Wednesday 28 April 2021


 Another walk on another day.  We headed towards Phillip Island this particular day & decided to stop & eat our picnic lunch at San Remo & then thought, why don't we walk the beach here, down to the headland & up the stairs, which we'd not done before.  Not many people were about, so off we went, camera in hand and basically had the beach to ourselves.  I'll take you along in photos.

Driftwood on the track leading down to the sand.

We walked along the track for a way before making our way onto the sand.
Notice the absence of people?

I like to think these are strings of squidgy pearls.
Pretty patterns adorning the rocks.

Never sure what these are, but so many shells encasing itty bitty creatures.
Looking towards San Remo & over to Phillip Island.

Looking back again to the first set of stairs, but we continued on to the second set & headed upwards.
Reaching the top, you realise there is a new estate with roads and houses taking shape.
I cannot believe all the new developments happening everywhere we go.

Looking from the top of the first set of stairs to the second in the distance where we climbed up.
Looking once again, across to Phillip Island.

As we passed the Primary School, we noticed a beautiful Spoonsville.
There are still some about, well looked after, although the small one near us has disappeared.

I snapped these wonderful gum nuts still attached to a wayward branch in someones lovely garden.

Well that was a great walk, with very few people around until we were heading back into town past homes & school.  We never did go over the bridge to Phillip Island that day, but it's only just over an hour's drive for us from home and we do go a few times each year.
Today has been lovely & sunny so we took ourselves off for a local walk after we'd been pottering about this morning.  DH washed the car (much needed) & played in his shed for a little bit & I did a load of washing, popped our evening meal into the slow cooker, sewed 2 quilt blocks, then went outside & did some potting so I can show some progress in a later post.
Enough of my waffling, take care all, stay safe & hugs from down under.

Friday 23 April 2021


 Linking with Astrid for this week's hunt.

I found this one quite hard and have gone a little off piste and tied it into a wonderful place we've visited several times now, the first just before we went into our first major lockdown in March last year. 

My initial thoughts were:       Earth - soil.          Earth - our planet.

Taking all this into account, I hope this isn't too weird.

Heading into the hills north-east of Melbourne there are parks, where we stopped for lunch on one of our forays in December & I snapped this gorgeous dogwood in flower, which of course is connected to the earth by way of soil here on our planet.  OK, the other photos will not have so much silly info.😉

An old plough to turn over the soil.
And this is where we were headed.
Somewhere we'd passed many times over the years and it was either not open or we didn't have time to stop.  For someone like me who loves old, quirky & just browsing it's a wonderland and we've now been a few times  after we've been "let out" again.  In December we basically had the place to ourselves, except for the owners.
Definitely connections to the earth for the next two photos...................
Good old push mowers and I can remember my parents having one of these when I was really young & my late brother and I trying to push it through the grass..........we didn't have lawn.(lol)
Another connection, embedded by shrubbery to the earth.
Keith really thought this would be a good doer-upper, but we don't have anywhere to do it.

And now for some of the fun things made from old junk.
To be sold as "Garden Art" or maybe props for photographers etc.

My favourite, a donkey, but he didn't come home with me.

Other bits'n'bobs to turn around yourself.
Inside we came across a wall with some amusing signage.  No, I know that we are off the track of earth now, but this lot could come under the title of "What on Earth?"

In no praticular order, just hope you all had a giggle and then this one below, came as a surprise.
Can you imagine him in your front yard..............

Now, one last little bit with a story to it. and I do hope I don't offend anybody, but we laughed a lot.
Checking out this lovely table & chairs, a lady who was looking at it too, started talking to me about all the wonderful quirky pieces that were there.  Suddenly I started to giggle and she looked around to see what had caught my eye and her reaction was "OMG, he's mine..." Off she ran in the direction of her young son, carrying around the torso (in the truck below), with each hand holding onto a protrusion,  grabbing it and depositing in said truck and shutting the window. 

