Thursday 22 February 2018


Joining in with the lovely Kate from "I live, I love, I craft, I am me", with a set of words & accompanying photos.

1.  WHITE.
The white kangaroos in the reserve at Bordertown.  I know I've shown them before, but couldn't resist for the colour white.

Metal relics at the freeway services in Gundagai (NSW), where you can stop for a cuppa to break a long journey.  This was taken in January on our way to Canberra.  Here you can also see the famous "Dog on a Tuckerbox".

I struggled with this one.  Hope I'm not showing too many that have been on my blog before.  These silos are in the Western Districts of Victoria, where there are quite a few painted silos.  I am very much in awe of these, as the mind boggles as to how they are so accurate at such a huge size.  Not sure I've made sense with that.  This photo taken on our way home from Bordertown last July.

4.  BEGINS WITH A...............J
The dictionary describes 'jalopy' as a dilapidated old vehicle & I think it suits this well.  Taken again on the above trip, but on hubby's phone when he spent a day at the Warracknabeal Agricultural Museum, doing his thing, whilst I was sewing with friends.

5.  BUD.
I love this photo of the magnolia buds, taken just as darkness was falling in late Autumn, many years ago at No. 4.  We'd had the magnolia for about 5 years & it had not flowered, but suddenly, at the wrong time of year, it was in full bud & flowered again that Spring.

I took this photo last Friday, whilst we were away in Geelong for a tiny break.  We spent a lovely day in our beloved Ballarat at the Botanic Gardens (& may I say a good half hour at Eureka Patchwork),
and wandered to our hearts content through the gardens, glass house and around the lake.  I captured this swan scratching away, with no regard to how it got it's head to where it wanted it to be.  A hoot to watch.

Well, that's my lot for this hunt & I've been a bit naughty with hunting through the archives.
I did manage to take some photos whilst away, but they will be for another post, along with some crafty finishes for another catch-up post.
Take care all & happy hunting to the other scavengers.
Huggles, Susan.

Saturday 3 February 2018


A huge thanks to all those who took the time to comment on my Photo Scavenger Hunt post.  As we were away in Canberra, I just didn't get around to replying, although I took some time out to look at the other Hunter's blogs.  Thanks to Kate and all those who joined in with the fun.

Last Saturday morning (early), we started out for Canberra & as we travelled through the Yarra Valley, amongst the vines and mist, these were coming down.
Balloon rides are quite popular over the valley & Melbourne too.

After a spot of grandchild minding, which I think was mostly just chilling out for us all, (way hot again), we left Wednesday morning to make our way home.  We came over the mountains, down toward the coast & the photos below, have been on my "must take" list for some time.
Bumbalong Road.

Mail box collection.
This is somewhere between Canberra & Cooma, on  the Monaro Highway & one of the largest number of boxes I think we've seen on our travels.

Whilst away, we did have a little rain, though it is still very warm & mostly dry, but the garden is sort of hanging in there.  Just a few pics I took over the last couple of days.
My tiger lily has finally flowered, though only two.

The white agapanthus, which seems to have been in bud since November, is now fully open.
I didn't get any flowers last year.

Umh!  Yes our magnolia has quite a few buds & within 3 weeks it will be autumn.
I know it does happen, but seems quite crazy.  This particular variety is called Susan.
The arbour Hubby is erecting for our wisteria is coming along slowly.  Been to hot to plant out much anyway.

I often wonder how old this olive tree is beside the fence.
Most of the olive groves we see, & some have been around for years, don't seem to have any of this size, that are multi-branched.
We've been here for only 2 1/2 years.

We took a little trip down the freeway, to see this........................

An almighty large, heavy load, comprising four prime movers, two on the front pulling and two on the back pushing along with police escort & accompanying sundry vehicles.  They were moving a  generator from one of the LaTrobe Valley power stations, to be shipped to Germany for maintenance.  It was laid up on a long wide section of road, ready to go later that night, when they close the road.  I think they said it would be 3 nights of travelling before it reached the port.  It was worth seeing, and so many people must have thought the same as the traffic was banked back both ways for quite a distance as people slowed to gawk at it.  Not something you see everyday.

Shown on a post in early January, was some crochet I've been working on.
Well, this is the next part, something I've never done before and it is taking me a while.  Not to mention all the ends I need to sew in, ready to attach to the first two pieces.  BTW is is the border for top and bottom of said rug.
Can't wait to see if it all fits or I've made a huge "stuff up".  I am enjoying.
I've also been hand sewing binding to one of the quilts I showed & the other is ready too.

OK, about all I've to tell from recently & I'm sure that is enough.  We've another busy month ahead, but I'll be here on the odd occasion, I'm sure.
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and take care.