hit & miss, then I realise I'm probably getting quite a bit done as we can't work out in the garden due to weather or go for a nice drive because of the virus. I think we are all muddle headed wombats at the moment.

  2. What a treat to see the puppy and lovely border collie. I feel very sad that we will never be able to have a dog again, it's the first time in over forty years that we haven't had a dog of our own. I can ooh and aww from a distance though and I love to see puppies.
    I really admired those bench ends in your previous post and I'd love to see the completed bench in your garden.
    Enjoy your new stove this winter, I assume it's a lg burner.
    Take care x

    1. Thanks Eileen. We miss having pets too & sometimes think, maybe one day again. As soon as we able to, we will get some paint for the bench ends & other bits in the garden I want to get done. And yes, it is a log burner & we had it lit last night & talked good memories of others we've had in the past.

  3. That should read log burner :)

  4. Oh you won't know yourself with that lovely warm fire!! Mine's been cranking for a few days now due to frosts and today, rain.
    I actually love the look of the pieced together backings and have done several like that over the years. It also means we have to get really creative ;o)

    1. Thanks Evi. Wonder if your weather will hit us in the next few days? We are nice & toasty tonight. I don't always piece backings & do like the widebacks to go on the big machine, but just at the moment it is sort of make do with bits & bobs on hand.

  5. Such a lovely post full of heartwarming things. Quilts, puppies, stoves and walks. I hope the stove kept you warm after your walk. Take care:)

    1. Thanks Rosie. Having a wood heater again is just great. We had one while living in Tasmania and before that in the mountains of N.S.W. I had a fuel stove which cooked, heated our water & kept the house warm. It was my only source for our meals, but boy did I love it.

  6. That's lovely that you got to meet such adorable canines. :)
    And seeing all those ibis, very fortuitous. :) X

    1. Thanks Sharon. The dogs were sweet & we have ibis, both the white & slightly smaller black ones up & down the east coast of Australia. They quite often fly in a geese-like formation across the sky.

  7. Awww, the puppy and border collie are lovely. very sweet.
    Love your quilts too.
    Nice post, thank you.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan. I love animals, but we don't have any pets now.., so am always ready for the opportunity to cuddle any that come our way.

  8. Bet you are loving that fire, I would hate to do winter without mine, keeps the whole house warm, well some think too warm!! I would have thought your patchwork shops would be open by now, as ours have hardly been closed, and we can drive all over the state if we choose.

  9. Your quilting always amazes me, its gorgeous.
    Sweet little puppy you got to cuddle.
    Take care Susan x