Saturday, 12 June 2021


 A few hiccups over the last few days, but here we are linking with Astrid for the Scavenger Hunt.

Today's word is BERRY & although I'd thought about getting out to take a few photos, the weather has not played ball at all.  Thank heavens for our archives, so here we go & I know my loyal followers will know me well enough to that they'll see the inevitable from our garden.

Our blueberry bushes with new berries before they ripen.
My trug with ripe berries.  Last seasons haul was around 30kgs overall.

And what do they become at times?  Why, blueberry muffins among other things.

Pyracantha berries (I think) that grow in a small reserve near our local railway crossing.

And lastly, an arrangement I made whilst living in Ballarat from both my garden & some foraged roadside bits.
Not even going to try and identify these, though we do have inky black berries in there.

OK, quick and easy for me today after forgetting all about it.  We've had computer  problems, along with so much storm damage here in south eastern Australia.  There are so many trees down in Gippsland and floods in some areas with more rain forecast over coming days.  As we still can't have visitors to our house or go visiting, it is a matter of staying at home & keeping busy, warm & dry and trying not to stress or worry.  I've been appliqueing flowers on my next row of the Bedding Plants QAL, which is quite time consuming as I've not done any raw edge applique for a while.  I'll do a show & tell later next week.
Take care all, stay safe & huggles from a very soggy down under.

Wednesday, 9 June 2021


 Popping in tonight with a photo of my first row for the Bedding Plants Quiltalong.

This is actually the bottom row of "Roses" in the pattern.
As I'm using my scraps, it could look very different from those of the other participants, which I will not see until the full reveal as I don't use either FB or IG, but I am having fun so far and finding all sorts in my scrap tubs which I'd forgotten about.

Not much else to report on today, except that it basically rained all day non-stop, is freezing cold and we've had a few wind gusts, so outside has been a no-no.  Probably the reason I actually finished my row of 6.  Tomorrow I'm having a long overdue haircut and I'm procrastinating as to how short I want to go in this cold weather.  Time will tell.

Take care all, stay safe & huggles from down under.


Monday, 7 June 2021


 A very quick progress about a couple of Quiltalongs I am joining in with at the moment.

One is with my good friend Joy in Ballarat from Days filled with Joy blog and this is a small wall hanging we are participating in.  Our first block was a doddle, which is good as another I decided to join in with is quite fiddly.  First photo is of the Sewcial Quilt block No. 17.

Now the next QAL is from Jo Avery in Scotland and she is someone I've followed in Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine from Britain which I've purchased for many years.  It sounded quite interesting so I'm giving it a go, though in a slightly smaller version.

Her book.

This is the quilt and the row at the bottom is the one we are starting with.
As of yesterday I had completed one rose block.

I am going to use scraps for all my flowers and an assortment of white leftovers from my stash for each row background.  Could be an interesting exercise.
Behind the book photo which I took on my ironing board is some new fabric on the top of board, because I ended up with a very worn spot and then ripped it, hence replaced old fabric, shown below.  It's really cute.

One last snippet.
I think I mentioned another QAL with Sandra from mmm.quilts who has her link up and reveal on the 15th of June, but here is a little teaser.  I made two of Follow your own Path.  They are both finished, but not labelled.  Want to have a look..................
The back of each one.
OK enough from me now and I will pop on progress reports of the QALs from time to time and should catch up with some garden photos too.
Thanks for all my lovely comments lately, take care, stay safe and hugs from down under.

Saturday, 5 June 2021


 Once again Friday has come & gone with me not posting, but I am here with a titbit of "glass" and linking with Astrid.  A couple from my archives & 2 I took today after a baking session.  Very cold and even though we have a "little" freedom, I'm not going anywhere yet for safety's sake.


As you can see from the date it is well before the terrible fire.  We did a quick tour of a portion of Europe as a side trip when we visited UK that year for a wedding of one of our nephews.

This is the glasshouse at RHS Rosemoor which are lovely gardens in Devon.  Taken in 2011 on another trip for a niece's wedding.

My very old Pyrex glass loaf dish which has seen a lot of use over the years for ginger cake, lemon drizzle cake and even meatloaves.  The cake above is a Maori Loaf & ever so quick & easy.  The recipe was given to me by a friend in the 80s, who had a sister-in-law in New Zealand & she made it quite often.
The biscuits above are from a very old Women's Weekly recipe book, which I've been making since I first got married.  Our eldest granddaughter, now 24 loved them.  The glass dish I displayed them in is one I've also had for a long time.  They are now in the tin & we may have one for afternoon tea.........or maybe a piece of cake.  
OK, my lot done & dusted and hope everyone is having a great weekend.  I'll link this, then later will pop in to have a peek at the other hunters' photos.
Take care all, stay safe & hugs from down under.
PS:  I may have a little post about some quilting tomorrow.😏

Sunday, 30 May 2021

SKEWIFF - A DreAMi Post.

Linking with my good friend Sandra from mmm.quilts for our "drop everything and make it" linkup.

I quite often find I want to make one of the quilts I design on my Quilt Wizard program & other things can get in the way, but sometimes the squirrel take over.  The quilt below was one that wasn't getting away.

