Tuesday, 21 June 2022

BEGINNING WITH......................F

First, it's about time I try and blog more regularly, but with weather, price hikes and a feeling of melancholy about world wide problems, I've not had the impetus to put words on paper or use the camera much.  Yesterday, although very overcast and cold, we took ourselves off to do some firewood collecting out at our friends farm.  I took some photos too and realised they all started with "F" & thought it would be a funny, funky post.  Notice all those f's.


                                                                  The trailer being loaded.

Views of distant farms from the paddock where we were collecting the fallen timber.  Notice the mist on the lower slopes and the ranges in the far distance.  Typical weather at the moment.

                                                I noticed this lot as I was walking about.

                                   Our eucalyptus (gum trees) have the most wonderful shapes.

                                                 FURRY FRIENDS.  (Tups or rams, depending on where you live.)

What are you looking at?

Maybe I should join the others.

Are you back again with that black thing?


Hubby had been busy before the frightful weather hit and was making me a plant stand out of pallet timber.  Hasn't it turned out nicely.  I will get to with pots of herbs and maybe a few cut and come again veg. soon.  Too cold at the moment, but will hopefully get some sunshine in amongst the cooler days.

All from me today.    
Take care all and hugs from a wintry down under.

Wednesday, 15 June 2022


 Linking with Sandra today at mmm.quilts for the final day of the Quiltalong of her Pop Star pattern.

I've made two with one finished and the other awaiting quilting.  Been a bit slack lately with getting things done, but after a few glitches with both long arm and domestic machines, I think I'll get back into it soon.  I was hoping to take a few photos in the "great outdoors", but woe is me...........weather is not playing nicely, so I've done the best I can.


A full shot.
The next few are what I hoped would be my "hero" snaps.

An inside photo.

Another inside, showing a little of the quilting.

An outside one high up in the ranges south of us, with a lot of cloudy mist in the background.

This quilt is for a baby boy who was born on Sunday.  His parents are members of our car club and I've yet to meet him.  His sister can't wait till he comes home.  You might be able to see if you click on the middle photo are the cars that I quilted to make it personal for the family.

I'm calling this one No.2, even though I started it first.  Although I do like it, I lost the popping stars, as the brown fabric was too close in value to the main star fabric.  Is waiting on the machine now to be quilted.
This what the sky has looked like most of the time over the last few weeks.  Very little sunshine, even on days when it hasn't rained.  Been bitterly cold too.  Our snow regions have had the earliest start to the season on record.

Well that is my lot for today and I really must get back into blogging, photography and just enjoying life in general.
Thanks to all my lovely blogpals for being there for me, take care & big hugs from down under.

Wednesday, 1 June 2022



Linking up with Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs for May, as I'd not finished anything & missed the last one at the end of April.

Macaron Mystery quilt which just happens to be Cheryl's last QAL and with another one on the way, I'm wondering what it's going to be.😊

A hero shot taken early in May when the weather was still nice.  This was taken in  the civil park where our Shire Offices are located and is always quite well maintained so occasionally I use the area for photography.

OK, not much else for today and it has been pouring with rain, windy and ever so cold, plus I'm still missing my Bernina sewing machine and have already something cut out along with a binding waiting to go on another quilt.  It should be back again by next week.
Take care all and hugs from a freezing down under.
Susan. xox

Monday, 30 May 2022


 I'm still here, though finding it hard to write a decent post as I've been feeling rather discombobulated of late.  Not sure whether that is because of the Pandemic, worldwide havoc, strange weather or even maybe 4th Covid jab and the flu vaccination, but here I am with a few bits of what we've been up to this month.

I'm joining my friend Sandra in Canada (mmm.quilts) to link with her "Drop everything and make it" post.  

Wacky One, a design of my own using only scraps and fabric from my stash.

And.... the backing fabric.
This was made at the beginning of the year, but quilting took quite some time due to my stupidity and now needs binding.  Alas there is a hole....................and no sewing machine.  Betsy is being serviced and won't be back till probably next week.  
Apart from the sewing problems, all is sort of OK.

We've had a couple of outings, which I've not been sure about posting due to them being a little more DH oriented, but I'd like to share just a little here.

A couple of weekends ago we spent a few days away in the van at the Lake Goldsmith Steam Rally.

