Thursday 8 September 2016


Limited internet connection has meant that I've been very quiet, but here we go.
OK, no photos as yet,  but our going north for a holiday, was really going  VERY NORTH!
Tomorrow,  hubby I are going on a train trip.  Where from and to?   From Skipton, to Settle, over the Ribblehead Viaduct and onto Carlisle, where we will have lunch, then back again. 
On Friday, the plan is to visit the Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland, which we attempted 2 years ago, but it was closed.  We know better this time.
Most of our time since we arrived has been short outings and family catch ups.
One of the exciting things for me next week is meeting Hawthorn from the blog "I live, I love, I craft, I am me" and her mother from the blog "Jak's Tales".  I've also seen Jo from "Through the Keyhole" fleetingly, but will catch up with her again, I hope next week too.  Nearer the end of our  holiday I'll be seeing my friend Jayne again from "The View from Bag End" and hopefully going to Yarndale.  So exciting!!!!!
I hope to take lots of photos over the next few days, even though I came away with my small camera this time and it's doing my head in having no bigger lenses to capture long distance shots and all manner of other things.  I also have trouble loading them on this mini laptop, but hope to learn along the way.
After having a small break, I'm looking forward to a few short posts during our trip and hope to catch up with my blog list when do I have internet connection.
Off  to bed now for an early start.
Take care all and have a good week.