Thursday 15 June 2017


Yes, I've been away too long, but I do have an excuse.  We went to Bordertown to my friend Judy's for a Mystery Case Quilt Retreat Weekend. We took the caravan & hubby pottered about doing a few things & I went to sew, sew, sew.
I met up with my friend Joy & there were 8 other ladies, a few whom I've met before & some newbies to me too.
We arrived Friday afternoon at Judy's house & had some nibbles, then played Bingo to start choosing a card from 25 laid out on the table.  These were upside down, so we didn't know what we had.  Once everyone had chosen, we turned them over to see what we were going to sew for the weekend.  There were lots of oohs & aahs, then off to find our case.

This is what I got.

The pretty little case full of paper bags labelled 1 to 9 and full of pieces for me to sew, with pages of instructions and a picture.  Wow, lots of pieces, 33 in the chain block and 24 in the star.
Too much talking by me, unpicking and being slow, saw me actually end up with one block done by the time others had made many.

Pieced squares from Joy laid on the floor for photographing.

Chain sewing by Alison.

My lonely star block.
By Sunday afternoon, before I left for my own tea back at the caravan, this is what had been made by some of the others.

Alison's quilt done.

Val's quilt nearly finished.

One of Jean's blocks underway with the applique flower in place.

Alison also made another one of her own, since she finished so quickly.
This is for her grandson.

Cheryl's nearly finished.
Raelene's blocks laid out before the sashing went on.

Joy's done.

Whilst I haven't got photos of everyone's, due to my lack remembering to use my camera, you can  see what else was done by using the link I gave at the top of this post to Judy or Joy's blogs.

I did actually get this done for our final photo.
This is 2 of my five rows, the three borders are to be added.  
It will be finished by Spring!!  (I hope).

Hubby took this photo of us on Monday morning before we left to wend our way back home.

On our way home, we took a slight detour to see these.

The silos at Brim.

Another photo with our car & van so you can see just how big they are.

These are at Sheep Hills.

And these ones at Rapunyup.
OK,  that's my lot for tonight, as I've now lost a few photos.
After we got home, it's been the usual chasing one's tail, washing & more washing, cleaning the van, grocery shopping, catching up on housework, a car club coffee & cake run, and then thinking about our upcoming trip to Sydney for my brother.
I'm definitely in high stress mode, but hope all is well out there in blogland for others.
Take care & huggles from Susan.