Thursday, 26 May 2016


Joining in with Hawthorn Spellweaver for the month of May  with ten categories.

1.  PATH

Along a path, through the trees, towards the mouth of the Powlett River on the South Gippsland Coast.


A little lone gum blossom which I thought looked quite "hairy".  I did find this one difficult, though I'm sure there are lots of things.


Baking biscuits last Sunday.


My shadow box with miniatures I've collected over many years.

5.  POEM.

Technicolour Poetry.

OK, so this is my - "What to do when you don't know what to do"!!!!!!!  I'd like to think someone, somewhere could conjure up a poem about these.

6.  HANDS.

Young hands and old hands.  Teaching my grand daughter to knit.  DD rang late Sunday afternoon to ask a question and I heard in the background, "tell Nana I am knitting now".  She's doing well.


My original wedding dress circa 1969, which I'm sure must be "vintage",(I've been married twice for those who don't know) and although this has sentimental value, it is only because my great aunt made it for me.  She was a professional seamstress and this was her 30th wedding dress.  She minded me as a 3 year old whilst my mother had my younger brother and I think she  instilled in me a love of sewing.  I used to sit on the large table which housed her industrial machine and play with buttons and fabric scraps while she sewed.  The bottles were my other choice and I couldn't make up my mind which one to choose, so both are here.


Clouds casting shadows across the hills of South Gippsland.


Technically not from the window, but as I walked into the kitchen on Tuesday, I looked out the window and saw these two galahs on the feeder.  I ran to get my camera, crept out to the opening of our back verandah and quietly took  a couple of photos.  Probably not the easiest to capture without disturbing them and the closest to the kitchen window, which has a flyscreen that makes for lousy photos.  Aren't they such pretty colours and we've not had them on the feeder before.


A waterfall plunging into the sea on The Isle of Skye.  I thought this so amazing, that it came out No.1 for this category.  We explored Skye in 2011.

All done for the Month of May and thanks once again to Hawthorn for our challenge.
I am loving this so much and enjoy how everyone else interprets it.
Have fun all and take care.


  1. Isn't it wonderful to see the next generation learning a craft. I can't ever remember being taught to knit, it's something I've been doing from a very young age, though I did stop in my late teens and didn't take it up again until a few years ago. I'm quite sad about that really, just think of all the lovely things I could have made for Daniel and Eleanor when they were little. Those galahs are beautiful, I've never heard of them before. I've enjoyed seeing all your photos again this month.

  2. Lovely selection of photos. Lovely that your GD is enjoying knitting. I was taught by an old boyfriends Gran who refused to let me leave until I was knitting. She taught me to use long needles with one under the armpit so it was held steady.xcx

  3. All lovely especially your dress and teaching your granddaughter how to knit x

  4. Oh Susan!! What a wonderful selection and interpretation of this month's words - I love it love it - so glad you joined in :) xxxx

  5. Great photos, I have one of those SAWA biscuit forcers in my cupboard, but it has had little use recently.

  6. Such beautiful and interesting pictures. Those birds are amazing. Having to have pictures for given categories must make it fun for you. Nice work.

  7. I absolutely love those vintage bottles!

  8. Great set of photos; your biscuits look so professional whereas mine are best described as Mis-shapes (but they taste good). Made me cheer to read you have taught your grandaughter to knit; so essential of pass on any crafting skills.

  9. What an amazing path, I would love to walk down there and see where it goes! Your wedding dress is beautiful and so special that it was handmade by a relative.

  10. Love all your entries and what makes them interesting is that they are pictures from a different country. The flora and fauna are so different to ours here in the UK.

  11. Love all your entries and what makes them interesting is that they are pictures from a different country. The flora and fauna are so different to ours here in the UK.

  12. Lovely photos Susan! Yes the biscuit maker is the same as I have, it was Mum's and looks the same vintage! Love the the silly galahs too :) xxx

  13. Well, done, well done, well done!!

    {{huggles}} J, xx

  14. I finally know what a Galah is!!!!!! Thank you for enlightening me!!!! Your wedding dress was beautiful! Wow, how lovely that your aunt made it! The shadowy path is beautiful and I love the young and old hands- that is really touching!x

  15. Wonderful picture of those colourful birds. We make do with goldfinches on our feeder.