Sunday 28 August 2022


 Linking with Sandra at mmm.quilts for her "drop everything and make it" for the month of August.

I've struggled through this month, but did think I'd join in a QAL with churn dash blocks and though I had good intentions couldn't  muster enough OOMPH to do a whole quilt.

Somewhere at some time I'd done a quick sketch of a churn dash type block and so I got out my graph book and after five tries, came up with some OK measurements and here is what I made.  

It isn't quilted as yet, but Sandra said I could show it.  I've called it Churn Dash Twist and the 2 centres have fabric  I bought in Whitby some years back while on holiday in UK.

I'm keeping this short and sweet, but hope to be back tomorrow with a catchup post of all sorts of things.
Being a bit down is not good, but we've actually had some sunshine yesterday & today, so that is helping somewhat.
Hope you've all had a good weekend & next week goes well.
Take care all and huge hugs from down under.

Monday 1 August 2022


 1.   Happy Yorkshire Day.

A very old applique that is still awaiting placement somewhere.
This is a greeting to all my family and friends who reside there.

2.  Horse's Birthday.

OK, they are 2 ponies & I took these photos on Saturday where we spent a lovely afternoon with a friend and her foster grandchildren.  More later in the post.

3.  Wattle or Arbour Day, depending on where you are.
Wattle in bloom.

4.  A 50th birthday greeting for my cousin's daughter, who was the first great grandchild of my maternal grandfather, then along came my daughter to make 2 for him in the one year.

Now for some quirky bits'n'pieces from the end of July.

Two photos I snapped while we were cutting firewood at our friend's farm.
A conical sort of toadstool.

A wee frog, some of which end up coming home with us in the wood.  I rescue them and put them in the garden near our pond.

A few from our garden.
My Garrya which is looking gorgeous with its catkins.

It has been cool, but this is the first ice we've had on the pond on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon saw us call at a friend's place and as I mentioned above her 2 grandies were there, so as it was one of our first sunny days in a while, we took the ponies from their paddock, gave them a brush, then out came the cart and she took each of them for a ride up and down the lane they live on.  I'm being very good and will just show my friend making sure everything was right.
J, pony and trap.

And I was being hassled by my favourite little girl.  I've known her since she was a pup & I think I showed the 2 little dog coats I knitted a while ago and she was one of the recipients.

Gum blossom in J's garden, just coming into flower.

Now for a little jaunt we took yesterday for some much promised photos of the daffodil fields that are just south of town.  Each year the leased paddocks seem to change & it ends up a game of trying to spot where they are.
Looking toward the hills.

You can see cattle being fed out on the hill in the distance and the odd white jonquil in among the yellow.

Looking another way and you can see more up and ready to open.

On the other side of the road and going up a hill with a couple of rows of white ones.

I love seeing all these coming into bloom from mid July and expect the markets in Melbourne are now well stocked.

Further on we decided to do a round trip and a few photos follow of a view and the steepness of the countryside once in South Gippsland.  There is a "very" bad photo to end this lot today and I'll explain in the caption.
Can you see just how steep this hill is in the foreground and there is a tractor to the left in the far background.

Now for an explanation. 
Here we have a wombat nibbling on grass, but I was standing on a very precarious piece of ground, it was windy and I was cold and shivering by this time and just didn't manage to get a worthwhile photo, but here it is anyway.  They are just so cute and I do love our native wildlife.

OK, enough of my twaddle today and I had intentions of posting some quilt and crafty photos, but although I could share something, with having 2 partial days out and being somewhat cloudy today, I've not fancied trying to take the photos of 2 flimsies, so later this week, we'll do an update.
Have a great week all, take care and huggles from down under.