Tuesday 31 March 2015

GARDEN SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday was shaping up to be a lovely sunny, mild day so we packed some sandwiches and fruit and headed out the door for the train station.  We'd never been to a Garden Show before so decided it was time for us to see one.  Of course I always watch Chelsea if they record and show it on Australian TV and am always blown away by what I see.  This big one was on in Melbourne.  Catching the train saved finding somewhere to park and is quite relaxing .  This time it wasn't so good.  The train stopped between Ballan and Bacchus Marsh, went a little bit, stopped and so on.  Evidently the brakes kept coming on, so by the time we reached Bacchus Marsh, where we all had to get off, whilst they switched around the cars, it was nearly 9.30 and we should have been in Melbourne.  Finally reaching Melbourne after 10am, we had a quick coffee and caught the tram to Carlton Gardens.  To say I was disappointed was nearly an understatement.  It is nothing like Chelsea, with a handful of show gardens which you just look at from the path.  They are about 20' long and about 12' wide.  The hanging basket competition was pathetic, after seeing all the colourful baskets hanging outside pubs etc, in UK.  Probably the only upside was that I bought some bulbs to be planted some time soon.  I've now decided, been there, done that!
A couple of photos, though, I was even disappointed with these, but here goes.

I took this from the train window whilst waiting to get going again.

The only show garden photo I took, which was probably the only one with plenty of colour int it.

This was rather captivating and thought provoking.  These are all knitted and crocheted poppies.  We will be celebrating Anzac Day next month (25th April).

A mountain of pumpkins at The Diggers  Club stand, which is one of our well known nurseries.

Yesterday and today, I worked on the second baby quilt, which now just awaits a border.  I will take some photos of the two quilts through the week.  I also made a Chocolate Fudge Brownie slice and some Brown Sugar biscuits.  I found the latter recipe after doing some major decluttering.  I am in clean out mode at the moment, as I think this is what is hampering my mojo.  I made my first ever quilt in 1977 and have collected so many magazine clippings, books etc that I think I'm overwhelmed by all my "stuff", so am going through it big time and have also come up with the fact that I won't live to be 300 years old and use all the patterns.  I'll sort through again later this year and maybe make a scrap book of just the picture of the quilt or craft item and not keep all the instructions.  Good idea?  As I design a lot of my own quilts, I can usually put pen to graph paper and work it out from the photo.  I think I'll feel a lot better once it is done.

Oh, by the way,  we won the cricket.  I don't usually crow about it, but am just a little chuffed.  Sorry all!
We finish daylight saving time over the Easter weekend, so will only be 9 hours ahead of my blogpals in the UK and then I suppose I realise it really is autumn, even though the weather today is a complete contrast to last week, sunny and warm.
OK, that's my lot for today and should be able to post again later this week on quilting.  2nd April is our 38th wedding anniversary and we might just go and see the Shaun the Sheep film that has just started showing and have a good laugh.
A BIG THANK YOU for all your comments, but I've got a bit behind on replies.  I'll try and rectify that this time.  I do so appreciate them and feel very guilty not answering.  Please accept my apologies.
Take care and huggles, Susan.

Thursday 26 March 2015


This quick post is mainly for my DD to show the finished quilt, but of course I'm hoping that others will appreciate the photos too.  It hasn't been the best day for photography, as the weather has been atrocious.  Is it March or May?  Today has been cold, very windy and occasionally wet, but I did get the towels and sheets dry on the line.  At 3pm, our weather station said it was about 10deg outside, but felt like 7, and we have the heating system on and now it's raining.  Strange!  We have the TV on watching the cricket match between Australia and India for a place in the finals of the World Cup and luckily it is being played in Sydney where the weather is fine.


The quilt

Closeup of one of the embroideries.
Now I know that a lot of people would not do an allover pattern on this, but it will be loved to death by Missy Moo and needed to be able to cope with being so well used.  Her older brother takes his in the car and they sit and watch TV cuddled up with them.  I showed the one DD made for Master L that I quilted on an earlier post.  My two little cuddle quilts have now been superseded, but I'm sure will still be used occasionally, but of course they are growing up fast now

Another two photos.  These are then and now pics.  I posted the first one early last year to show what I could see from our side verandah.  Well, here it is again, but the following photo is what I can see now.  I'll let you wonder how I feel about it.

Old view.

New view
Hmm!  Amazing what can happen in the space of 12 months.

