Tuesday 21 June 2022

BEGINNING WITH......................F

First, it's about time I try and blog more regularly, but with weather, price hikes and a feeling of melancholy about world wide problems, I've not had the impetus to put words on paper or use the camera much.  Yesterday, although very overcast and cold, we took ourselves off to do some firewood collecting out at our friends farm.  I took some photos too and realised they all started with "F" & thought it would be a funny, funky post.  Notice all those f's.


                                                                  The trailer being loaded.

Views of distant farms from the paddock where we were collecting the fallen timber.  Notice the mist on the lower slopes and the ranges in the far distance.  Typical weather at the moment.

                                                I noticed this lot as I was walking about.

                                   Our eucalyptus (gum trees) have the most wonderful shapes.

                                                 FURRY FRIENDS.  (Tups or rams, depending on where you live.)

What are you looking at?

Maybe I should join the others.

Are you back again with that black thing?


Hubby had been busy before the frightful weather hit and was making me a plant stand out of pallet timber.  Hasn't it turned out nicely.  I will get to with pots of herbs and maybe a few cut and come again veg. soon.  Too cold at the moment, but will hopefully get some sunshine in amongst the cooler days.

All from me today.    
Take care all and hugs from a wintry down under.

Wednesday 15 June 2022


 Linking with Sandra today at mmm.quilts for the final day of the Quiltalong of her Pop Star pattern.

I've made two with one finished and the other awaiting quilting.  Been a bit slack lately with getting things done, but after a few glitches with both long arm and domestic machines, I think I'll get back into it soon.  I was hoping to take a few photos in the "great outdoors", but woe is me...........weather is not playing nicely, so I've done the best I can.


A full shot.
The next few are what I hoped would be my "hero" snaps.

An inside photo.

Another inside, showing a little of the quilting.

An outside one high up in the ranges south of us, with a lot of cloudy mist in the background.

This quilt is for a baby boy who was born on Sunday.  His parents are members of our car club and I've yet to meet him.  His sister can't wait till he comes home.  You might be able to see if you click on the middle photo are the cars that I quilted to make it personal for the family.

I'm calling this one No.2, even though I started it first.  Although I do like it, I lost the popping stars, as the brown fabric was too close in value to the main star fabric.  Is waiting on the machine now to be quilted.
This what the sky has looked like most of the time over the last few weeks.  Very little sunshine, even on days when it hasn't rained.  Been bitterly cold too.  Our snow regions have had the earliest start to the season on record.

Well that is my lot for today and I really must get back into blogging, photography and just enjoying life in general.
Thanks to all my lovely blogpals for being there for me, take care & big hugs from down under.

Wednesday 1 June 2022



Linking up with Cheryl from Meadow Mist Designs for May, as I'd not finished anything & missed the last one at the end of April.

Macaron Mystery quilt which just happens to be Cheryl's last QAL and with another one on the way, I'm wondering what it's going to be.😊

A hero shot taken early in May when the weather was still nice.  This was taken in  the civil park where our Shire Offices are located and is always quite well maintained so occasionally I use the area for photography.

OK, not much else for today and it has been pouring with rain, windy and ever so cold, plus I'm still missing my Bernina sewing machine and have already something cut out along with a binding waiting to go on another quilt.  It should be back again by next week.
Take care all and hugs from a freezing down under.
Susan. xox