Monday 6 December 2021


 OK, I'm running very late due to life getting in the way, but here goes.

As we have hot Christmases here in Oz, I don't go to town on decorations, but do have a few favourites that come out each year & I'm still debating as to having a tree up or not.

Atop the wood burner a small tree DH fashioned for me a couple of years ago & I painted.  The little figurine is also timber & I've had it for a long time.  The lovely candle arch was purchased in an arcade in  Skipton, Yorkshire back in 2016 & always has pride of place somewhere prominent.
Many moons ago I purchased the gold filigree sleigh & popped this bundle of goodies into it and it comes out each year to grace the diningroom table and of course on a table mat I made from Christmas fabric.
My lovely Madonna vase that I've probably had since the early 80's and definitely needs a nicer arrangement to brighten her up a little.  If we are able to find somewhere local with bits'n'bobs I'll attempt something prettier.
Nothing wonderful for the front door in the way of fresh greenery as if we have "very" hot days, they completely wither & wilt, so a little something I made to be a bit festive.  A closeup below.

Now Jak prompted me to take a photo of my printers' tray with a lovely handmade Christmas card sitting on top and even though the printers' tray has been on before, I thought it looks good with the 3D card and it's small items.

My lot done hurriedly I'm afraid and hope I can still link this up.  Thanks to Astrid for hosting these and I'm already trying to work on this Fridays.
Take care all and hugs from down under.