The next lot of photos are finally organised enough to be posted and this lot belong to our three children here in Oz and their offspring.  We'll start with DD my first who had her first quilt as a teenager, then go through our two boys, and all the grandchildren who have at least one quilt, if not two.  I've missed one as I've no photo.😒

DD's first quilt made in the mid 80's, machine pieced and hand quilted as you go.  We called it The Hellebore Quilt and the blocks were made from my first ever quilt book and was "Lap Quilting" by Georgia Bonsesteel.
The wedding quilt I made for DD & her hubby is a Storm at Sea pattern with a Mariner's Compass in the centre.  The MC block came from a magazine & the SaS I had to rework from the Square in a Square book/ruler, as it was a miniature block, but it all came together OK.

A simple Rail Fence for eldest son, which has been much used by his boys.

This was another for eldest some years later.  It was from a Quilters Companion magazine, I think.

This was made for youngest son and sorry to say it is still not finished to me stuffing up the quilting with my first ever quilting machine, a short arm DAQ.  Maybe one day I'll try & finish unpicking & redoing, but I think that is highly unlikely.  The boat pattern was in a magazine.

Youngest also had a second one, when he was transferred with the bank away from home.  The pattern was from a Quiltmaker magazine.

We'll start with DD's two.
                                                 Master L's first.

 This was made from a Quiltmaker magazine as well & although DD didn't know what she was having, I was lucky to pick the blues.  She'd seen this quilt many years before & said if she had children it'd be lovely & I remembered.  It hangs on the wall behind his bed still.

This was made from something I'd seen somewhere & is Master L's cuddle quilt, that has been well used over the years.
           Now to Missy Moo's quilts.
 The one that hangs on her wall is Bunny Love from Country Threads magazine.

Her cuddle quilt is one of my first attempts at designing on my computer using Quilt Wizard & is made from flannelette & still soft & cuddly.

Eldest son's children come next & the one whose quilt is missing Jay, No 3 out of 4.
Miss A. (our 1st ever grandchild) has had  3.
 Her baby quilt was loosely made up as I went along to feature the bear fabric.  I'd not thought that I was actually designing anything at this point.
 A Sun Bonnet Sue came next as she went from being a toddler to school.  I found this particular pattern in a magazine, that I no longer have or even know what it was called.  Both her grandmothers were called Susan.😊

In her teenage years, she got herself a double bed & I'd just finished piecing this from a book (?), and thought it would be nice for her.  She still loves it, she tells me.

B1 is next.
This was made from a pattern in one of Mary Ellen Hopkin's workbooks.

Youngest of this lot Young R has the one below made from an old magazine.  It was a busy time between moves and tried to make it for either boy or girl.  Not one of my best by any means.

Youngest son's two children are the last in this section.
B2 is the eldest of them.
 His baby quilt was designed by me, although the bears did come from a magazine as I cannot draw for the life of me.  The layout is completely my own drawn on graph paper & the star points were executed with a lot of juggling as I'd drawn them as an odd shape.  I still love this.
This was made as he got older & the block pattern is from a Kaye England book with both motor bike and cycles for the alternate blocks and did appear on my blog when I first got it up and running.

Little E is our youngest and these belong to her.
 Twist and Turn blocks were all the rage when I made this, so not sure where I may have seen this pattern, but it was her baby quilt.
Her next quilt was made from a book, French Braid Transformations by Jane Hardy Miller & features one of my fabrics with ice skaters.  As you can see from the photo, I still have my ice skates from all my years on the ice.  Wish they still fitted my poor "old" feet.

OK, that is an update that has been going to happen for so long.  The photos aren't the best as some of them are copies from old style photos from my album.  More updates and pages will hopefully happen in the coming months.


This installment page covers the quilts still here in Australia with my own tiny family, which consists of my late Mum & Dad & my brother who I talk about occasionally and who still lives in Sydney.
I'll work on another installment for our kids and grandkids soon.

Made for my Mum to go in her livingroom when they moved to a unit as they were getting older.  My brother still has it.
Made for my Mum again, when she requested something in burgundy, but she never used it and kept it folded on a chair the their bedroom.
This started out as a gift for one of our son's girlfriends, which didn't last, so when I finally finished it, I gave it to my Dad when he went into a Nursing Home, only to be told after he passed away, that it was folded and kept in the top of his wardrobe in case somebody stole it.
Sad to think he didn't ever use it.  All of the above quilts were made from patterns in books or magazines.


This part will deal with the quilts living in the UK with my hubby's extended family.  I've put this one together starting with his Mum & following through with his brother and sisters in age order.  Not everyone has had something, There have been births, weddings, sad times or just gifts over the years, so here we go.

