Saturday 29 November 2014


Silly me!   Gave someone a small kit with all the pieces cut, a picture of the quilt, but no instructions, so this is for her to do the border, but it may help others too.
I am going to try and explain how I put a simple plain border with cornerstones onto a quilt.  It is not necessarily the right or wrong way, but my way.

I have made a quilt that needs these borders, so will show with it.

First I measure through the middle of the quilt both vertically and horizontally.

I note down these measurements, then measure the top and bottom, note them, then measure the other two sides and also note these.  Being a square quilt, I was lucky that all the measurements were very close to 50 1/2".

I then cut 5 strips (3 1/2" wide for this particular quilt), across the width of my chosen fabric and joined these and cut it into strips measuring 50 1/2' each.  I also cut 4 squares 3 1/2" each to use for cornerstones.

Once this is all done, I take my first border piece and fold it in half and place a pin, then fold each end into this pin and place another 2 pins on the fold,so have 4 quarters marked.

Next I mark the top and bottom of the quilt in the same way and pin two of the border pieces, lining up all the pins, make sure it fits snuggly then sew together.

As the side borders need the cornerstones, these are sewn to each end of the other 2 border pieces, as shown below.

Then proceed to mark the quarters as above and sew to the sides.

Now you should have a pieced top with hopefully nice flat borders.  I do use a walking foot to sew these, but if you are careful and don't pull the top fabric, they should still lay flat, with the foot you usually use.  BTW, all my seam allowances are 1/4".
Finished top shown below.

Some of the photos are not the best, but the light is quite woeful in my sewing room for photography.
This quilt is on my new design wall.  I had to pin the top as it wouldn't stay up as it was too heavy and as I'm short I found it quite difficult to get it up there, so looks all wonky.
Hope this all makes sense, not too long winded and in laymen's terms.

Have a great weekend all and take care.

Wednesday 26 November 2014


I know I said I'd post last Saturday, but it came and went in a whir.  I have taken photos of the border tutorial, but am having trouble wording it, so it doesn't sound garbled.  Bare with me and I'll try my hardest to get it done.

Tomorrow, we are off to Warragul, to deliver a quilt to Vision Australia for their Xmas raffle.  I didn't give them one last year as we were packed up and renting.  It was the first year I've missed in about 5 years, so at the same time I'll also hand over one of the quilts I took from my friend Val.

Magnolia quilt I made many years ago and finally quilted last year.  Hope whoever wins it will enjoy.
Next to go on my machine will be a quilt that I've been told will be a "first and last".  The customer didn't enjoy the process at all.  It is to be a gift for her fiance, so needs a masculine quilt pattern, so have chosen one by Apricot Moon.

Customer quilt hanging over Bubs.
Selected pattern
Now for a little help from my garden bloggers.  I have a tree in our front garden, which has flowered and smells heavenly, but I have no idea what it is and can't seem to find it easily in any of my books.
A couple of photos for you.

The "tree".

The flowers.
Hubby had to cut one of the lower branches so he didn't catch himself when he mowed the lawn, and I couldn't help but arrange some in a vase with some mauve on it.  This particular vase I bought in my late teens, which is also around the time I bought my first flower arranging book, although I'd been borrowing them from the library for years.  I do have quite a collection, I'm afraid.   I've loved arranging flowers since a child and received a highly commended card for a saucer arrangement when I was five.(still have it)  Strange, eh!

Not so sure it's been all that short, but will try and post more regularly and get that tutorial on for a certain someone.  Will be back with some more holiday pics too.  Brrrr!  It's going to get down to 4deg tonight and it's already feeling a bit nippy.
Now I'm heading off for the lounge to do some sewing up on my jumper, as I've bought a wool needle, though I was sure I had a couple, but of course couldn't find any and whilst doing this will be watching Building the Dream with Charlie Luxton, just one of the shows I enjoy.
Take care all.

Thursday 20 November 2014



The 21st November is quite a day for us.  18 years ago, our first grandchild came into this world.

The photo above is Xmas day 1996 with Pop and our little granddaughter (belongs to eldest son) relaxing together on the lounge.  Another 9 years down the track, along came our daughter's first baby, a little boy.  So tomorrow, one will be 18 and the other 9.  A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both.  We love you lots.

