Sunday 24 March 2013


 This last week has brought a bit more rain and cooler weather, which isn't going to last.  Next Tuesday and Wednesday we are expecting temps in the mid thirties again.  Certainly an Indian Summer.  Lucky it is supposed to cool down again for Easter, as we are travelling to Canberra to see our youngest son, his partner and our two grandchildren.  We don't see them often enough.  Australia is such a big country.

Something I forgot to mention on my last post, is that darling hubby turned 65 on 15th March.  Oh dear, time is definitely marching on and I'm not too far behind.

Raffle quilt off machine.
Closeup of pattern.

This is the raffle quilt for the Warragul Lioness Quilt Show to be held in September this year.  It was made by several members from donated fabric.  We chose to quilt it with "Pretty Paisley" from Willow Leaf Studio.

Crochet, books, DVD's.

I've been trying my hand at crochet again after many years and this is what I've achieved so far.  I think it will be a baby rug for doantion to Vision Australia for their trading table.  I am reading "The Christmas Angel" by Marcia Willett, an auther I love.  The large book and 2 DVD's were purchased through the BBC shop UK  and only cost me $72.00 compared to having to order the book only for $79.00 from our local bookshop, and waiting maybe 6 months for it.  The DVDs I couldn't even find here in Oz.  They all arrived in 10 days.  Hubby and I have a good laugh when watching Guy Martin and laughing is supposed to be good for you.  I highly recommend it if you need a boost.

Bits I don't really need,.
For a baby play mat.
Pretty combination I like.

On Friday we took a trip to one of my favourite quilt shops,to purchase some fabric for a baby playmate to be made for my hubby's best friend's daughter , who we have just found is pregnant.  This little quilt will wing it's way to the UK, hopefully in the near future.
The pinky fabrics will go into a quilt I designed as a mockup for the Country Charmer quilt while I was waiting for the pattern to arrive.  I then decided to do just a table runner, but loved the little quilt so much, that I decided to purchase these and make the little quilt in the future, (along with so many others that I'd like to do.)
The fabrics at top were really impulse buys, a fat quarter of the birds was all that was left and the stripey one was on special.  (Shouldn't be buying fabric!!!!)
These are two baskets that one of our clients wove at Vision Australia.  I have mentioned  young Jim before  and that he is both blind and intellectually disabled, but such a nice person.  He is able to do the weaving with a little help.  I have a system to guide him that seems to work well.  We have to put the stakes in and then when he has finished his bit, I take the baskets home and do the tops.  He was really pleased with these two and even felt that the tops were different.  He has a very lucky Mum, whom he makes the baskets for.  When we have a little time to spare, he will ask to play the piano.  Last week he played "The Phantom of the Opera" and "Ballade pour Adeline", both of which I love.  He is utterly amazing, as he has never learnt to play, just listens to something, then plays it.  He blows my mind.

David Austen rose, "The Pilgrim".

On my desk at the moment  is this lovely rose.  I usually grow this rose in each garden  we've had as my Mum's maiden name was Pilgrim.

 Well, that was the week that was.  Next quilt onto the machine is an old mystery quilt I made in the 90's and will be for one of my best friend's sister and daughter, who are going through a tough time.  These unquilted quilts definitely were eventually made to be used.  I don't feel as guilty now with so many tops to be quilted.
I still enjoy the first stages best - colour and fabric choices, maybe me designing and then sewing and seeing what it eventually looks like.
Thanks to all my comments and have a lovely coming week.

Tuesday 19 March 2013


                                                               RAIN, RAIN

Lower driveway with water running down.

This last week has been lovely.  Temperatures in the late teen/early twenties and rain.  The rain gauge registered 22.5mm.  Wonderful! The picture above also shows the state of the rather dead violets, which are already looking a bit better.

Exhibition Building
Melbourne Museum
On Saturday before the rain, we had gone into Melbourne for the Garden Show.  Oh dear, it is actually next weekend.  I goofed with the dates.  It is held in Carlton Gardens where the indoor exhibits will be in the Exhibition Building.  Opposite is the very contemporary Museum.  This is where we spent some time as we were already there and we get in free because we are seniors.  Pleasant day after all.

CC block
Country Charmer block No1 is sewn together and second one is cut out and waiting.

Raffle quilt.

This is the quilt on the machine at the moment.  It has bee made by many ladies in the Lioness Club and will be raffled in September  at their biennial Qhilt Show.  I am enjoying doing this one as it is flat and straight, unlike the last one.

Crochet and knitting.

To a couple of young ladies who follow my blog, I have got down some wool and found a pattern, so will do some crocheting, which I've not done for some time.  I still do quite a bit of knitting while watching TV of a night.  The photo above is a little bolero I crocheted during the early 1970's, and I do still wear it occasionally.  The shawl, I made a few years ago from 5 assorted yarns and it was fun to make.  Growing up in 60's I also crocheted a white dress.  Not got that and I often wonder what we must have looked like in some of our wayout clothes, especially our "hot pants suits".

Banana & blueberry cake.

I made this yesterday to use some bananas a friend where I volunteer gave me nearly 2 weeks ago.  They were extremely green and thought they would ripen very quickly in our hot weather, but not so.  I am going to take it with me today as an extra to the wonderful scones Shirley makes on our Tuesday  Day Centre program.

Tuesday 12 March 2013


 Tomorrow will hopefully bring a much needed cool change, although no rain is expected.  About a week of somewhat cooler temperatures before we start to climb back into the thirties next Wednesday.  I am writing this at 8.30pm and it is still over 28 deg.


