Monday, 25 April 2022


Oh dear, I have been wayward of late, but what with public holidays and just plain feeling a bit "blah", I've not had the inclination to blog or do too much else.  Hopefully things are starting to settle on our patch a little and I'm trying to catch up with blog reading and putting some photos and words into place.

We'll start with this...

Linking with Sandra at mmm.quilts for her current QAL, which I am participating in.                                   Fabrics chosen and I'm hoping to do 2, one for moi and another for a baby due in July.

Two colourways chosen and I don't think I need explain which one is which.

I'm busily sewing the floral one first and have a few bits done.

We have flying geese units.

Also, the half square tringles.

A day out yesterday with DD, S-I-L & our 2 grandchildren was great, although we didn't do what they were doing at The Enchanted Garden which is on The Mornington Peninsular.  It has a few mazes, some wonderful sculptures, a tube slide and many walking tracks, but it's main attraction is "Tree Surfing", more for younger people than us oldies.  I'll pop on  a few photos below of some of the features.

Looks scary, but most were having a good time with helmets and harnesses to make it safe.

There was also a tube slide which brought many shrieks & much laughter from those that went on it.

A few more snaps of what could be seen when walking about.
The beautifully carved relief on the hedge.

Elegant statue at the end of a path.

These reminded e of the Terracotta Army figures in China.

Can you see the laser cut rusty iron native animals?

                                                    Two of my favourites below.
Curly snails

Carved timber kangaroo.

Ok, I've waffled on enough so I'll finish up here and hope that everyone had a good Easter break and for those in Oz, this, another long weekend, it being Anzac Day today was both relaxing and thoughtful, especially with all that is happening at the moment.
Take care all and big hugs from the land down under.

Oh, and one last photo of the small lake with fountain.

Wednesday, 6 April 2022


 Just a little catch-up with nothing much.  Been quiet here of late with a few appointments and just generally doing the usual mundane housework, cooking, gardening and a little crafting.  Even the poor camera has been under utilised.  Hoping all will settle soon and some normality come back.

A few snaps I've taken of my knitting & sewing and DH's woodwork.

Cassie's dog coat.

Tilly's dog coat.

The top photo stayed local and the pink one went to Wales.
Our podiatrist is now on maternity leave and I presented her with this little quilt for the new arrival.
I'm looking forward to finding out if she has a boy or girl.  She already has one of each.

My quick and easy colourful baby pattern with a teddy bear quilting pattern.

DH has made DD a side table to go beside her lounge and we haven't delivered it yet due to all sorts of things, but hopefully during the school holidays so we can see her 2 children.  This table was made using mostly pallet timber.  Doesn't it come up nice with a lot of hard work.
The table.
A little bit of nonsense now.  Looking out the front door  one afternoon as I walked past, I noticed "something" out of the corner of my eye move on the footpath & when I realised what it was, ran to get the camera and luckily it was just wandering past next door.
One ibis, though you usually see them in flocks, but we do have a lot around about here anyway.

All for now, but at least I've made the effort and should hopefully keep up with a few posts each month to get back into the swing of things.
Enjoy the rest of the week all, take care and huge hugs from down under.

Saturday, 2 April 2022


 This will be short and sweet, to link my QAL flimsy that I have participated in with Cheryl Brickey of Meadow Mist Designs.

It isn't quilted yet, though I have done one row of quilting, but having my back so sore & trouble with my left ear has left me very, very deflated.  We also had a trying and tiring trip to Sydney to sort out the NDIS review for my younger brother which happens in May.  There is to be a lot of thinking about what we need to do as he ages &  we get older.   With the chaotic world we live in at the moment, it is all getting too much for me.  It is why I've been so quiet on my blog, but I do need a good talking too and a kick up the proverbial..................😌

This one she titled Macaron Mystery and when finished I will be handing it over to a special person as a wedding gift.  No name to be mentioned yet.
Well that is about all from me today.
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, please take care and hugs from down under.

Monday, 14 March 2022


 A quick post with photos of yesterday afternoon's drive to pick up a coffee and have a waterside fix.  We chose to head down to Corinella on Westernport Bay, about and hour from us.  

We made our way through Lang Lang down to the bay at Corinella, then home again from Grantville taking back roads to make it a round trip.  The bay on the extreme left of map is Port Phillip Bay where Melbourne is situated at the northern end.  
I took these few photos below, to show that it attracts a lot of fishermen and pleasure boats for a day out.
The piers with launching ramps either side.