OK, not offended?  It was funny.
Hope you haven't been bored by my wafflings & weird sense of humour.  I'll link this later as I was interrupted and now I'm off to make us some lunch.  Cold again today, overcast with a few showers and very windy.
Have a great weekend all, take care and stay safe.
Hugs from down under, Susan.

Saturday 17 April 2021


First off, a big THANK YOU to all the comments on my last post.  Life has been a little hectic of late, family visitors and a friend who has just undergone major surgery.

Joining in the photo hunt and linking with Astrid.


First up, a plethora of purple flowers.

Taken at Harlow Carr on our trip in 2011.

These next three were taken on our trip in 2014.

Crocus I think (or maybe colchicum) at Sissinghurst Castle.

The Stray in Harrogate.

Yorkshire countryside.
The last photo was from a day out following the route of the cyclists on the Yorkshire leg of the Tour de France.

Clematis on a wall at York Gate garden in 2016.

We visited Crich Tram museum in 2014 & I remembered this tram on display.  Temple Newsam is somewhere that is quite memorable for both Keith and I.  For me it is where I first met my blog pal Jo, from Through the Keyhole & hubby has a family story about the house, which is either myth or true, but a good yarn anyway.
Way back in 2011 whilst in UK, we attended my niece's wedding and took a quilt with me for their present & she had requested some purple to be included as it is her favourite colour.
The only photo I have of it.
Designed on my trusty Quilt Wizard and I called it Chelsfield Star.

Our place names on the table at the wedding reception.
One last photo which you may have seen recently, but just had to include it for this colour., as it is craft by both of us.
The quilt I made for our eldest granddaughter which I want to deliver in person, so hopefully sometime this year and the lovely "purple" window frame by hubby which is now on the brick wall on the verandah. lot done and dusted for this week and hope you enjoy.  We've done purple before and I think I've shown different from last time.  Hopefully.!!
Take care all, stay safe & hugs from down under.

Tuesday 13 April 2021


 OK, finally making a start on some catch up walking and outings days we've been able to have.

I'll start with a very recent one and we hope to do the second half before we head into May.


This walk sounds lengthy, but you can just stick to the cliff top and we thought we went about half way & back again from the Kilcunda end, which took about 2-2 1/2 hours, but then maybe we didn't get half way.  Although it was extremely windy & I had to straighten all the photos, it was a very enjoyable afternoon stroll.

A small handbook we have with inspiring Gippsland walk & rides, which lives in our car, so we can choose something where ever we may be in our area.  We parked at the Kilcunda end and this what I snapped along the way.

Looking ahead,

Looking behind us.

Looking far into the distance behind us from a great vantage point.
If you click, you can just make out the wind farm at Wonthaggi that I posted about on Friday.
Looking further ahead.

Indentations in the rocks below.

Grasses bending in the stiff breeze.

A cave forming in the cliff face.

Beautiful rusty machinery languishing beside the path.

And this is what it is.

Made in Bendigo, one of our old gold rush towns, north-west of Melbourne.

Looking right through this one and notice the little bobbly thing to the right.
Ever so cute.

Turning around and heading back to the car, I only took a few photos.
Houses in the distance, not far from where we'd parked.

This unusual shaped part of a house had me wondering what might be inside.
A pool, a games room or a gazebo type room with a central firepit.
My imagination ran away with me.
Hope you enjoyed tagging along with us.  I've a few more bits 'n' bobs to post about of walks & days out, but for now I've  been dismantling & then rearranging my sewing room so my dear S-I-L can install 2 more power points, so I'm not tripping over extension cords.  School holidays here and DD & family are coming across tomorrow to do it.  Great to be seeing them & we'll have a BBQ tea and I've made an Oreo Cheesecake for dessert as I know the kids love Oreos & we'll see how that goes.  
Best go and finish the Spag-Bol we are having tonight. 
Take care, stay safe & virtual hugs from down under.