Monday 18 July 2022


 I'm really struggling with so much uncertainty and dear old Oz in the grips of another wave of Covid.    We are staying home a lot with little snips of time spent with a local trip in the car, pick up a takeaway coffee and finding somewhere scenic to drink it.  I've picked up a free ticket for the quilt show in Melbourne, but so unsure whether to go or not.  Other people are not quite as anxious as I am and we have had our 4 jabs, plus the flu vaccination.  Will I on won't I?  

Anyway, let's see what we've been up to anyway with a few photos of local countryside & crafty bits.

Looking out over Bass Strait from Kilcunda on very windy day.
I nearly got blown over trying to take this photo.

Another day saw us go slightly further afield for me to try and pick up some fabric I needed to finish a quilt and as we were coming home, we decided to take a detour to somewhere we'd not been before.  We had noticed the signpost to Yaringa Boat Harbour often, which turned out to be a small marina on Westernport Bay.  We may go again in summer to take a better look, as it was a cold overcast day threatening to rain, but we did enjoy the extra jaunt.

Another day when we realised that we'd have a little sunny break so we headed out to take a small walk on the Two Towns Trail which connects our town to the nearest to the west of us.
And what did we discover in the park in front of Council Chambers but a new to us sculpture.

A beautiful gum blossom planted in the middle of pond, where I have taken quilt photos just recently near the small waterfall behind this.  It certainly makes a statement.

Now for some crafty bits we've been up to.
This the start of what I have on the go at the moment, after buying very pretty acrylic yarn that was on sale at Lincraft for an absolute bargain,.  I don't really need another, but I loved the colour.
I finally finished the blue and white jumper which has been on the go for a few years due to not being able to get the stripes to match up on the sleeves as I don't need them as long as the pattern, but it took some working out and I've worn it recently.

Hubby remembered a broken toy that we had squirreled away and decided to play at Repair Shop tactics and mend it.
My mother had given us this when she worked in the office of a large company that imported these big dumpers, I think, and our boys played with it when young.  Somewhere along the line it had broken, but with a lot of effort all these years later, we have......................
                                                                         Now mended.
Can you see the Butcher Bird sitting on my hanging basket?
Well, one morning I looked through the kitchen window to be taken aback by him sitting on the edge of the combie planter that I'd put on the new plant stand out of the weather right in front of the window.  By the time I'd got the camera out he'd flown down the length of the verandah, hence the above photo.

This very old pieced top went onto the machine last week and is now awaiting binding.  Turns out I made it in 2001.  Oh dear, shameful.  I'll possibly donate it to the foundation my brother attends for their Christmas raffle.

 Two works in progress.  The top one is from a book and the lower one, a design of my own.  More to come about these two soon.


Yesterday saw more rain and even a thunderstorm and this what the sky looked like as it came across Middle Farm.  We've certainly had our fair share of inclement weather so far this winter.
The gutters in our street were awash.
OK, that is my lot for today and this post has been a real hassle with blogger not playing along nicely.
Hope all my lovely blogpals are either staying cool or warm depending on where you live.
I'll try hard not to be so wayward with posting.
Take care all and big hugs from down under.
Susan.  xox

Saturday 2 July 2022



Linking up with Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs for our favourite finish for June.

Not a lot has been achieved for June on the quilting front, but I did put the binding on my Pop Star No.2 quilt and took some photos in the great outdoors today, once the fog had lifted around lunch time.  We took a short drive out of town & ended up in Ripplebrook where there are some wonderful views of Gippsland.  I also took an extra quilt with me, that although finished a month or so ago,I'd only shown it unfinished in an earlier post.

Trying to capture the extensive views behind the double chimneys, old cart and large tree.

A closer snap.

A design of my own I posted about with it's beautiful bright backing last month.

A little closer.
Just a few quick photos of where we were today and what we followed along the narrow roads through farmland.
We followed this seeder behind a large tractor for quite some way.  Not the best photo as I took it through the windscreen.

Those wonderful derelict chimneys that I've wanted to use for years.

Lovely gums on the grass verge.

Stacks of hay near a farm gate.

And from over the road I was being watched.

OK, enough from me and I have wandered a little from the Favourite Finish, but being so cold, wet and grey lately I've not taken the camera out much or even inside the house as it's been so dismal.  Yesterday, we didn't have power all day, so had a little trip out and think my mojo may be returning.
Linking this up now.
Take care all and big hugs from down under.