I was lucky to capture this photo as we'd stopped to take a photo of the advertisement for the Rally and the Morris convertible was just passing.
A few photos follow of some things that I captured with my camera.
A collection of sewing machines.  There were more and older ones too.

This one is for my friend Kate.

One of the quirky on-site vans.  Very rustic.

The tinier versions of steam traction engines.
On the way home we stopped off in Beaufort at a vintage shop and purchased an old sewing machine for $10 & then later found a treadle base with no machine in it.  We discovered the old machine will fit in this base, so another project hubby will tackle over winter.
The cabinet which definitely needs some attention.

DH working hard cleaning up the machine.
Just one more photo taken on a local walk last week.
Look at the size of the toadstool............that is my foot beside it.

OK, all from me for now, but I will be back next month with....hopefully...... a finish for the QAL Sandra has been running.  I may even post about another rally we went to with vintage machinery, which was an interesting  day out too, if anyone wouldn't mind seeing photos of vehicles.  Not much doing in the garden and now that the weather has turned bitterly cold, that maybe on hold for a bit.
Take care all and lots of hugs from down under.

Monday, 25 April 2022


Oh dear, I have been wayward of late, but what with public holidays and just plain feeling a bit "blah", I've not had the inclination to blog or do too much else.  Hopefully things are starting to settle on our patch a little and I'm trying to catch up with blog reading and putting some photos and words into place.

We'll start with this...

Linking with Sandra at mmm.quilts for her current QAL, which I am participating in.                                   Fabrics chosen and I'm hoping to do 2, one for moi and another for a baby due in July.

Two colourways chosen and I don't think I need explain which one is which.

I'm busily sewing the floral one first and have a few bits done.

We have flying geese units.

Also, the half square tringles.

A day out yesterday with DD, S-I-L & our 2 grandchildren was great, although we didn't do what they were doing at The Enchanted Garden which is on The Mornington Peninsular.  It has a few mazes, some wonderful sculptures, a tube slide and many walking tracks, but it's main attraction is "Tree Surfing", more for younger people than us oldies.  I'll pop on  a few photos below of some of the features.

Looks scary, but most were having a good time with helmets and harnesses to make it safe.

There was also a tube slide which brought many shrieks & much laughter from those that went on it.

A few more snaps of what could be seen when walking about.
The beautifully carved relief on the hedge.

Elegant statue at the end of a path.

These reminded e of the Terracotta Army figures in China.

Can you see the laser cut rusty iron native animals?

                                                    Two of my favourites below.
Curly snails

Carved timber kangaroo.

Ok, I've waffled on enough so I'll finish up here and hope that everyone had a good Easter break and for those in Oz, this, another long weekend, it being Anzac Day today was both relaxing and thoughtful, especially with all that is happening at the moment.
Take care all and big hugs from the land down under.

Oh, and one last photo of the small lake with fountain.

Wednesday, 6 April 2022


 Just a little catch-up with nothing much.  Been quiet here of late with a few appointments and just generally doing the usual mundane housework, cooking, gardening and a little crafting.  Even the poor camera has been under utilised.  Hoping all will settle soon and some normality come back.

A few snaps I've taken of my knitting & sewing and DH's woodwork.

Cassie's dog coat.

Tilly's dog coat.

The top photo stayed local and the pink one went to Wales.
Our podiatrist is now on maternity leave and I presented her with this little quilt for the new arrival.
I'm looking forward to finding out if she has a boy or girl.  She already has one of each.

My quick and easy colourful baby pattern with a teddy bear quilting pattern.

DH has made DD a side table to go beside her lounge and we haven't delivered it yet due to all sorts of things, but hopefully during the school holidays so we can see her 2 children.  This table was made using mostly pallet timber.  Doesn't it come up nice with a lot of hard work.
The table.
A little bit of nonsense now.  Looking out the front door  one afternoon as I walked past, I noticed "something" out of the corner of my eye move on the footpath & when I realised what it was, ran to get the camera and luckily it was just wandering past next door.
One ibis, though you usually see them in flocks, but we do have a lot around about here anyway.

All for now, but at least I've made the effort and should hopefully keep up with a few posts each month to get back into the swing of things.
Enjoy the rest of the week all, take care and huge hugs from down under.