Made for mother-in-law when we visited in UK in 1991.  It was my first overseas trip of any sort & although I'd already met her, when she visited us in 1997, I wanted to take something uniquely Australian for her & my own mother found these panel fabrics. I then had to think up some way to put them together as they were 2 different panels in odd sizes.  It now resides with my brother-in-law who said he'd like it, after she passed away.
Next it will be  brother-in-law's family.  They have 2 sons & 1 daughter, so we will go with that order of things.

M's baby quilt.  My own design.

Her bed size quilt.  My own design.
Eldest nephew has one girl & a boy,& M, great niece has had two quilts & turns 11 next month  and O, great nephew who must be (I think) about 8 now.
O's baby quilt, from my own design.
My sister-in-law has a table runner.
Made from a book.
D is my next nephew & although I've shown this & a few other quilts over my blogging years,this is a gallery, mainly for my use to keep track of what I've made & where they might be now.
D & R's quilt.\, from my own design.
Now to my niece whose family had a few, since  she visited us in Australia with her then partner (now husband), so I got to know her quite well & have been to her wedding & my great niece's christening.
Their wedding quilt.
A Judy Martin design.

A's baby quilt (great nephew) from a pattern pack.

F's baby quilt (great niece) from my own design.
Gummy Bears.
Moving on to K's eldest sister N.  Her quilt came about after her long time partner passed away suddenly and was also one of the quilts I showed on my blog not long after I got it up and running.  Made as mystery quilt from one of my Kimberley Einmo books.

I called this one Family Links.
N had twins who are now 52 and V my niece was given this quilt last year when we visited, for her new extension to be.
Autumn in the Dales, which I did design for a jelly roll, although I've seen many similar since.
V had twin daughters herself, who now have their own children.  Makes them our great great nieces & nephews, 3 girls and 2 boys who have all had baby quilts.  Afraid I only took photos of 3 of them. Some quilts just haven't had their pics taken as I suppose life just gets in the way & one forgets.

Adapted from a magazine.

Designed on graph paper.

Made from the Flip Flop ruler book.
K's younger sister has 3 children and they all grew up in South Africa.  They returned to UK in the late 90's & my niece married & when she had her first, a little girl, I sent over this little quilt, made from leftover fabric from my first grandchild's baby quilt.

A,s baby quilt designed by me.
This year (2019) whilst in visiting, I gave J her own quilt, which she said would be lovely over her lap this coming winter.

Now onto his youngest sister whose family has also had quite a few & most have also appeared on my blog, due to the fact my two nieces have married & had babies more recently.
A & L's wedding quilt, designed on my Quilt Wizard.

Baby quilt for their little boy.  Idea from a paper pattern I had.

Owling Around for their second little boy to my own design.
K & G's wedding quilt, made from a Pam & Nicky Lintott book.

Baby quilt for their little boy.  My design.

Up, Up & Away for their second son.  Adapted from an old magazine pattern.

L, my sister-in-law has also had a table runner.  This is something I started from a pattern called Country Charm quilt, but as it was quite fiddly I just made 3 blocks and turned it into a table runner, then took it with me to UK in 2014.

Now to my stepdaughter and family.

M & P's wedding quilt, which I made quickly using ideas I'd seen quite a few times, but much easier with a few floral fabric blocks instead of all alternate nine patches.
D's baby quilt who is eldest grandson on that side of family.  Made from one of my older books.
S's baby quilt who is the second grandson.  This design came from a magazine.
Last for this instalment is the quilt I made for our granddaughter who is actually my stepdaughter's stepdaughter, so hers isn't a baby quilt, but one made when she was a teenager.  It has also appeared on the blog.
J's quilt.  Also made form one of Pam & Nicky Lintott's books.


This is to be a journey of my quilting since 1977, when I made my first ever quilt.
My great aunt thought I could use my dressmaking scraps to make one & gave me a few ideas by just cutting 6" squares, sewing them together & using wadding & something for the back.  It was a steep learning curve, but this is where I've now ended up as an avid quilter.

They will be put on as I get them into some sort of order and my early ones are scanned photos, which have faded & I've done the best I can.  I didn't take a lot of photos back then, so quite a few are both long gone & forgotten.  Just a short caption with each one.
These ones are the ones I've given away as gifts, donated to a cause/charity or made on commission.
Here we go.


My first ever quilt.

Made for a bank colleague for her 1st baby.

Another one as above.

Made from a magazine & donated to Sydney Childrens' Hospital.

Designed by me and donated to same as above.


My own design for a baby quilt, as is the one below too.

Made from a book on easy baby quilts.

Made for a vision impaired lady for her guest chalet, from a book by Nancy Johnson-Srebo.

