This page will be where I post photos & words about the quilts I've designed and made myself.
They won't be in any particular order, but what I've photographed recently & that are mostly, the ones I still have at home.  Occasionally for some reason, I may have one from the posts about ones I've given away.
I'm going to make a start with "THE BOOK" quilts.  Anyone who knows me well, will already have heard this story.  When I purchased my Quilt Wizard program, I went through a stage of playing with just one block with lots of variations & DD suggested I do a book.๐Ÿ˜Š  OK, I've made many of the quilts, but alas, no book.  I'll just put a photo of each and what I've named them.
                                                                     Vintage Attic.
                                                                      Rose Sonata.
                                                                     Scrappy Wonder.
                                                                       Tipsy Bonbons.
                                                                       Twilight Zone.
                                                                     Quiet Musings.
                                                                      Whoopsa Daisy.
Floral Maze.

Medallion in Flight

Colonial Zigzag.
Apple Crumble

Floral Fantasy

Dark & Sombre.
That is basically what I've done so far.   All of these are finished now, designed, pieced, quilted & bound by me.
This page will be updated again soon & hopefully I'll get to Page 2 as well.

AN UPDATE (now late 2020).
Just a few today & will update on a regular basis in future.


These were my first 2 and I enjoyed the process so much, it started a run of making more than one quilt from a jelly roll.
Both together.
Madison Rose.

Emma Kate.
Second time.
Both together.

Dotty Custard.

Dilly Dally Deco.

This time instead of 2 quilts it became "3".
           It started with this one, a block I designed on aeroplane coming home from the UK.
Jelly Jumble.
Then came these two.
Jelly Jazz.
Jelly Jive.


Same quilt pattern, different colour way and positioning of colours.
Country Casual.

Country Chic.

Again, same pattern, different colours.
Flower Fairies.

Fairy Floss.

Medallion Styles (sort of) which I like designing.
Aimee Lee.


Shazzam leftovers.

Updating in 2021, though these all designed and made over many years, just not keeping up with these pages on a regular basis.  This will be the year...................

Fair Isle.

Jacob's Medallion.


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