Saturday 27 April 2019


Ah, is it nearly the end of April & 4 months gone already, so once again the photo hunt is here.  Linking with the lovely Kate at I live, I love, I craft, I am me.

If it weren't for Kate being my blogging life saver, I wouldn't be posting at all.  More of that another day when I feel like being  my old bouncy self, having mojo & self confidence.
THE PROMPTS........................
1.  EDGE
One Monday whilst having morning tea by myself (DH at his woodworking group),  I noticed several little Jenny wrens pecking about the garden, raced inside, picked up my camera, then spent a good half hour trying to capture them.  They flit about so quickly, but this one caught my eye, standing on the "edge" of a planter.  Isn't she cute.  They belong to the Superb Fairy Wren family, whose male is very blue around the head.
2.  LOAF
I struggled with this one, then found a photo of a loaf from my breadmaker & homemade soup snapped in Ballarat some years ago..  I rarely use my breadmaker since moving here due to the layout of my "badly planned" kitchen.
This beautiful old suspension bridge (Info below), spans the Kangaroo River many feet below.  I spent many happy hours in the Kangaroo Valley, south of Sydney, with my family as a child.  My Dad loved fossicking for gemstones in the river & I just loved being way out in the country with quietness & nature all around me. Later in life, I learned my maternal great grandfather had been born in this valley.
The above 2 photos were taken last year whilst in Sydney when my little brother was taken ill.

4.  MINE
This photo of a WW11 "mine" was at the World War 11 Bunker near Betka Beach on the East Coast of Victoria, while we camped at Mallacoota a few years ago.  I'd shown previous hunt photos of working mines, so thought outside the box, I hope.
 "Black" seaweed on the beach near the Snowy River mouth, again on the east coast of Victoria.
And this one is for Eileen...............A handsome black swan crossing the footpath on Raymond Island, near Paynesville, somewhere we love visiting for the wildlife, namely the many koalas and a multitude of birds.
A lone rock in an ocean of blue.  This photo was taken earlier this year from Split Point, Airey's Inlet on the Great Ocean Road on the south western coast of Victoria.  I loved the colours in this photo.

Running late with this due to getting caught up with other bits'n'bobs & although the photos & part of the post written, publishing it had to wait.
I'm off to catch up with the other Hunters, so take care all & huggles.

Saturday 13 April 2019

WHATS ON............................

The design wall.............
The flower fairy panels that I showed on a Photo Scavenger Hunt have now become a baby quilt, yet to be quilted & bound.  I don't know any baby girls, but it will be there when I need one.

The big machine...............
Well this was, when I decided to do this post a couple of days ago.  It's now off along with the smaller one & await their bindings.

The craft table........
A doily DD gave me one day when she was having a cleanup.  I embroidered, then did a crochet edging & will give it to Missy Moo next time I see her.  Hope she likes it.

The floor...................
A Rainbows pack (aka jelly roll), I opened & have decided to do another 2 quilts from the one pack.  In other words watch this space to see what I've designed & do with it.

On the washing line........

Two backing fabrics awaiting their turn for the machine.

DH's work bench......................
A very old Singer sewing machine we found for $25 at an antique place, lying on the ground, covered in soil, rust & dust, which hubby is cleaning up for me to use as a prop in quilt photos.  It doesn't have the usual bobbin, but a shuttle & I've looked up the approximate date from the serial number plate & as far as I can tell, it is around circa 1874.

The rug.................
A little basket hubby has made & which is now being stained.  Isn't it cute?

We had a little jaunt out yesterday, as it was warm & sunny.  We knew the weather today was going to be overcast, cooler & maybe miserable.  I got to have a water fix!  To Coronet Bay on Westernport.
Continuing with the ON theme.

The way...............
Looking across the hills, you'll notice that it still quite dry with patches of green.

The roadside................
A lovely old timber cattle ramp.  Could be worth remembering for those quilt photo shoots.

The water...............
Many black swans, which I'm not sure I've seen on Westernport Bay in the past.  Maybe we've not been at the right time, but there must have been hundreds scattered around on the water.

The sand.................
Many shells crunching under our feet.  You couldn't really avoid them, but they were so pretty.

The beach.................
Some small sailing dinghies.

A stone.......................
A large green grasshopper.  He did hop back to the grass that runs alongside the top of the beach.

A bench.................
This is a depiction of a Tasmanian Tiger & was part of a small sculpture trail with some information about Coronet Bay & it's surrounds by a local sculptor & also a few made by school children too-
A rock.................
One by the children.  I found it hard to take a photo so you could see it properly, but it depicted a birthday party with cake & presents.

A sign........................
Not much to say here, as the words say it all.

Enough of my nonsense today. 
I've been lagging behind on so much & I really must stop procrastinating & just do, not worry about what other people might think or not think and get on with life.
I've had a bit of fun with this post and am also trying to think outside the box for our April Scavenger Hunt, so spent a bit of time browsing my photo archives.  Best now get our tea on & publish this.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, take care all & huggles.

Thursday 4 April 2019


I'm linking up today with Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs to join in with her new monthly linkup party.  Hopefully I'll try have something to show each month.  A bit of pushing me along I hope.

I've managed to fit a few bits'n'bobs into last month, but only one proper finish, so whilst away in Ballarat for  4 days, I took this quilt along to try and get a few really good photos and
VOILA........................... Hubby found a perfect spot for me and although "very" windy, I managed this.
Mandalay in just the right setting with similar colouring from the surrounding dry countryside, rusty gate, bluestone ruins and murky sky.
Short and sweet today, but I really wanted to join in with linkup party.  I did tell more about this quilt and a few others in the making in this post, here.  We've only been home for a few hours & I've managed two loads of washing, putting most things away & now need to feed us for tea.  The caravan clean will be tomorrow, as well as a spot of grocery shopping & picking up the car club newsletters.

Ahhhh.............. I'll need another holiday.(just kidding).
Have a good Friday all, take care & huggles,