Sunday 18 March 2018

ALL SORTS, but not licorice!!!!

Ah yes, I've been a little absent lately due to ever so busy with life in general.
Weather has been atrocious, with more extreme heat, wind & no rain, but that changed today a little, with cooler temps & some rain.  Our rainfall for this year has been 61mm for January, which was pretty average, only 12mm for February, well below & today our first rain for March ---- 😊, though the wind is absolutely howling outside, so definitely a stay indoors day.    Being so dry, there are also a number of bushfires burning throughout the state.
Now for a few bits'n'bobs that have been happening lately.

A weekend was spent in Geelong where I attended a quilt class in Toquay (no photos, as I forgot to take camera to class), but I do have a few others from the weekend.  A day to Ballarat, where we wandered through the Botanic Gardens, which if you are one of my older followers, will know is a place I love.

Monkey Puzzle tree.
A little relaxing while the wife took too many photos.

I also whiled away an hour or so in my favourite quilt shop & did come away with a few bits.  Eureka Patchwork always has the most wonderful array of floral prints, which I love.
A couple of lonely chimneys from an old homestead, stand beside the road from Ballarat to Geelong.

On the Sunday afternoon, we checked a couple of NT properties The Grange in Newtown, a suburb of Geelong, with a guided tour by a very young volunteer, who made it so interesting.  The next property will have to be visited again as they were just about to close.
Part of the beautiful homestead at above property.
I could just imagine spending hours pottering about in these sheds in the gardens.
March has been quite eventful for us, as we waited the arrival of our granddaughter from the UK at the beginning of this month.  She has come to Oz, on a working holiday & will be staying with us whilst fitting in both work & travel.  One other event has been hubby's big "0" birthday which we celebrated on Thursday.  Just a day out with some sightseeing of the Mornington Peninsular for J, then dinner at a hotel, which we've been to before, with good meals & service.
J picking up seashells on the seashore.
Permission was granted to post this photo.

Merricks Beach, where we had a walk.  If you click on the photo, you will see in centre, a bird wading across the water.

Bush scenery along the back of the sand.

A coastal Banksia, surviving despite the wind & odd angle at which it is growing.

In amongst the business, I've tried to relax with my craft.
Night time has seen me challenging my brain with this crochet.  It is coming together allbeit very slowly.  It is keeping the grey matter working, that's for sure.
My Sunshine & Shadows rug.
Bubs has also been up & running in between times & these two are quilted & bound, ready for handsewing.
Not the best photos due to the overcast day, though the sun has shone on & off, as it was coming through the window when I took these.
On the left is a very old quilt & the one on the right made last year.
Close up of quilting on both.

One last photo today from this morning, when it was raining & blowing a hooley.  If you look at our hedge in the photo below, you can see just how far the top is leaning.
Enough from me & if I'm quiet again,  I will be back for the Scavenger Photo Hunt at the end of March.  Take care all.
Huggles, Susan.