Wednesday 19 April 2023


 Oh dear, here I am on catch-up once again.  Let's just say it's been a stupidly hectic month so far with all sorts & Easter holidays thrown in as well, which seems to throw us into disarray for some reason.

I'll start with a bit of craft I've been doing.

This is what I've done so far for a QAL with Sandra from mmm.quilts in Canada.
It is Rainbow Neighbourhood Houses quilt, which I'm putting a little twist on.
More of that later.

My Dune crochet rug from an Attic 24 pattern.
DD gave me the pack for combined birthday/mothers day gift last year.
Enjoy doing this of an evening, along with below.

I do enjoy embroidery too and these kitty kats were in a very old QNM magazine which I kept, because DD loved them.  They have been keeping me amused lately & I have an idea of my own for the final quilt.

The Silo Trail continues..............


These were amazing and I took quite a few individual photos too, but we were surprised when this pulled up in the car park...............
We'd seen this before, when a gentleman gave a talk at our Car Club one morning and it always amazes me when you run into someone from near to your own town, when you are on the other side of the state.
Both the photos below were still in Colbinnabin.
A beautiful carved platypus on the log.

I love some of our older churches in country towns too.

I captured the art on these silos with I'm afraid a lot of background.
A possum and a kingfisher.

This time we have a painted platypus.

We've been hoping to get into the garden & do some tidying plus get in some good walking around & about, but the weather just hasn't been playing along.  I was hoping for lots of photos of quilts etc., in the wild and just get out in the fresh air.  There will be a few more posts containing the rest of the Silo Trail and hopefully lots more craft/garden etc..  One more pic for today is this......
Corellas sitting all over the roof of one of the houses behind us.  They come in huge flocks, flying around & squawking.  One of the little girls in the house directly behind us was amazed & we heard her say OMG & giggling.
Just remembered something I said I'd show once finished.
The framed jigsaw I wrote about last month.  To have it framed professionally, would probably have set us back around $200, but a very nice second hand frame purchased from a vintage shop cost all of $50 and looks great.  We are ever so pleased.

OK, I'll finish up here for today.  The sun tried valiantly to shine a few minutes ago, but is dreary again now.  
Take care all & hugs.

Monday 3 April 2023

FAVOURITE FINISH for March & more.


Joining in once again with Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs link up for a favourite finish, but.....deary me, I couldn't make up my mind as I'd actually got a few finally done.

Two are actually patterns from Cheryl, one as a QAL recently and a freebie she had on her blog.              The other one was from one of my UFO baskets from a few years back.  Not too sure about the photos as we've not had the best weather for photography, so yesterday being a little sunnier later in the day, I snapped away the best I could, though no "In the Wild" shots as we are still one car down & MM isn't up to long journeys at the moment.      

Board & Batten, which I did post for the final link up, but unquilted at the time.
This quilt will be given to one of our car club members who has just become a grandfather for the first time.  (a granddaughter)

This was the freebie pattern called Candy Circle, which I made from a leftover jelly roll and backgrounds from my stash.

The backing fabric purchased as a remnant from Said with Love, earlier this year.

Lastly I'd found some half cut & made blocks from a layer cake purchase that I'd started many years ago and just wasn't sure they were OK, but then thought if I finished it as a lap size, it may be gifted when I needed a more boyish type quilt.  The pattern was from a book by Pam & Nicky Lintott from The Quilt Room in the UK.
I've called this Coffee to Go, as the fabric depicted coffee cups etc., and I used a chocolate print for the borders.

A Few More Silo Trail Photos.

                                                                     SEA LAKE.


This one actually glows at night.
OK, my lot for today and I've still got catching up to do on a few different things, including finishing up the Silo Trail holiday.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and hopefully our big car will be home this week after it's little incident and I'll be able to throw camera and quilts in back for photo shoots in the wild.

Take care all and hugs from Susan.