Wednesday 31 August 2016


First, before I start on the above, I'd like to thank all who commented on my last post and sorry I did not reply, but was very busy and appreciated them.  So here we go.

This month has not been easy for photo-hunting, but as I enjoy it so much, I love to join in.  I find it challenging and  all very thought provoking as to how to interpret some words without it being the obvious choice.  Hope this published OK as I've done it before we went away.
1.  BLUE.

Forget-me-nots just starting to flower.
2.  EYE.

Bull's eye.  Hubby got this one straight off last week.  I don't do nearly as good.


Pretty buttons on a doll I made many years ago.

My granddaughter Missy Moo, used to love this photo of Hubby & his girlfriend.  She asked who the lady was, and we jokingly told her it was his girlfriend, to which she replied, she isn''t "real".

5.  FEET.

Where are they going?
Where have they been?
Who do they belong to?

A large perfume bottle (no, I don't use it), bought in Berry on the NSW south coast where I worked in the bank at one time.
There was a handmade glass shop across the road and I just couldn't resist this as it is so gorgeous.
It was a drawcard at times,but I resisted all but twice.

7.  GREEN.

Road signs in GREEN!
I thought this might be a giggle with some of our funny town names.
They are all in our area of Victoria.
8.  FLOOR.

Beautiful parquet at Castle Howard in Yorkshire.  I took this photo in 2014, as I thought it could make a good quilt block pattern.  


The cupcake rug from Attic 24 coming along slowly.


I found this utterly awesome.  A crane manoeuvreing a narrow boat onto the canal marina at Stanley Ferry.  Notice the pushbike on the end.  You may have to click to enlarge.  (trip to UK in 2014).
OK, that is my lot for this month.
Enjoy, take care and September will with us before we know it.  Ah, Spring.

Friday 19 August 2016


A quick post before I take a short blog break.  As some of you will know already, I quite often suffer from anxiety, which has been just a tad too prevalent of late.  Hubby and I will head north for some warmth and hopefully come home refreshed and ready for summer.  I'm not sure whether I will have good internet access, so, if I'm quiet on the comments front you'll also know why.  I'd love to be able to do my Photo Scavenger Hunt and  may get the post ready, so I can just push "publish".  We'll see.
Now for a few odd photos lurking in my blog folder just waiting today.


The quilt I designed for a jelly roll, which still awaits its border.


A pot of Tete a Tete daffodils, which I'd forgotten all about.  If you leave bulbs in pots, quite often they won't flower again, but these decided to give it a go.

I thought this pot was actually empty and only supporting a covering of moss and now I have these.

Our lovely, but quite small magnolia, which is flowering, with  a few more buds to open.  It is called Susan.
The little lemon tree which was already here when we moved in and looked quite scraggy, but is now flourishing due to hubby taking time with watering and feeding.

My hydrangea is also showing plenty of new growth, so hope I get some flowers later in Spring.
Not a lot else has been happening here due to the rather cold and inclement weather, though we did have two lovely days (Wednesday & Thursday), but today has turned bitterly cold and wet.
I'll try and keep up with everyone when I can.
Take care all and  huggles,

Saturday 13 August 2016


OK, yes I've been a bit quiet, not feeling 100% lately and stressed, but then, that's just me.  I'll settle soon.

As it is nearly Spring here in Oz, I though I'd share some "pink" photos I've snapped over the last few days.  As most of my followers know, it is my favourite colour.

On our way into town centre we pass these 2 beauties.

Prunus, which is one of many planted along a street, though some aren't even showing colour yet.

Gorgeous magnolia in a front garden.
Mine little one has a few buds, but not nearly open.
Next we have a selection from our garden.

One of 3 lovely heather plants.

One of two dark hellebores which we inherited.

A diosma.
  I don't really like the smell of these, but they are pretty when in flower.
A daphne in the front garden and although the flowers are nearly white, the buds are pink.

My camellia "Volunteer", which I brought with me from Ballarat.  It doesn't seem to have grown much but has a few more buds to come.
Now I digress from pink (only one).  These crocus can be so surprising.  Nothing one day and then, wham, flowers popping up.

Just a little post with a few of my favourite things, being flowers and pink.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.
Take care,  Susan.

Thursday 4 August 2016


Good name, she says,with tongue in cheek.

 On Sunday, being not as cold and quite sunny, we packed some lunch and headed off to Phillip Island.  Ate our lunch at San Remo, then over the bridge to the island.  We'd never been down to Smith's Beach, so that was our goal.  We parked in the parking area, then walked on down the board walk below.

The boardwalk down to the sands.
Looking right.

Looking left.

Along the beach we discovered lots of interesting things, which made me keep stopping to take photos.  I"d taken my small camera, as it easier to carry at times, but still takes a good photo.

Strange markings on these, reminding me of a heart on the right and a face with a gaping mouth on the left.

Different coloured rocks and stones in the shallows.

Slimy, velvety green seaweed covering a rock.

Looking out across the rocks to the breakers.
Now as I am having trouble with these photos having a mind of their own, I'll just put a few more on.
As we were leaving the beach we could here a not too far off rumbling.  Click!!!  The island's raceway must be in use today.  Off we went and were rewarded with some lovely classic cars, ie.  minis, mustangs, cortinas, triumphs, escorts and lots of others that hubby would know.  

Through the wire fence.

The galahs don't seem to mind the noise, as they didn't move, just kept on eating.

And one last photo with an "Anglia", which is the type of car my first ever boyfriend had.
OK, just a small post from the weekend just gone and hopefully my next one will behave as I add the photos.  It is again, quite a lovely day and hubby has been moving our letterbox from one side of the driveway to the other as it was very awkward near the caravan.  Hope the poor postie doesn't get too confused. (hee, hee).

Hope everyone is having a good week.
Take care,