Now I'm off to finish getting our tea ready, which is Orange Chicken Casserole with veg on the side.
Hope you are all having a good week.
Take care and huggles, Susan.

Sunday 22 March 2015


OK, first thank you so much for words of thoughtfulness and encouragement.  I was so overwhelmed, I just couldn't reply, but thanks again.  I am still very stressed, but am working my way through it.

Today, Sunday, as it was a lovely day (although windy), we decided to tackle another section of the Skipton to Ballarat rail trail.
I'll just show some photos with captions.

Ooh, gorgeous donkeys.

Ever so dry scenery.
 Coming back, we followed the road, which had been running parallel to the trail.

A small stone hut.
An old iron shearing shed.

Letterboxes on the corner of a lane.

Old horse drinking trough with no water in it.
An old waymarker.

Has this rusting car lost it's back end or is it down a hole?
We walked for just over an hour and decided it was time for lunch, so went back to the car and drove a little way to a road signposted to Nimons Bridge.  Now this is actually on the trail, but we thought we'd have our picnic there and that would be the point we could start from next time.  Hopefully the following photos show how high the trestle bridge is.

Hubby making our cups of tea after we'd eaten.  We take our trusty picnic basket and thermos with us everywhere.

The trestle bridge.  We walked across the creek, up the hill, and then over bridge.

Looking to my left, I could see the spoil heaps left from the gold rush days, which dot the area all round Ballarat.

Looking to the right, I could see the creek flowing across the paddocks toward the horizon.
On the way home we passed through a small town called Cape Clear, which is nowhere near the coast, but they have a sign in front of the pic below, which reads  -  Every Cape needs a lighthouse.

Now, although I've not posted of late, I've still been doing.  Mostly decluttering, which isn't very exciting, but I have managed to finish my blogiversary gift and get it posted and have this quilt on the machine ready to go.

Isn't this just gorgeous for seven year old.
 My dear daughter made this for Missy Moo and it's up to me to quilt it.  She does the most beautiful stitcheries and then designed the surrounding blocks herself.  Some may remember that I also quilted Master L's quilt and showed it in the early days of my blog.  I hope I can do this one justice.

Well, at least I'm back on the computer and even if I can post at least once a week, it means I'm getting there.  I've also started a nice thick woolly jumper for myself, as our winter will be with us before we know it and I've got to get those two baby quilts done and the cat mat, so hopefully I'll have some crafty bits to tell about in the near future.

That's all for now and hoping everyone is having a good weekend.
Take care. lots of huggle and thanks.

Monday 9 March 2015

BEING ME ------ NO MOJO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first thing to do is a big  THANK YOU to all the comments I received on my last post and to say sorry for not replying and being away for so long.

Explanation to this, is that some of you know that I suffer with very bad anxiety, which is a bit out of hand at the moment, as we are trying to work out what to do soon.  Neither of us enjoy living here and we are contemplating moving back to where we were.  We've decided that we didn't really think things through and it's been a tough 12 months, with too many changes all at once.  As well as the above, my poor arthritic feet are giving me merry hell at the moment, which although painful, is also a jolly nuisance. So much for getting older and wiser.  For the last couple of weeks, I've not done any sewing, gardening, baking, photography, flower arranging, piano playing or even been near the computer. (just housework)   I've no mojo at all, so maybe doing a blog post will get me on the go again.

I want to congratulate HAWTHORN on knowing exactly which garden I showed on my last post.  It was Parceval Hall near Appletreewick in North Yorkshire.  I absolutely loved it and seeing a "real" hedgehog made it even more special.

As this supposed to be in part a "QUILT" blog, I'll show the six quilts I took with me to England in 2011.  There were three wedding quilts, although two had been the year before and three baby quilts.

Baby quilt for my niece's first little one.

Baby quilt for my above niece's best friend's little one.
Wedding quilt for the above little one's Mum and Dad.
Baby quilt for my great niece's third little one.

Wedding quilt for another niece.  This was the wedding we attended on that particular trip.

This is the wedding quilt for the above niece's sister who got married in 2010.
OK, that is my lot for today, just letting everyone know that I'm still here, although very stressed.  I'll try and catch up on some blog reading tonight and hopefully won't be away for so long.  I do love that so many of you have become good pals and I don't want to lose those special friendships, as long as you don't mind that I probably told you too much about myself.
Hope everyone has a lovely week and that my northern hemisphere readers are slowly warming up with nicer weather coming.  Are the daffodils in bloom yet?
Take care all and lots of huggles.