Saturday 24 August 2019


Without my usual way of doing blog posts, this is a quick one with some photos I've  taken this afternoon on my tablet.  It has been quite warm & sunny today & we had an enjoyable day out.  I met someone I' ve much admired for many years.  I feel privileged to have met her, enjoyed the short time we chatted & although my camera was used to take a snap, it didn't  come out.  Woe is me!
Stayng with in-laws who have a nice garden, I was allowed to take a couple of snaps.
One corner.

                                                                  Another corner.
And whilst out today, I was naughty & bought some yarn & pattern to knit this adorable baby jacket for young friends who are expecting their first baby (a girl).  
I'll also be sending over the flower fairy baby quilt I showed earlier this.  Funny how I was actually thinking of N & G whilst I was making it.  
Well as this is proving harder than I thought, I'll wrap it up now & hopefully get to grips with how this is done eventually.
Take care all & huggles, 

Saturday 17 August 2019


A few internet connection issues and only my tablet in use, so this is a little experiment to see what works with photos.  I have no idea how to download from my camera to this, but I've  a couple of snaps of hubby's latest woodworking bits.
Wow!!!  That worked, when I finally sorted out how to do it..........
Now for another one.
The one above,  2 beautifu tealightsl, that were a surprise for me and the top one are old fashioned toys for the craft co-operative where they are selling some of his pens.  Thesoldier on the horse moves up & down and the grasshopper's legs move as you pull it along.
Experiment done & dusted.
BTW, I've also lost my contacts list for email & can reply if someone sends an email, but have no way of contact any other way.  It's  being very painful, as I rely on my overseas friends connection this way.  
Take care all and huggles,