The photo below is the mock-up of my country charmer block, a pattern from Lynn at Sew'n Wild Oaks.
This one will be a table runner consisting of 3 blocks.  I'm sure a lot of eye-brows will be raised by choice of colours.

One Block.

This is our magnolia, flowering very much out of season.  The photo was taken last night at dusk.  Tonight two more flowers are just opening.

Open flower.

Hubby made this cradle for one of our 5 year old granddaughters.  She loves it and always has dolls in it.

Doll cradle.
This week has brought a little bit of a bounty.  Hubby found the latest Chelsea flower show DVD for me.
My CC pattern arrived, and a few days later the postie delivered my March Yorkshire Life and a local bulb catalogue.  The bulb catalogue has quite a few things I would like.

Lovely things.

This simple cheesecake is dessert tonight along with a little rhubarb and cream.  The rhubarb is one thing that is really doing well in the garden.
Tonight's dessert.
Well that has been the last couple of days with not doing too much in this heat.  Just the necessary stuff.

Friday 8 March 2013


                          THE GOOD.

The good that has happened this week so far:-

1.  My "Country Charmer" pattern finally arrived from the USA on Tuesday.  (Val's did too).

2.  The RHS magazine  "The Garden" arrived in the post on Wednesday.

3.  Today, I found another magazine at our local newsagent that they have not had before.  It was       "Countryfile", which is a show I have watched while visiting family in the UK.  I bought it although I am trying hard not to buy magazines.

4.  Photo below was a surprise that appeared in the garden.  A lovely white belladonna lily, which I had forgotten I planted a couple of years ago.  I have one more white one and a pink one, neither of them have come through, I expect due to lack of rain.  My sedum has also flowered.

White  belladonna lily.

                        THE BAD

Now for the bad, for me anyway.  We have just experienced from the 3rd of this month 4 consecutive days above 30 deg with another 6 days forecast including today, which is now already 34 deg.  One of my quirks, is that once it reaches about 25 deg, I start to melt.  I know a lot of people who love this weather, but I don't.  It is supposed to be autumn, but, a lot of our trees have already lost their leaves and we will have to wait and see how much has died in the garden.  Sometimes when we get some good rain, it springs back and is quite amazing.  We have not had any rain this month as yet and none in sight.

                       THE UGLY.

You may already guess this one.  My garden really doesn't look good.  The violets have mostly died and I've lost a couple of azaleas.  The alstroemarias look awful and our lawn is very patchy.  The vegetable garden has ceased to be, except for my rhubarb.  Did make a lovely rhubarb and strawberry crumble the other night. (Bought strawberries as the birds, ants and skinks are eating mine.)  You can still be happy about all this in a way, as I know it will rain again and winter will be here eventually.

Wallabies and guess who?

I wasn't going to put a picture of me on this blog, but this is a little bit of fun after my whinging.  Disregard the date.  The feed is actually in an ice-cream wafer cone and they love that also, so grab them when you have finished the pellets.

Not done any sewing as my studio is so hot.  The not so flat quilt is done and back with the customer.  I did have an awful lot of trouble with it and the next one is awaiting it's turn, hopefully when the weather is a tad cooler.  All for now and have a lovely weekend my blogger friends.

Sunday 3 March 2013


Friday the 1st of March saw me delivering my entries to the show pavilion by 11am.
Around 9pm we watched from our front verandah as the fireworks lit up the sky for the carnival night of the show.

Saturday arrived and we walked down to the showground to check out my entries and wander around to see the animals and other events.

I patted a beautiful shire horse, but the one beside it was so large I was in awe.  Being only 149cm tall I was quite intimidated.  Most of the others were not nearly as large.  They are such lovely animals.
We also saw budgies, poultry, cattle, alpacas and goats.  We live in a dairy farming area so there are always plenty of cows.  As we once had a goat, I had to go and say hello to them.

Now to those entries for the show.  I haven't photographed the my slices or scones, but I did get First Place in both.

Foliage, sedum & berries.
As seen from the photo above, I placed first here, which surprised me as there was so little to pick from the garden due to both hot weather and no rain.  We have only had 41.5mm so far this year and things aren't good.  There were only 4 entries in this category.

Framed cross stitch and embroidered cushion.

Autumn in the Dales quilt (medium)

Starlight, Starbright. (small)
Now onto the Craft Section.  I entered an Embroidered Cushion, a Framed Cross Stitch (small) and 2 quilts.These were a medium/large one and a smaller one that were pieced/quilted by the exhibitor.
I was completely surprised that I got a second for my cross stitch as the other entries were truly beautiful.
My cushion, I'm afraid was the only entry in this category and sometimes they won't award a prize if the standard isn't high enough so I think maybe luck was on my side with the first.

My medium quilt was sitting along side about 8 others and I was thrilled that I got a first and also best in show.  My smaller one also took out a first prize.  I walked out feeling as though I was on Cloud Nine.

The smaller quilt I made many years ago, but it lay unquilted till I got my new machine,so being asked to put in a couple of quilts I chose this one.  The pattern came from a book called Quilts and Borders by Trudie Hughes and was called California Star.
The medium quilt is my own design (although I have seen many similar) made to use a jelly roll I purchased.  I'll admit that I do love this quilt.

Concert Street Organ.

I just loved this.  It is the largest outdoor automatic pipe organ to reach Australia from Belgium.
Well that is about it from me today and will post next week on other matters.

Have a lovely week bloggers.