Saturday 30 November 2013


This is not where I started this blog, but some times it seems to have a mind of it's own when I'm placing the photos, so had better explain these.  Since lunchtime today I've done a little sewing and below is where I've set up my machine on the desk I use to pay the bills etc.  Don't have much choice at the moment and even though it is awkward it will have to suffice.  
Desk in corner with one of my favourite pics above.
The scraps I mentioned before being sewn together and probably going into vertical rows with sashing between.  I'll see how it looks as I go and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I'll quilt it when my machine is set up again.  It will be a charity quilt ready for our winter.

Today dawned quite overcast, but has been sunny since about mid morning and warmed as I weeded the garden.
Came inside for lunch as we noticed the flies became quite active once the sun came out.  Eating alfresco during summer does have some drawbacks here in Oz.
Below are some pics of what I was doing whilst outside.

Wheelbarrow and trug full of weeds, and I'd already put one lot in the greenwaste bin.

Section of garden just weeded.

Size of some of the weeds down side passage, which I've not even started yet.
On Thursday I picked some flowers for the house.

Alstroemarias from the front garden.

Three lovely roses.

Mock orange (philadelphus) on the dressing table.
Over the last few days I've been taking pics of other flowers and fruit appearing in the garden.

A very pale mauve hebe.

I think this is a miniature apple tree.  At first I thought it was a crabapple, but have since changed my mind.
We definitely won't get to taste them as we'll be gone by autumn.

Aquilegia seed heads that I will pick and pop into a brown paper bag and save for my new garden.

Passionfruit vine on side fence of passage.  As you can see, it is forming fruit, but can't remember how long they take to ripen, as I've not grown one for a long time.

OK, that is a quick post of what I've been up to over the last few days.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and take care.

Wednesday 27 November 2013


A quick post which is all I've got for now.  Been quite busy over the last few days with various errands to do and now the weather has got quite hot.  Around 30 deg today after our cooler than average November and I'm feeling it.  I don't like "hot".

I'd like to thank everyone who has left comments on my last couple of posts and I'm sorry for not replying, but will try and do so in the future.

Below is a photo of the front of box of the WASGIJ, which I spoke about on my last post.

Picture on box

Finished product.

A toy that we found at the bottom of a box in the garage as we sorted and packed.  Our children had a lot of fun with this many years ago and luckily it didn't have any batteries in it.  Put some in and it still works.  

My reading matter at the moment and I'm enjoying it so much.  Sorry about the quality of the photos, but my camera doesn't seem to like the light in this house.  (I think).

Not even got to do any sewing over the last few days, but will hopefully remedy that tomorrow and make a start on that scrap quilt.
Hope you are all having a good week.  Take care.

Sunday 24 November 2013


Just a quick post to say the above.  "We bought a HOUSE".
It is in a lovely part of Ballarat and although I still hanker after a large garden, we do realise that we are not getting any younger and with a couple of minor health issues this will be very nice.  The home is large enough to take my long arm quilting machine, garaging for the cars and bike, and somewhere (with a little tinkering) for the caravan.  I'll be able to plant some roses, annuals, perennials,  and still have a small vegie patch.  Once we move in, I'll be able to post some pics.  The settlement date is 24th January, so until then we are still in Warragul.  We signed the papers on the 21st November, which also happens to be 2 of our grandchilren's birthdays.  Our granddaughter A, turned 17 and grandson L was 8.  It was quite a day all round.

Over the last couple of days I've found some things to do, making a start and finish on one apron and finishing a duster bag I must have bought when I first married over 40 years ago.  Another apron ready to go, though this one is for when I'm long arm quilting and not the kitchen.  I also got out some scraps from a quilt I sent to UK earlier this year and will make a charity quilt.  Photos below are also of a couple of things from this garden, which I am slowly weeding.

Once I finished this apron, hubby announced it was a Kirstie apron, as he thought it would be something Kirstie Allsopp would wear.  lol

The duster bag, probably very 60's, but finished all the same.

A hollyhock coming into flower.  There are several in the garden.

A lovely white hydrangea.

Self sown tiny tomatoes.

2 dahlias, which I'm looking forward to see in flower.

The sewing apron in progress.  My name embroidered by a sales person at a quilt show, trying to sell us machines.
Today we are off to Melbourne for Quilt Market, which is a trade show and luckily for me is free.  I'll pop in  quickly to see what's new on our side of the world and talk to my Emco dealer.  I bought my long arm machine from these people and want to let them know about our new address and possible help to set her back up again.  It took hubby the best part of a day to disassemble her.  Can't wait to be sorted with everything again and get back into my quilting.  After that we are off to DD's for the afternoon.
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend wherever you live and although it is raining here, the garden will be pleased if nothing else.
Take care, Susan.

Sunday 17 November 2013


Well the move went well, without too many complications.  The worst was the phone and internet.  Phone was off till the Wednesday and no internet till the next Wednesday.  I don't think I realised how much I use both.  Now I am back on line and catching up on my favourite blogs.  (the ones on my sidebar).


Mostly trying to find a house to buy, by both going to Ballarat and scanning the internet.  Some luck yesterday with 2 contenders.  Now we have to mull things over and see what the outcome of our offers are.

We've also been trying to keep warm as the weather was atrocious last week, still cold and wet, but today is absolutely lovely.  This morning we went for a walk and it got quite warm.

I found an apron I'd cut out and am going to finish that off over this week and some scraps I'll put together as a couple of charity quilts ready for next winter to go hopefully to fire victims in NSW who lost everything.
The quilt machine will not be put back together until we settle in a home of our own.
I also found some embroidery in my sewing box and will do that and some knitting of a night in front of the TV.  Hopefully that will keep me out of mischief, along with weeding the garden here.  It is quite nice, but oh the weeds!!!

Before we left the old place I picked a big bunch of roses, some lemons and rhubarb.  Below are some photos.

Lemons from my old tree.

Pierre de Ronsard roses in a glass canister that usually has rice in it  Can't find any vases.

A few other roses in my little old glass bottles.
Yesterday (saturday) saw us in Ballarat again and we ate lunch by the lake.  We saw these 2 swans with their brood of 5 cygnets.  We managed a couple of photos.

On the grass.

Now in the water.
Aren't they so cute.  They only had a very short swim and were out of the water a couple of minutes later.
Just one  of the lovely things to look forward to when we move.

Not much more for now as we are still both exhausted, but hopefully will post again midweek.
All take care and have a lovely Sunday, wherever you may live.