Mod Stars, adapted from a magazine pattern & given to my Doctor when she had her first baby.

The above 2 were made whilst working in the bank in Nowra during the late 90's.
Top, from a magazine pattern.
Above, applique from a QNM, with alternate traditional blocks.

These 2  were made whilst living in this area before we moved away.
Top, made from magazine pattern.
Above, just a twist & turn I've seen many times.
QUILTS IN THE UK. (family ones excluded & will come on a later page).

Fairy Floss (designed by me).  This quilt was sent to friend's of my nephew for the birth of their first child, a little girl.

Eternal Spring from a magazine & gifted to my friend Kate's Mum in 2019.
One for Kate, I made in a Mystery Case Retreat at Judy's in Bordertown.
An older 4 patch strippy I made to use the floral stripe.
The first of 3 quilts (2 more below) that were taken to England by my friend Val for her 3 grandchildren in 2018..
The top quilt I made after a workshop with Mary Ellen Hopkins in 2000 & the dark one below is a block from a Judy Martin book.  The one on the left still resides here waiting for gifting.

Wall hanging made for my friend B. many yeas ago.
(Book pattern).

This was made as a test pattern for Quilt Sue, then I gave it to my friend B.
Photo below is of it quilted & snapped in the glasshouse at the Ballarat Botanic Gardens in 2014.

A wedding gift for my niece's friend above & below, one for their first baby.
Both of these were made from books.

The quilt above was made from a magazine as a mystery series & given to my friend G's sister.
The one below, a wedding gift for G.  (my own design.)

Made for hubby's best mate's first grandchild, in Essex,.
From a baby quilt book.

Another two test pattern quilts for Quilt Sue.
Above - brought to UK in 2014 & donated to Yorkshire Air Ambulance.
Below - brought with me in 2016 as a gift for friend J's birthday.


To a friend's mother as a gift for her carer.
Made from a book.

At a car boot sale.
From a magazine.

To a vision impaired elderly lady, who kept saying she wanted to buy one from me.
Made in a class in Nowra in the mid 90's.

Mystery quilt made from an Australian magazine. 2011.

Mystery quilt from Traditional Quiltworks. 2012

Pattern from a Quiltmaker magazine. 2013

My own design using a matching charm pack & jelly roll with a cream background fabric. 2013

Made from a magazine with variations. 2014

Another mystery quilt from Traditional Quiltworks.  2015
I sort of like Mystery Quilts (giggle).


Crystal Geese.  My own design & donated in 2019.
An old sampler made in a class environment back in the 90's & quilted in 2018.  Donated in 2018.
These above are two of the quilts I have donated to Windgap Foundation for their Xmas Raffles.

Donated to the Hostel in one of our local Retirement villages.
3 unused older quilts made many years ago from magazines or books I've purchased.

From a book & donated. ?

Made in 1993,( just before we left Tasmania) at our local quilt shop in Hobart, & finally quilted & donated to 2009 bushfires victims here in Victoria.

My first ever mystery quilt & the instructions were wrong. It was donated to a charity that sent items to Sri Lanka.

This I started in a class with Kaye England to use her Nifty Notions rulers.  I then finished it at home & donated it to our car club for the 2016 Xmas raffle.

The 3 quilts above were made by a local group, when I helped run a Mile a Minute session for the Salvation Army's winter project.  They came together with many scraps brought in by the ladies.  I put these 3 together & quilted them, which is why I have photos.


Made for one of our youngest son's girlfriends way back.
From a magazine, probably around early 2000's.
This has been a mammoth task so far & I've a long way to go.  Lots, lots more quilts to go on the pages to come, but I know that it is probably a year long project.
If you stop by, thank you very much.  I've tried to be fair in saying where I found these patterns etc, but some are from so long ago, it would take me an age to locate the precise book or magazine clipping if I saved it.  I've had many clear outs over the years, and a lot of it is now non-existent.


  1. Wow wow wow that is amazing! You have created such a wide selection and variety of beautiful work! You are a clever and talented lady!

    1. Thanks Kate. I've still got LOTS to put on. Just a sampling so far, but any of the old ones I've still got, I'll be able to take fresh photos, so that is a blessing. You could do a page for all your beautiful craft?

  2. Wow, you did it! Well done, lovely quilts, gives me lots more ideas!

    1. Thank you for your help or I'd never have done it. I was zonked by last night. Huggles.

  3. Gosh, well done. You've got some beauitful quilts there and isn't it amazing and horrifying (in equal measure) when you start to catalogue ALL the quilts in one place? I think that is why I probably never will . . .

    1. Thanks Jayne. I'm going to archive them all here in sort of batches and then update them as I get any quilted. It's more for me, but I thought others may enjoy too.