Friday 30 November 2018


Linking with Kate for the last hunt of this year.  And what a year it has been for most of the Hunters with such beautiful photos from all that participate.  This month's word list was a bit tricky, but it is amazing what you see & have in the archives.  Here goes.

The row of mailboxes at the corner of Bumbalong Road on the Monaro Highway between Canberra                                                                               & Cooma.

2.  DECAY.
An abandoned shop in the small settlement of Beeac on the road between Colac & Cressy  west of                                                                                Melbourne.
Our dressing table, with bed reflected in the mirror.  This is Edwardian & both it & the bed were purchased in about 1987/88 when we moved to Tasmania.  Sitting at a set of traffic lights outside a shop called Boomerang Furniture, I excitedly announced, "I want that dressing table in the window".
Some weeks later I walked from the Bank (where I was working), up to the shop & was able to 'lay-bye' it & pick up when it was all payed for.  When I arrived to pick it up, the owner told me, he'd had a bed come in that was also in blackwood & would look good with it, so, lo & behold, we went home with 2 items.  We still have them to this day, although the bed has been converted to a queen size, as hubby is 6'3".

4.  STRAND.   
 On the right is the small set of drawers I keep my 'stranded' cottons in.  The bottom 2 drawers are the neat & tidy ones. 

Below we have an old rowing boat stranded on a sandbank on Westernport Bay near Hastings.  It  may even be covered at high tide.                                                                               

5.  FOLD.

This is sort of a "now you see it, now you don't" when folded up, then opened.
So sorry about the quality of these photos, but they are actually prints I've had to scan onto this post.
Our camper trailer (no longer with us), that we towed with the Morris & it saw many adventures.
This was the one I found tricky, as I really wanted it to be different, as I'd thought of all sorts, but they were just not right.

As I love animals of all kinds so much, what better way to end this year's final hunt, but with a beautiful little lizard. I took this photo many years ago in Lane Cove National Park in Sydney.  We were staying at the caravan park there & saw possum & kookaburras, but just couldn't capture them on camera, then I spotted this little beauty sunning himself on the path.
Browsing the archives nets some great photos, that we sometimes forget about, so thanks to Kate, they appear here many years later.

THANK YOU KATE......and to all who take their time to be a part of this fabulous hunt hosted by Kate.  The photos and accompanying stories always amaze, amuse & make me feel a part of a wider community of friends from near & far.
Take care all and huggles.

Friday 16 November 2018


The year is flying along, and I'm so behind on crafty posts due to motivation issues, but here come some photos of projects done and to be done.  Hope it's not too boring.
A finish in crochet.
                                    My Sunshine & Shadows crochet along is finally done.

Next is a quilt I made in a class, way back in (I think), 1996 and quilted & bound this year.  I'm donating it to the Sheltered Workshop that my brother has attended for many years.  They'll be using it in their Xmas raffle this year.

I'm pretty dreadful with the amount of quilts I do still have to be quilted & my tub of shame really needs sorting & DOING.  I took some photos today & will definitely make an effort to start, as I've some that I really need for future gifts.  As it was a pleasant day, although a little windy, I took these outside after lunch today. (and the 2 above.)

Oh, that is eight that need quilting and there are a few small ones in the tub too, from way back when.
Most of these are my own designs and that is really my big problem, as I love the design process, along with colour/fabric  & piecing, but not the quilting bit.  I do enjoy the hand sewing of the binding, then seeing how it all came together.  Ah, this is just me, being me.

Having more trouble gardening because of my back, is not helping with my stress levels, as I do enjoy pottering about, growing both flowers and food.  These are just a few pics from the last 2 months and as we've had strange weather, I'm glad a few things have done well.
Pink bluebells in a pot.

Dutch iris under the silver birch.

Photinia near the bird feeder.

Snowball bush.

Julia's Rose.  I love the unusual colour in this rose and have grown it in most gardens I've had.
I actually made some brownies last week, as I've not even been baking much.
My weak coffee that I have for morning tea.  Only 1 coffee per day.
This one is funny.  I try and buy vegetables in the Odd Bunch varieties that one of our big supermarkets sells, though I also buy a lot from our  greengrocer, who supports the local farming community. 
And it has been used.
OK, enough of my nonsense today.  Thought I'd just let you know I am still here & not veging out in a corner, so take care all and have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday 6 November 2018


Ah, I am still here & neglecting this blog a little, although I've taken some photos recently of days out, it's finding motivation to sit and post.  It is our turn to find a circuitous route for the November coffee/cake run for the car club, so we've had a day or two looking & discovering.  This is from a day in mid October when all didn't go to plan, but we did see lots of fun things.  Away we go.
We'd noticed a small cafe in Kernot, which is just basically a farming locality with no amenities, bar this, so off we went to find it.  Tisn't open Wednesdays, so we searched a little further & as happens, I found lots to photograph.

Collapsed roof of some sort of shed.

More old shedding.

The abandoned farmhouse.
These buildings were in such a beautiful location, it was sad to see them abandoned.
All the while taking these, I was being watched by this fella............
He actually let me get quite close and talk to him.

We carried on our way and ended up in Grantville, a small town on the eastern side of Westernport Bay and made a discovery in the park.  Although we've stopped here before, I'm not sure we've ever walked through this area.
They have a walk through history of the town/area in plaques that look like books.

                                                             These were two of several.
There were also many native plants in flower along the pathway, so I snapped a few.  This also the park where I took the gumnut photo in my Scavenger Hunt post.
Next we ventured down to the water's edge and checked out the jetty area.

It was a very grey overcast day, but worth it.  The fun bit was discovering another witch!!!!!
We'd seen the first at the cafe in Kernot, but not taken much notice or a PHOTO.
The Corinella community were trying to promote the area and had placed witches in many of the towns to make people explore the area.  I'm afraid we've not found any more yet, but if we get some sunny days, we may search for a few more.
Today saw us out, planning the route (again), as the one above was too long, but no photos due to the weather once more.  As we started out, although overcast, we certainly weren't prepared for the rain that eventuated.  It was a deluge and our rain gauge said we'd had about 17mls.  Never mind, we still found a good route and coffee shop, so all is done.
Hopefully I'll not be so absent in the future and have planned on doing a coming post of some crafty bits.
Thanks for stopping by, take care & huggles.