Thursday 16 January 2014



This was the day, that when I posted it actually showed up.  I'd had so much trouble trying to become a blogger, that I nearly gave up.  There are three people who encouraged me to start one, and I will be forever grateful to them and all their help.  I think they may know who they are.

I'd love to send a small gift to one of my followers who leave a comment, or an email for others who do not have a blog.  There will be a slight delay in getting the gift off though, as we are about to move in the next week.  I've a got no idea as to when it will be, but have to finish off the article properly and don't know where it is at the moment.  I will leave it open till next Thursday and pick one at random.  This will have to be the good old fashioned method of names in a hat.  Hubby will supervise.
If you don't see a posting after the 23rd/24th of January it will be because our phone and internet could be out of action as before, because of our move.  I will let you all know when we are back on line, as to who it was.  Very, very slow here at times, especially when you get a public holiday.  And, yes, we just happen to be moving straight after our Australia Day Holiday.  Oh dear!!!

Now for 2 photos and then I'm off to the living room where it is a lot cooler.  (40 deg at nearly 5pm).

The start of my ripple rug.

This is the other row of the baby quilt and I made 3 of these.  Hopefully after the weekend I can post a photo of the rows together.

We need to go to Ballarat tomorrow for our final inspection and won't be home till Saturday, as we are minding the grandchildren for a while on Friday night on the way back.  Our daughter and her hubby will celebrate 17 years of marriage on the 25th January and are going out for a meal and to the cinema.  I'll probably not look at my blog or any other till Sunday, so until then take care and have a lovely weekend.
Hopefully it will be cooler here.  They have even suspended play on the outside courts at the Australian Open.  Only Hisense and Rod Laver Arena have players on them as they can shut the roof.  Too, too hot.


Tuesday 14 January 2014


OK,  this is a bit later than I thought, but I forgot to take photos of one the steps and had to cut and make another block.  Now the sewing machine is packed away again as we have people coming through for rental after we leave.  PAINFUL!!!!!!!


You need to cut 3 strips across the width of the fabric (pale green), 3 7/8" wide, then cut these into 24 squares.
Next cut 2 strips across WOF (pinky/red), 7 1/2" wide and cut into 6 square.
This is enough for 12 6 1/2" flying geese blocks.

Draw a pencil line diagonally across the pale green squares.

 Pin 2 of the pale green squares to the larger pink square in opposite corners as shown above.

Next sew a 1/4" seam either side of the line drawn on the 2 small squares, as shown below.

We'll then cut straight down the  line as shown below, then carefully press triangles open.

Pin another small square to the corner and sew each side of the line again as shown below.  Do this to both halves.

Again cut along the drawn line and press the triangles open.

 Now we can trim the ears off and we have our finished flying geese unit.

 This one large square and 4 smaller ones will make four flying geese units and I've sewn two together to make a 6 1/2" square block.

Now we will sew a 4  6 1/2" plain squares to 3  flying  geese units to make a row as shown below.

I have made four of these rows.
  Nest installment will be next weekend.

The last week has been busy with viewings of the house for rental purposes and taking "Brute", our Morris Minor over to our daughters for a couple of weeks.  Brute doesn't like the hot weather, so it was best to get her over there before all these hot days arrived.  Today has been forecast as 40 deg, and the next 3 days all around the same, minus or plus a degree or two.  Next thing is to start packing again, although we've only unpacked the most necessary "stuff", along with a few books, DVD"s and CD's.  My sewing is all put away again already.  The machine on the end of the dining table probably wouldn't have gone down well for the viewings.
This post has been  a work in progress for the last week due to interruptions etc, so will publish it now, but must be back with another one on Thursday.  (a surprise!!!).

Take care all.

Saturday 4 January 2014


A very happy birthday to our youngest son who turned 36 today.  All of our 4 children have now had their birthdays and Xmas within 3 weeks, so none now till December.
Hope you have a lovely day J.  Here is a photo just for you.

Wondering where that biker is going.  Looks scary.

Here are the next lot of instructions.

For this plain block we need to cut 4 strips 6 1/2" wide from the width of the fabric, then cut into 20  6 1/2" squares.  Put these aside for now.

I was going to start on the next block, but have forgotten to take some photos, so will have to come back later with it, as I need to post this today.

I had forgotten to mention yesterday that I am also knitting a jumper for myself, which I just do at night when I feel inclined.

My friend J, whom I've known since we moved to Warragul, came around last night with her crocheted ripple rug, which is absolutely lovely.  She has only just learned to crochet and has made such a wonderful job on it.  I'll make sure I get a photo.  I was having trouble comprehending some of the ripple patterns, and a friend of J's came up with one of her own and now I've made a start on that, as I have so much wool from my late Mum.(some of it already given away).  I've actually done two rows and finding it easy and relaxing.
Talking of friend J, we did the Dahlia quilt class together and I've already shown my quilt, but she said that she didn't take a photo of hers, but here they both are so you can see the different interpretation of the same pattern.  I have a photo, because I actually quilted it and let her have a go on the machine with some of the meandering.

J''s quilt.
My quilt.
Don't they look wonderfully different.  At least J finished hers the year it was made, and mine waited another 4+ years before it was finished.

Well hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with all the instructions for the next block.
Take care all and thanks for my last lot of comments.  I'm really slipping with the replies, but I love reading your comments.

Friday 3 January 2014



I found this wonderful drawing somewhere on the internet, but don't  know where or when, so a big thanks to someone out there.  Don't you just love it and I know that some of my blogpals will relate to it.

These greetings are a little late, as my painful neck was back and sitting on the computer for any length of time was making it worse.  I could do a little catch up on reading blogs and a quick comment, but that was about it.  Yesterday was much better.  Thanks for all my lovely comments and I also owe a couple of people an email as well.  Just before the end of 2013, I was bemoaning the fact I'd not done very much for the year, but then read back through my blog and found it is a wonderful tool for recording the things I had done, so a little overview of what I did  get finished and started during the year, (mainly for my benefit)

Grandson's quilt.
2012 Xmas Quiltalong project.
Amish girls cross stitch was framed.
Mystery quilt finished, quilted and bound and given to my sister-in-law.
Small wallhanging quilted and bound.
Jelly roll quilt, quilted and bound.
Small embroidery turned into a cushion.
Another mystery quilt (pieced many years ago), quilted and bound for a friend's sister.
One of my original design quilts, quilted and bound.
Another 2 quilts, quilted and bound.
3 aprons finished.
3 table runners quilted.
2 embroideries finished - doily and duster bag.

Granddaughter's library bag.
Quilt for my step-granddaughter in UK.
Country Charmer table runner.
2 knitted scarves.
Baby quilt for the daughter of a friend in UK.
Pincushion, square sewing tidy, tiny felt bird and a mixer cover.

Feathered star wallhanging.
Some granny squares.
Bronwyn Hayes stitcheries.
2013 Xmas quiltalong.
"A" is for applique blocks, (only one done).
Offcuts sewn together for a charity quilt.
Baby quilt for my niece.

I was actually surprised at some of the things I did achieve after all,(though some being quite small  probably made it easier).   The last half of the year has definitely not been as productive due to our move.  Hopefully next year we'll be more settled and life will be back to normality.
I've loved the journey and friends I've made through blogging, and it is a great tool for recording the year for future reference and thanks again to all who've come along with me.
I'll be back over the weekend with the next part of the baby quilt, so take care all.