This was going to be a much longer post, but finding the photo above took an extraordinary amount of time, and it is early as we'll be out for the full day tomorrow.  I'll just finish up with a couple more pics from our holiday.  I am trying to get that finished, so I can get on with a tutorial about quilting and what we've been up to lately.

This where I went one Saturday whilst in UK.  Skipton Auction Mart played host to Yarndale, which I thought was absolutely wonderful.  I'd loved to have spent a lot more time there, but couldn't because of family time.  I didn't get to meet Lucy from Attic 24, but did meet Fi from Marmalade Rose whose work is absolutely stunning.  OK, this is all for today, but hopefully on Saturday, I'll do the post on putting borders on a quilt.  Have a great Friday everyone and take care.

Saturday 15 November 2014


Where has this week gone!
I'm trying to think what on earth has been happening for the last week, but just seem to know I've been busy with one thing or another and not being organised enough to do a post, so here goes.
This will be in 2 parts:-  1.  Life in the now.
                                        2.  More holiday photos.

 What I've been working on.  This is a customer quilt which I brought back with me on our visit to Warragul.  My friend V, who had the heel reconstruction passed over 2 quilts to do, so she can get caught up when back on her feet properly, with her backlog.  Then, yesterday I had a phone call and now have another quilt to do for someone here in Ballarat.  Yeah, I've not done any for customers since before June last year.

Views on the road between Keswick and Ambleside.

An old Police box.

The tiny cottage spanning a brook in Ambleside.  I think it was once a tollhouse.(Anybody can correct me on that, please.)

From Ambleside, we followed the road to Windemere, to Kendal, Hawes and Aysgarth by afternoon tea.  We ate our lunch on the way and I'm not sure where it was but a few of the pics are from our stop there.  I'll do my best at remembering where they might be.
Leaving the Lakes District behind.

This must be the viaduct at Garsdale Head.

Parking in a large graveled area beside the road, we ate our lunch and I took loads of photos, as the views were all around.

Another view.

And another with sunshine and shadow.

The National Park Visitor Centre for our loo and afternoon tea stop.
We then head for home (Leeds) for tea and a well earned good nights sleep to set out with our niece, her hubby and two children on Thursday afternoon for Blackpool.  They had decided on hubby's day off to go and see the Illuminations and invited us to go too.  I'd never quite seen anything like it before.  During the afternoon, we walked along the seafront to the Fun Pier and all the way back to have tea at a fish cafe.  Then the exciting part to see all the lights.  We travelled on this very colourful tram.

I'd left my camera in the car, so this is from Hubby's mobile.  Probably not the best pic.

Next two are what I took from the car on the way home.
Street light illuminations.

Now I am feeling chronically homesick and will leave it at that for today.  Still a few more outings to post about, along with lots of other things to catch up on.  Missing those people I met and all that wonderful scenery.
BTW, the weather here has been very up and down with some very warm and windy days and then today, it is only in the mid teens, so I'm back in warm clothers.  How crazy is that.  We'll pop out for a walk this afternoon, then I must get stuck into that quilt on the machine.  Hope to post with more holiday pics very soon (I mean it) as the next few will be something special.

Take care all.

Saturday 8 November 2014


After arriving in Keswick, we did some much needed washing, explored the town and settled in for a night of rest.

Next day we headed out for a garden, only to find it wasn't open every day, so visited the Lakeland Motor Museum at Newby Bridge.  Some great transport items on display as well as Donald Campbell's Bluedbird.  Just a taster.

Isn't she a beauty.

This is cute.

What was someone thinking!!

What every little boy dreams of.

The view from the coffee shop deck.
Woops, one I forgot.  Hubby rode one similar to this whilst a butcher boy doing deliveries after school, between the ages of 13 and 16, which would probably be a no-no these days.

Next morning we went for a lovely walk from the B & B up to Castlerigg Stone Circle and although a bit misty, I did get some lovely photos.

A misty view.

The stone circle.
After our walk we set out for a leisurely, if somewhat scary (at times) drive, as we'd been invited out for afternoon tea and the weather was being a bit unpredictable.  First we drove up to Ashness Bridge, then a little further up the road, we found a wonderful view point, where I was supposed to be able to see 2 lakes, but it was too misty to see the farthest one.

