Thursday 31 October 2013


I want to thank everyone for the lovely comments and advice on moving.  I think I may be boring all at the moment and when we get back to some sort of normal, I will start replying again.
Tomorrow is the day they come and finish the packing, as I've done about as much as I can.  They may even shift some things and then more on Saturday.  As we are staying here in Warragul for the time being, the move should be a little less, "time wise".
Once we are settled in our own house again, these may be the things we can spend time doing.  Below are some photos taken over the years of how we love to "craft".  We will also join a Morris Minor club, (we spent many happy times in them before), do some volunteering and take time to walk, canoe and smell the roses.

Our lovely Morris ute called Brute, having been in a blackberry patch for many years and restored by hubby and on the road now since 1992.  Many fun times have been had with her and will continue to be.  She has been used to take him to work everyday and will go on club plates in the future.

A candlewicked heart I made many years ago.

A bag made for my Cornish penfriend B.

Cushion for my friend P, who lives near here, and two block rolls made for my 2 English penfriends as above and the other in Yorkshire.

Doll made for penfriend B.

Cradle made for ganddaughter M

My "springer" spaniel and it's sitting mate for DD who loved mine, so asked for one too.  Of course Dad obliged.

The two rocking made by hubby for our youngest two granddaughters when they were younger.
These are just some photos I decided to post as I've not taken anything this week, because we've been too busy.  Just one more photo of a quilt I must finish once settled, and everyone is going to give me a gentle push to get it ready in time maybe for a quilt show, though which one, I have no idea.  It's been on the go for several years and was put aside after my Mum passed away, but I now really want to finish it.

After this photo was taken, I did manage to finish one corner of it, but as it is now packed away I can't show you yet.  The stars are all paper pieced.  I really want to see it finished along with some other WIP's.
This computer will be switched off some time tomorrow for it's upcoming move, and hopefully be back on by early next week.  Thanks everyone, take care, and have a lovely weekend.

Friday 25 October 2013


Just a quick post.

We've had a slight change in plans due to a challenging week.  As the time to move from this house gets ever closer and having no satisfaction from agents in Ballarat, we've made the decision to rent here in Warragul for 3-6 months and take our time to find somewhere to buy in the Ballarat area.  Moving twice and paying rent hadn't come into the equation, but we are both exhausted and have to move by next weekend.  The funny thing is that here we were able to view 6 rental properties in one afternoon, by just ringing around and popping into the agents, whereas in Ballarat it was a mammoth task ringing, trying to get appointments and being told to use the i'net, only to be told most weren't available as they had already gone.  Nobody seemed helpful and we've wasted a lot of time and petrol driving over to view just one house for rent.  "Ridiculous".
We still intend to relocate over that way to be closer to DD, but probably early next year and find an agent that is really good.

Enough of my whinging and will show a couple of garden photos I took before our heavy rain over the last few days.  No craft photos at the moment as everything is already packed away and goodness knows when I will sew again.   I will one day!!!! I'll keep my camera out and handy.

A lovely iris

Gerbera doing well

Deep red rose with the most heavenly perfume

Bright pink rose with silver backed petals

Pierre de Ronsard now out.  Many more buds to open.  Will try for another photo before we leave of it on  a bright day.
That;s about all for now.   I'll try and keep up with other blogs and post before we are moved.
Take care all and have a great weekend.

Thursday 17 October 2013


I want to thank everyone who left lovely comments on my last post..  I count my blogging pals as friends although you live far and wide and we've never met. It is a little down time for me reading your blogs occasionally and I still have some to catch up on.
 Our garage sale was quite successful and some of the larger furniture that we didn't manage to sell is off to an auction house later this month.

The stress levels are still high and we  haven't found a house yet, but are off to Ballarat again this Saturday.
Hubby has one day left before retirement.  Wonder what our new life will bring.

These photos below were taken in Ballarat a
 couple of weeks ago.  It was a freezing cold day with wind and rain and these two men had decided to go wind surfing on Lake Wendourie.  Mad I thought,  but they did it as you can see from the 2 photos.

Black swans on the grass.

The photo below was taken about and hour ago.  It's been a funny day with sunshine, cloud, heavy rain and very strong winds.

We think this is a baby kookaburra sitting in our Japanese maple outside the lounge room window.
He/she let me take this photo on the front steps.

Some flowers on the kitchen window sill last week.
That was just a quick post to let you all know that amongst the chaos of moving I will still try and post occasionally.  Also our 2 youngest granddaughters turned 6 on the 15th and 16th, so, although they have both been wished Happy Birthday, both our daughter and youngest son follow my blog.  I still can't believe how quickly they are all growing up.  You are both beautiful M and E.

Take care all.  Susan.