Sunday 31 August 2014


OK, it's been over a week since we arrived and yes it's been quite hectic, but I've also not had much luck with this mini laptop.  It's operating system is Windows 8.1 and I've been completely confused.  I finally worked out how to load my photos, so will hopefully be able to get some on here now.  If I don't, it will be just this. 
Last Sunday we went to my great niece's christening and caught up with lots of family.  We've had a trip up to Skipton markets and also over to Scarborough to visit my stepdaughter and family.  We popped up to Bolton Abbey, but it rained and we drove over the Dales and back to Leeds.  Yesterday I went to the Quilt Show in Harrogate and met Sue from Quilt Times which was great. Left with hubby about 2.30pm and made our way to Whitby for my birthday tea.  Although the weather left a bit to be desired at times, I had a lovely day.  I came away from the show with 2, 1/2 metres of fabric which I will show in a later post.
Now for a couple of pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather clad hills between Blubberhouses and Otley. (I think).

A stone wall in need of repair.

Hubby walking down the hill towards a church in Whitby.  This street also has a "quilt" shop which I've visited twice before.  I will be going back when she's open as she had some very beautiful fabric in the window.

The view over the harbour to St. Mary's church on the headland.  This is  the view I had whilst eating tea.  I didn't have my long lens with me, but I'll try for more when we go back.

I'll leave it at that for today,  as this has been a trying time with this new laptop, but I've worked out things bit by bit so far.
Take care all and hope you are all having a great weekend.

Saturday 23 August 2014


No photos as yet and I'm not snubbing everyone, but having trouble trying to get into my blog on this new small laptop.  In now at the moment.

As we are now in UK and catching up on sleep due to Jetlag, I'll try and do some browsing blogs when I sort this out a bit better.

Today was spent with family on a day out in Skipton.  Was great to be back in this neck of the woods.  Hopefully I'll get some photos on over the weekend, although we do have the christening of my great niece on Sunday and catching up with lots more of the family. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend and take care.


Thursday 14 August 2014


Just a quick post leading up to us going away.  Not sure whether or not I'll be able to post whilst away, but sure will try.  I'll do another over the weekend and we leave on Tuesday.
Last Friday, we had an outing to Geelong (again) to get something signed for our heating rebate.  As we had to wait for the person to return, we headed out to Barwon Heads to eat our lunch, but went for a walk first along the promenade, up the stairs to the lookout and then down and back along the beach.

 From the promenade..

The headland...

 The top of the stairs with signage...

 Looking out to sea.....

Looking west towards Torquay.
Walked back down to the beach and look what I saw.

 A molusc leaving tracks in the sand....

 Very white seaweed.....

 Patterns in the sand......

More seaweed....

 And more...

The cafe at the end of the pier.

 And what do we have here?  A blanket keeping the engine warm on our car.

No, our lunch heating up.  Lovely gooey ham, tomato and cheese croissants I'd made early in the morning.
Don't laugh, but it works.  It was a lovely day out, as we both love the coast.

Next, just a taster of what I hope to get up to once we get back from our holiday.  Over the years I've amassed many quilt tops which still need quilting.  So far this year I've only done one of the many, although I've quilted both baby quilts and 4 of the test patterns for Sue.

This pattern is from QNM no. 187, dated Nov/Dec 1986.  I made it a version of my own around 1997/8, as a result of my late cat Fluffy playing with the blocks laid out on the floor.  I was also going through a very colourful phase.(giggle).

This past week has seen me trying to get some sewing done.  I can't show exactly what it all is, but just a peek.

Well, that's all folks.  Oh, and I didn't make the doorstop.  It was my Xmas present from our youngest and family.  Take care and hope the end of the week goes well my fellow readers.

Thursday 7 August 2014


Just a quick update on what has been happening in our part of the world.
I've been busy with sewing and usual mundane housework, but on a brighter note we've had slightly warmer days, so got out and about yesterday.  Went for a lovely walk along the lake edge and then over to the Botanical Gardens Glasshouse, took some photos and had a coffee.

An orchid sitting on the front counter with the weest flowers.

Cinerarias, ornamental cabbages,cyclamen and standard trees.

The indoor fountain.

More cinerarias, cyclamen and primulas.

Some very pretty umbrellas which are for sale.
I also took a couple of photos of two quilts amongst the beautiful blooms.  Pa's garden you have already seen quilted, but Cat Flaps has just come off the machine.

Cat Flaps

Pa's Garden.
Whilst walking along the Lake, we saw many different birds.  They were out and about everywhere.

Moorhen, black swan and a white ibis.

Purple swamphen.

One lonely pelican.  I couldn't see any others around at all.
Along with these photos, I could also see magpies, corellas, seagulls and ducks.
The walk around the Lake takes you past many different areas.

Bare trees.

Wattle, now in flower.

A very English looking house.  I do like.

The adventure playground.
And lastly, the newly refurbished monument to the 1956 Olympics.  Lake Wendouree was created for the rowing events.  My dear Dad worked here as a Telegraphist, sending messages all round the world of the winners and news of these wonderful games.  I was only seven at the time and was in awe of the whole thing.
I've still got the souvenir handkerchief he brought home for me.

All for now and hopefully will catch up again over the weekend.
Take care.   Susan.

Friday 1 August 2014


It   "SNOWED"  today.

The courtyard with snow flurriesand not much else at the moment.
Just a couple more pictures.

Looking over to the reserve.
"Icing" on the hedge.
It wasn't very much, but it was snow.  The Eastern Rosellas were still out and about, even though it was flipping cold.

There were two, but on opposite sides of the tree.

Now for a finish.

Hubby's ripple rug.

Just a quick one to show that we do get cold here in Oz.  Ballarat very rarely gets snow, but there it is.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Take care.