Saturday 31 December 2022

WRAPPING UP 2022 in quilts mainly for now.

 This is a post for myself really with what I've done on the quilting front, where some have gone & thinking about 2023.

What I quilted this year from the beginning of the year, some recent & a few very old.

Celtic Garden of Hope.
One of my own designs.

Easy Peasy Baby quilt for our Podiatrist who had a little girl this year.
My design which is great quick one.

Macaron Mystery quilt, from a QAL by Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Designs blog.
This quilt was sent to UK as a wedding gift for a very good friend's daughter.

Wacky One, another of my own designs.

Baby Pop Star, another QAL (and the one below).  This was run by Sandra Walker from mmmquilts & I gave the one above to car club friends who had a baby boy earlier this year.
The one below is still with me.

Empire Stars is made with a block pattern by Judy Martin.
These 4 blocks sat for a long time waiting to be made into something, as I'd had a few problems getting them to all be the same size.  I ended up with this after I changed the layout & border setting & am quite pleased with it.
The three quilts shown below were on a recent post and were from the naughty pile, waiting for years to be quilted & bound.  All finally done, though the tub of shame has filled a little again.
Starlet, from an old magazine pattern.

Star Struck, another from an old magazine & I custom quilted this one.

Bow Tie Magic, from some blocks in a Mary Ellen Hopkins book, the turned into a strippy at a retreat with Kay England way back around 2000.
This has been gifted to a little boy along with one from last year for his baby brother.

Charm Medallion, a lovely pattern by Cheryl Brickey from her book Just One Charm Pack.
Had fun making this.

A quilt finished very recently both in piecing & quilting which needs a better name than,
Any suggestion?
Churn Dash Twist.
A squirrel that happened when I saw a sewalong on another blog, which I didn't participate in but had to give a try. 

That's my round up on the quilty front & as it is again a hot muggy day around 33 deg, I'm skiving off earlier than I was going to to get tea ready, watch some Yorkshire Vet tonight, then the fireworks displays from either Sydney or Melbourne.
I'll post this and link up with Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs even though I'm not a designer, pattern writer or such with very few quilt followers.
I'll be back hopefully with a few more catchups of days out etc. in the new year.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all, take care and hugs from Susan.

Monday 26 December 2022


 WHOOPS............where did December go?

My very cute Xmas tree made from old pallets, popped into the front garden & lit with a string of fairy lights.  Very simple decorations this year with only my door wreath (you've seen before), as well as my little filled sleigh on a patchwork Christmas runner on the table.
The lights on the tree, in the dark     -  below.

I have been quiet, I know, as late November, we had a quick trip to Canberra, Sydney, Gosford & Orange to see our two boys and grandchildren, my young brother and my oldest friend.  
Coming home seemed to be filled with never ending washing, cleaning the caravan, tidying the yard & planning for Christmas and now that is all over.................aaaaaaaaaaaaH!

After my fall in October I still did a little sewing on one of my own designed quilts and although the big  machine hasn't done much hopefully it will all be go in the New Year apart from another quick trip to N.S.W. to have a "bon voyage" get together for my beautiful eldest grandchild, Miss A.  who is off to live in UK for a couple of years with her partner Mr. M.  She already has a job lined up and he is working his way through a long list, I believe.
Below is a photo Miss A and her Dad, our eldest son on her graduation in early December with a diploma so she can now look after 0 to 5 years olds at a Child Care Centre as they are called here in Oz.
We will miss her badly.

The quilt below is the one I talked of in the above blurb.

Whilst away I took very few photos, as when we are pulling the caravan it is very hard to pullover  for a photo opportunity.  I took a few in Bathurst at the caravan park as we were departing of a few cute bits'n'pieces.

Veg beds ready to be planted above & a very Australian "loo" from days gone by.

There was also  "mini golf" for a few hours of fun.

On our way home we pulled into Cowra for a look at their well known rose gardens, then pootled on and arrived home, content to have seen so many of our family after such a LONG few years.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas as we did at our DD's yesterday and can look forward to a happy & prosperous New Year.

I hope to get back into a bit more blogging, sewing and fiddling with garden etc. as 2023 emerges.                 Going to find a cool spot as it has reached 36℃ now & I'm now sooooooo hot.

Take care all and hugs from Susan.