Ashness Bridge.

The view down to Derwentwater.

Looking the other way, I should have been able to see Bassenthwaite Lake as well, but just look at that misty rain.
We left here to head over Whinlatter Pass where we had lunch at the National Park Visitor Centre and got thoroughly soaked going from the car to the cafe.  After lunch we drove on and took the road over Honister Pass where there is a slate mine.  This is the most amazing bleak countryside, but so beautiful in its own right.

Definitely no vegetation on this mountain.

The road disappearing into the distance from near the mine site. Notice the weather!
Next we headed towards our destination for afternoon tea and the rewards were great.  A friend I'd never met, but who started me on my blogging journey made us so welcome.  Her garden is lovely and I forgot to take any photos, as we chatted on about our loves of gardening, quilting and putting the world to rights.  All too soon our visit was over and we headed home.  But oh, wait, there is a photo.

OK, I know, that is me.  But who is that trying to be ever so friendly.  Why that is "Daisy".  Some people weren't sure about having their photos put on my blog, so I've been good and obeyed, but couldn't help myself with this one.  Thanks to you know who for a lovely afternoon.

Just a quick catchup with few odd photos from around here, being some flowers from the garden, although it's looking very wilted this afternoon after a hot and windy day, so will leave photographing that  for another day.  I also had a rearrangement in the sewing room.  I do think it is working better.

This was on the opposite wall, where I have now put my cutting table.

Daises and succulent flowers.

2 different roses and I don't know what they are, as they were here in the garden when we moved in.

Sewing table now straight and easier to access for getting up to use the ironing board and cutting table.  The cushion on my chair came home with me from UK as just the cover.  I used it in the car so I could see out the window.  After I bough it at a great sale price, I realised it came from a Kirstie Allsopp collection.  Hadn't noticed till I showed my niece.  I am a bit of a fan. (don't laugh, I am a bit odd).

I'll finish up for now and the next instalment will probably be early next week.  We still have a way to go with some great photos, but till next time, take care.

Thursday 6 November 2014


OK, so I've been a bit quiet, but have slowly started catching up on all bits and pieces that constitute our lives.  Since I posted last, hubby had a small medical procedure, and the results came back fine.  The next week, we spent 3 days back in Warragul for me to see the dentist, catch up with friends, a wonderful massage and an afternoon having a walk along one of our favourite beaches, then a coffee.  We took our caravan across, which hasn't been used since we moved and lo and behold it had been leaking.  We dried it out and I've shampooed the carpet and will have to do it again.  This past week has seen us pop along to another steam rally at Lake Goldsmith and also babysat the grandkids on Tuesday,so it's been very busy.  Along with all that comes housework, gardening etc.  I'm also struggling with being torn between two countries, with family and friends in both, but so far apart, so bear with me as I try to be normal.
In this post, I'll try and do some catching up on our trip.


We left Beamish (posted about before we flew back), and headed towards Carlisle, where we stayed the night.  Next morning we traveled across to Whitehaven, where we stayed for just one night.  A few of the highlights of the time in the area.

A section of Hadrian's Wall.

Views from said wall.

Disappearing into the distance.
Next are some photos of Whitehaven.

The church at Moresby, which was originally a Roman site.

Whitehaven Harbour.

One of the many "knot" sculptures.

Looking out to sea.
After sightseeing the area, we backtracked to Keswick, where we booked into a B & B, for the duration of our stay in this beautiful part of England.

Brookfield B&B Guest House.
It is the second one from the left.
I'd highly recommend this to anyone off to Keswick, as the service was great and the owner is a mine of information on the area.

As it is getting late and I'm tired and making lots of spelling mistakes, I'll leave it here for tonight and do some more catchup with our UK holiday over the weekend, before starting on what I've been sewing, baking and growing in the next few weeks.  I do have lots of sewing to do (baby quilt and a housewarming one on the list), and a veg patch to start planting up.  Also, I do believe Xmas is on the horizon!!!  Must go before I fall to sleep at the keyboard.
Till next time, take care.