All the seabirds waiting for a feed from the trimmings of fish being gutted and cleaned in an area provided for this purpose.

Looking across the mud flats as the tide was out.

I just love the pelicans.  There were also plenty of seagulls, terns, one lone ibis and a few other birds. I'm not sure of their names.

A slightly different view looking towards the town in the distance.

Looking toward the other pier where people fish from.

As you can see from this photo it is quite popular with the boating/fishing fraternity.

After watching people bringing their boats in, moving them onto trailers, hooking them up and driving off, we decided to call it a day and wend our way home.  As we headed up into the hills, the sky changed dramatically and started to look like this..................

It rained a little on the way home, but around about 5.30pm when we reached home, thunder started to roll around and lasted for about an hour with short sharp periods of rain.  In all we got about 7.5mm overnight.  I think my garden really enjoyed.
OK, that is my funny lot for now and tomorrow is DH's birthday (beware the Ides of March) and if the weather is fine, we may do something.😊
Just to let all know why I've been so quiet.  I have an infected ear which is driving me insane as I can hear a slight humming sound in my left ear and every now and then it throbs.  I've drops to put in & hopefully all will be well soon.  It is quite eerie at times.  Mojo doesn't seem to want to return either with so much havoc going on in the world.
I' missing blogging, but it will return so I'm trying hard to use my word for this year and have the 
"Courage" to get through these difficult times.
Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post and I'll try and do replies again.
Take care all, stay safe and big huggles from Susan.

Friday, 4 March 2022



Will you just look at was our street tree on the verge and they cut it down.  Oh.... and I cried a little.  I was so cranky, as was DH and this all happened at 8am on Wednesday morning and we had words with the culprits, then later in the afternoon visited the council too.  We now want the stump removed and a replacement tree.  Ours was the best looking tree in the court, but they said it was unstable where the trunk forked with a black line inside it.  We had a look at the other silver birches along our court & all have similar lines where larger branches have grown from the main trunk.  Why ours?                                                                                                                                                    I tried to find a good photo of our tree, but seems like I've taken most from our tree, but I found one when it was pouring down & the other photo is looking up the court past our stump, which I took yesterday afternoon.

This must have been winter as all the trees are bare & I have jonquils out in the circular bed.

Looking to the end & notice all the silver birches, but ours is missing.
Suppose you could say, I'm still mad.   The tree nearly always had birds coming and going & we will miss their antics & singing.😢

So much sadness in the world at the moment, this post is stupidly trivial, but I'll post it anyway.             I feel quite helpless to reach out and help in anyway to those caught up in all the mayhem, but know I still need to blog while I can.  Hopefully I'll post a bit more this month and even try and catch up with a few interesting bits from last year.

Have a great weekend everyone, take care, stay safe & hugs.                                                                               Susan.

Monday, 28 February 2022


 This will be one quick post.  Sorry I've been so out of touch this month, but what with the purchase of a new to us car, hot humid weather, (which is very draining), the horrific flooding rains in Queensland & northern N.S.W., plus so much turmoil in the northern hemisphere, I've been finding it hard to really blog about anything in my little space.  

Sandra from mmmquilts has helped me immensely with doing a linkup each month about our "drop everything & make it" crafts, so this is one thing that kept me busy over the last 2 months or so.  The quilt was made quickly to the flimsy stage, then onto the machine and that is when things went wrong.  My long-arm machine has a couple of niggly problems which I will get sorted soon.

This is one of my own designs which I named "CELTIC GARDEN OF HOPE", because it reminds of celtic interlocking designs and my word for last year was Hope.
I finally got it off the machine, although there are few little mistakes in the quilting, put the binding on and finally got to take some photos yesterday up at Jindivik in the very neglected Community Garden.
We were very surprised to see it looking so bad and the adjacent cricket ground is having a bit of a makeover & drainage work being done too.
I took a quick photo from over the road looking north towards the ranges, just to show how dry it has become down in Victoria with only 5 mls of rain so far this month.  Big difference to what they are experiencing up North.


Our car club is now trying to get back into some social outings after the last 2 years of having to cancel so much and the Saturday before last, a run to Noojee Trestle Bridge had been planned to have a picnic.  Arriving down at the clubrooms we thought we were going to have quite a turnout, but alas, only five of us went with 3 cars and ours was the only old one.  A bit disappointing, but an enjoyable day eventuated, even though the bridge was closed due to repairs, so we made our way to the static train attraction which used to grace one of our local town parks, but then was taken by enthusiasts to its current home.  This happened as our council thought it took too much money & time for its upkeep & were going to get rid of it for scrap.  So glad it got a reprieve & is well looked after by a dedicated group of volunteers.

