Friday 26 October 2018


Joining in once again with I live, I love, I craft, I am me, whose aim is to challenge our photographic skills, being alert to the world around us, making new friends far & wide & to have lots of fun as well.
I'm also putting out an apology for being so absent.  Many who know me well, understand I've an anxiety problem (now you all know) & with such a hectic year behind us, it all impacted with a few unexpected problems throughout the last few months.  They being my poor old back pain, car maintenance items, the Queensland holiday bringing home to me, how far spread our children are, doing a couple of customer quilts which I'm not used to, having no immediate friends close by, and our area growing at a great pace with no new infrastructure & having nearly tripled since we came in 2004.  Mad!!!  The other part which worries me, was a strange comment I've had on my last 2 posts.
THERE...............All said and done, so here comes the hunt.

1.  PRINT.
I've chosen two, as I just couldn't make up my mind.

The print at left was photographed at Post Office Farm Nursery at Woodend, which specialises in Hellebores.  I thought about some of my blogpals not having heard of our native  Brolga & this is a very cute depiction.

The words below are printed on the end of a Furphy Water Cart barrel, used in the colonial days of Australia and manufactured by a firm called Furphy Foundry in Shepparton, Victoria.  I took this photo on a day out earlier this year at the National Trust property of Gulf Station in the Yarra Valley.


The many varied colours of Coleus leaves in the vast glasshouses at Temple Newsam in Leeds, West Yorkshire.  They are stunning.

3.  SPOT.
I found this one quite hard & really wanted to think outside the box.  At the centre of these gumnuts, is a darker spot which is actually a little hole which holds the minute seeds.  Taken a few weekends ago on a very grey day (must do a blogpost of this outing), which netted some interesting snaps.

Another one I had to think long & hard about, but these beautiful stone walls are definitely defining the boundaries of the fields, (nearly said paddocks😄).  This was taken in 2014 as we followed some of the route that the Tour de France took on it's UK leg.  A grey day once again, as much as the photo above.

5.  FLAME.
Flame coloured Red Hot Pokers (Kniphofia).
I took liberty with this one & thought you put a poker into the fire or furnace to stir up the flames.  Taken last year on day out in the Dandenong Ranges.

DH's handiwork.
I needed a photo of K's woodworking skills for someone and on a lovely sunny day took them outside to the steps and snapped this.  The latest is the one on the top step in the middle.  Clever hubby!!!

Well, that is my lot for this month.  I just realised that we've a mixture of Oz & UK!!!!!!!!!
Sorry about the top blurb, but maybe just saying it all helps me too.  I really must do some catchup posts with days out & some more of our holiday in Queensland. Oh and I need kick-starting to get some motivation for craft/quilting etc., so my blogging can be about that again too.
Thanks once again Kate for our words, take care all & huggles.