I'm afraid the photo isn't too good as it's been so inclement here of late and with very poor light in this house I've done the best I can.  The little green clown car is one of DH's squirrels & the bonnet & boot go up and down in time with the little clown behind the windshield.  I'll try and get better ones of it later outside, when we have a dry and sunny day.  All made from my stash and quilted & bound this month.

Another squirrel is appearing, but this one is being made because I found some leftover triangles lurking in a basket I was cleaning up & thought were too good to throw away.
I sewed them into pinwheels & stuck them on the design board seeing which way they might look best - on point or straight, then idea struck and today I'm up to this.......
It will be a baby quilt to give away when finished.  I really did this by the seat of my pants as they say, with no drawings, diagrams or anything else.  Border idea is shown at the bottom.

Talking of my projects on the go, I have 2 quiltalongs I'm participating in, one being Sandra's "Follow Your Own Path"  with our reveal on June 15th and a drawn out one by my friend Joy from
 Days Filled with Joy which has embroidery and piecing.  Below is how far along I am with Joy's QAL, Lets Stay Home".
Best go and get some more of my binding sewn down tonight on the second of my FYOP's while watching some mindless TV and trying to calm the anxiety which has come again with our new strict lockdown because of this damn pandemic crisis.  And yes, I am stressed and so glad I have my quilting and garden to keep me busy and we went for a good walk this afternoon as the sun had come out although it is very cold with another frosty morning tomorrow.  We aren't allowed to go anywhere, except for food, medical appointments, work or caring for someone., so for us it is stay at home and hope it won't last long.
Please take care all, stay safe & huge hugs from down under.

Saturday, 29 May 2021


 Today, the last of Mays' photo hunt words' is MUSIC, so joining in and linking up with Astrid.

Photos are varied aspects from my own enjoyment of music, which I inherited from my Dad.  Growing up in the 50s meant we didn't have TV till I was around 11 years old, so our radio & record player were big parts of my childhood.

The music notes Keith fashioned for me some years ago & I finally framed & now have hanging on the wall.

My beloved Cottage piano which I bought in the late 80's whilst living in Tasmania.

I can tinkle away on the piano, but not well as DH will attest to, so it doesn't get much use now that he is retired and it doesn't live in this position anymore since we had the woodburner installed on this wall.  I learnt to play when I was 5 for about 9 months till we found out the 2nd hand piano we had needed a large amount of work on it, which my parents couldn't afford. Luckily I was able to read music & our public schools always had singing & bands as part of our education. In my teen years I bought one cheap from a Scout Hall, only to find it also need fixing, then we moved & I had to get rid of it as it wouldn't fit in the new house my parents purchased.  Fast forward to a few years in Batlow, & I was given an old one, which definitely had seen better days, so that was left at our rented house we were living in while we built our new house.  The move to Tassie, then saw me purchase a "brand new" one, shown above.

My little table harp, which I actually purchased at Saltaire Mill Music shop in UK.
About all I really know how to play on it is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but I do love it.

Music fabrics, above and below.
I've collected them over the years and do have an idea, but just haven't got around to it yet.

And for the last is this.................................

Andre Rieu in concert at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne in 2009.
I actually took this photo myself so probably not the best.
This wasn't the first of his concert's we'd been to in Melbourne, having attended the one on his first tour of Australia a few years earlier.  The first one was absolutely huge and amazing and the night we were there was the one they recorded for his Australian DVD.
During my teen years I went to very few concerts and then a wonderful experience whilst living in Tassie was seeing Cliff Richard at the Entertainment Centre in Hobart.  One of my pop idols.  Keith and I've also been to some great musicals, so treasure those times very much in these difficult times.
OK, enough twaddle from me about my love of MUSIC & will link this up now.
Thanks to other Hunt bloggers who were way ahead of me.  Take care all, stay safe & hugs from down under.

Friday, 14 May 2021


 Friday again already...........where is the month going.  Today we will link with Astrid for the word........ ..MIRROR.

I've found a few odd things along with the rather obvious mirrors.

My dressing table which I have posted before.  
I purchased this in Tasmania in the mid 80's and it is made from Tasmanian Blackwood and is around circa 1910, we think.

The window frame, again which I've used recently.  DH made it and we placed mirror tiles behind to reflect the light.

A beautiful curved window mirror which I photographed in the sales section of the Visitor Information Centre at Fountains Abbey, back in 2014 when on holiday in UK.

Thinking of other options, I remembered the mirror like reflections in the dam at Gulf Station, a National Trust property in the Dandenong Ranges, here in Victoria.

Lastly, I snapped this about 10 minutes ago, when a silly idea popped into my head as I was about to do this post.
I have used this little mirror several times over the years to see how a section of fabric might look by fussy cutting in different shapes to form a hidden image.  Not as complicated as I've put it, but very hard to explain here.  
Well that's my lot for this week and now I'm off to link up and later see what the other hunters have come up with.
Freezing here today with cloud, wind, rain and the possibility of snow down to very low levels, though we very, very rarely get actual snow, but a little bit of sleet for a few minutes when it's cold enough.

Have a great weekend all, take care, stay safe & hugs from down under.