Friday 25 September 2020


Linking up with the lovely Kate from I live, I love, I craft, I am me for the September hunt. 
Our lovely Wonga vine.
I think this is of the larger Acer family.  I love the hairy flowers.
The 2 photos above were taken, one this morning (top) & the other earlier this month.
On Tuesday we headed for Inverloch, the first time in many months to get a sea fix & although the weather turned nasty, it was lovely watching the sky change colour, the waves breaking over the jetty and a rainbow appearing, disappearing & then reappearing.  Somewhere we like to sit, whether in the car, on the sand or at one of many tables available along the foreshore.  Didn't have to worry about social distancing that day due to the weather.  Hopefully once the weather is better,. we'll have a proper walk on the beach.
Taken before I started to TRY & post this.
The fire lit (cold & wet today) and my finished Panademia quilt, which will keep me cosy & some of my favourite magazines to read, when I'm not busy.
Well, I'm delighted with this lot even though you may all be horrified at the messy look & the amount.
I've now labelled many of the quilts which still reside here and am on a roll with getting them all archived too.
My first blueberries forming & although I took this close up, they are still very teeny.

This is my own choice.
Somehow or another I'm having lots of trouble with this new blogger, which isn't the same as what I was using when they first suggested to try it out.  It has changed completely again.😠
The above photo was taken on Tuesday on the way home from Inverloch and as you can see by the trees it was blowing a gale, the sky was once again darkening, but I did think it would be a lovely spot to take "quilt" photos in the WILD.
When the weather is nicer perhaps.

OK, that's my lot for this Hunt and as to whether I post or not again, will remain to be seen.
This has been the biggest PA-LAVA I've dealt with recently.

W H Y ???????????
Take care all, stay safe and huge huggles from down under.

Thursday 3 September 2020

TREES........UP & DOWN.

 OK, I've been a little quiet of late, but it seems our I'net Provider is doing some "updating" so I've been a little out of sorts with my computer.  My webmail/email is so slow, though I seem to be finding it difficult to come to terms with so much upheaval with all sorts & not being able to go very far from town or see anybody at the moment is really doing my head in.  Hopefully some normality will creep in slowly over the next few months, though I won't hold my breath.  Even finding things to blog about doesn't seem to be coming easily.  Enough of my moaning and let's enjoy a bit from our local walks & something I promised I would show too.

A couple of days before my birthday, we had horrific winds here in southern Victoria, which did unseen amounts of damage due to fallen trees.  My birthday was one of the best sunny days we'd had in about 3 months, so it was off for a local walk and we discovered this tree which had come down in a small reserve 5 minutes from home.


Our path blocked from this side and the damage to someone's shed is extensive.
You can see the size of the root system, but because gums are shallow rooted, after much rain they become unstable & whoosh, down they come.
This is what it looked like from other side of the path.  We'd had to walk back to the street & come from the other side.
                                                 My magnolia has withstood the winds well.

DAMAGED but still standing.
We pass this tree just out of town, when we head for the coast & I'm always going to take some photos.
Yesterday, being able to have a small outing without going further than we should, I decided to stop and snap this fascinating curly tree, but oh dear, it had lost a limb.  
Don't  you love it's little round keyhole.  I love this tree.
The little trip was about taking some more photos of the daffodil farm which I said I would do before the flowers fade too much or have been picked for the cut flower trade.  
Taken from the main road showing the different colours behind the tree line.

Looking down from the gravel back road we took to go home again.

Along said gravel road, we came across these wandering cattle & one very woolly sheep.  Not sure they should have been out, though if trees had come down on fences, it could have been why.

                                      The views are spectacular in this area to the south of us.
Also, a very large Wombat burrow.

A quick local walk today, I discovered this and have now been told they are popping up all over the place.
 Isn't it the cutest!

I've waffled on long enough, so I'll leave it at that.  I hope to be able to catch up with some blogreading over the next few days, so sorry I've not caught up with some recent post.
Take care all, stay safe & huggles from a windy down under.