On arrival, we noticed it had steam and found that they fired it up periodically to make sure it stays dry inside and doesn't just rust away.  They clean up around the site, gathering fallen branches & leaf debris to use in it.  Killing 2 birds with stone, as one would say.
And here is our Morris Minor alongside, an offer made by the volunteers to us and then finding out that they were good friends with one of our late members who was instrumental in getting the train up to Noojee.

OK, strange combination of things, but not much has happened this month, but hopefully I'll be in better spirits, come March and we may be getting out a little more, if fuel prices don't get too inflated.  Even if that happens, I will try and tote my camera around & get back to my normal old self & see the little things in life as I used to.
Thanks to all those that read this far, take care and big hugs from down under.

Friday, 28 January 2022


I've just realised I've rarely posted about anything we did last year and although it didn't amount to much, I did make the effort to capture a few moments.  I will admit to high anxiety level, no mojo to do my usual take the camera everywhere we go and just not coping with the Covid situation, so now you all know why I've been a little hit'n'miss with my blog. 

Just before Christmas, we really needed to try and get up to Sydney to catch up with my brother and his carers and maybe see our 2 boys and their offspring, all being well.                                                            We left on a Tuesday and were back the next Tuesday just before Christmas, so away for a week.             Packing up the caravan, we left early to be in Eden for our first night.  We arrived, parked the van and opened the door, only to be greeted by our TV flat on it's face on the floor.  It still actually worked, minus part of the back and the mountings.  Headed off the next morning and it was a very hot day and we had a few hassles with the car on the journey.  As we neared Nowra it got worse and we had to call the RACV who found that it was an intermittent fault, not liking the heat.  We made it to Shoalhaven Heads and had no more troubles with said car, but have decided to be brave and replace it, which isn't what we had in mind for this year, but so be it.

Thursday saw us wend our up to Sydney, only to find that we couldn't see my brother as there had been a Covid scare at the centre he attends & he & others were in isolation till they got negative results, which meant our trip up to the harbour city had been for nothing. 

On the way back to the van via the coast we stopped at a place called Stanwell Tops where you often see hang gliders and to our amazement one was in the act of taking off and I snapped his progress.




and away....................

Now for some more photos..........                                                                                                                 

Our caravan site at Shoalhaven Heads with the ensuite on the left, which we like to get when we are away rather than using  the larger shared facilities.

Hubby relaxing under our awning.

Not the best photo, but can you see our visitor in the centre.  A gorgeous lizard and there were quite a few about.

On the Friday, we took ourselves off on a local walk and although we lived very close to here for 10 years, we'd never been to the Botanic Gardens.

A lovely expanse of grassed area surrounded by trees and shrubbery with 2 sculpted kangaroos sitting middle rear of photo.

A beautiful tree.

Another I suppose, sculpture of sorts.

Exiting the parkland we were confronted by this gorgeous mural.

Heading down towards the Shoalhaven River I took several photos showing that it is a large river at it's mouth.

Then we saw this group of elderly gentlemen playing with their remote controlled sailing boats.
A lovely walk with some interesting moments.

We did saw our 2 boys on Saturday, their partners and 2 of our grandchildren who are both way taller than me now at 14 & 15.  We'd not seen them for over 2 years Little E informed me.  Our eldest son's 4 couldn't make it due to either work commitments or close contacts.                                                Sunday saw us head to my cousin's place and we actually saw  her parents, my Aunt & Uncle who are 96 & 93 which was wonderful.  Been so hard during these last 2 years.

On Monday we headed for home for home, stopping for a night in Eden again and arriving home on Tuesday afternoon.
We had morning tea on Tuesday in Orbost, a great country town in the east of Victoria and I actually took a few photos there.  It is on our famous Snowy River and the next photo shows it very full due to some heavy rain we'd had leading into December.
The Snowy River.

Emu sculpture at the Information centre dressed in Santa gear.

The beautiful old building housing the Information Centre.

The Man from Snowy River sculpture on the nature strip.
The Man from Snowy River is a well known poem written by Banjo Patterson about our iconic high country and which all children of my era would recite at school.

Another snap of Info Centre from across the road.

OK, if you've read all that, my hat off to you and a big thanks as I keep thinking you are probably perplexed with some of the locations & other bits.
We are just about to have another thunderstorm after, a big one yesterday,  and it has cooled a little after reaching about 32deg and very, very humid again.
Take care all, stay safe & hugs.