Wednesday 26 February 2014


A MESS!!!!!

My vintage sewing box.
This sewing box has lived beside my armchair for some years now and over the time between selling/renting/moving, it accumulated "STUFF".  I always keep my little stork scissors, (my kids saved and bought them for me as a birthday present when at uni and school), so are very special to me, needles, pins, tape measure etc.  But, it morphed into a lot more as seen below.

All laid out on the table for sorting.

Threads and thread keeper (present form Lucie the Happy Quilter), an embroidery and patterns for applique bears.

Pins, crochet hooks, stitch holders, needle threaders, a couple of knitting and crochet books (all quite old) and of all things, a Yorkshire Life Pub Guide.  I'm a teatotaller, so of course don't drink, but do know that UK pubs serve great food and have "atmosphere".

The caddy from inside with said scissors, pens/pencils and a very old needle case that I made at primary school when I was about nine.  A sketch book, sporting a half finished bird (freebie from magazine), a book mark made by my daughter, some ribbon and my faithful sewing clutch which also has a needle case to match.
There was also miscellaneous threads, fabric and even a hair clip.
Does anybody else have a sewing box or basket that seems to accumulate stuff?

Today has been a funny day with me just sort of pottering about and making some phone calls and psyching myself up for tomorrow.  I am off to Vision Australia's, Ballarat Day Centre and  do get quite stressed at meeting lots of new people, but enjoy volunteering and helping others, so wish me luck.  This centre does not do basket weaving or have a small radio station, but do have members that do patchwork and textile related craft, so that is OK.  One of the staff has even mentioned to the community radio station that I've done some volunteer work on the technical side, so may ring to see if they  need anyone and also, as the RSPCA is only a short drive away, may pop into there as well.

Best go and catch-up with either some sewing or crocheting and will post again soon, with maybe some garden photos and how I fair tomorrow.
Good night and take care all.

Monday 24 February 2014


Well, we just seem to have been busy, busy, busy.
I now have my beloved Bernina, (Bonnie), back and have already finished piecing the baby quilt, so it is now a flimsy, waiting to go on Bubs for the quilting.  I'll show the flimsy now, and then progress reports on the quilting and binding later.

Baby quilt hanging over rollers of machine.  I had to improvise with the borders, but think it has turned out OK.

Hubby has been busy clearing out the overgrown shrubbery between the house and side fence, so we can bring our caravan home.  We needed a clear space for it, out of the way.  I forgot to take photos of the overgrown mess, but as you can see from the photos below, there was a lot that came out.  In the middle of it, was a  "HUGE"  blackberry.  Next door neighbour popped her head over the fence to say she'd asked them to clear it several times.

Most of it is to the side.

We took four of these loads to the local tip, as we haven't much space in this garden.
 Have manged to unpack all but about 2 boxes and have it all placed fairly well, especially as I sold at least six pieces of furniture, which I'm sure must have just been filled with "stuff".  Although I had a good clearout, I'm sure that there is a lot more I must sort through.
Below is a photo of what I am calling my "quilting room".  In our last house I sewed, quilted and crafted in what I called my studio, but this house being a much different configuration has sewing room and a quilting room.

This is supposed to be the formal lounge room, but  as seen from my last post, we use the large familyroom as main living are.

The other side of above with Bubs all set up and now going  I will be putting the baby quilt on hopefully some time through the week, once I have some backing fabric.  Below the picture on the far wall is my piano.  It's a lovely room, although I need much better lighting, which we will address in the future.
Now, one last photo.  I showed the view I can see from the familyroom window last week, which was just a horrible smoke haze.  Went outside through the week and this is what I can see most of the time.  I can even see it from the breakfast counter in the kitchen.

In the far distance, I can see Mt. Buninyong.  I really need a better lens for my camera, as I can see it much better than this.
Hopefully, now that we are more settled, I'll be able to post more often.  Have another post in my mind for during this week.
Have a lovely week out there in blogland and take care.

Wednesday 12 February 2014


A few photos I promised last Saturday, but got busy with trying to get everything straight.  Just about there with the unpacking, but will probably change a few things around over the coming months. Does everybody else do that after a move?
Worst thing about this week has been the incessant dust from earthworks on the new estate just over the way and the thick smoke haze from the bushfires.  Most of Victoria has been affected by the smoke which supposedly should clear tomorrow.  Other than that we've had a few hot days, though not as bad as last week.

Baby quilt so far.  It still needs border, but will have to wait till my Bernina is back from repairs, hopefully this Friday.

Ripple rug is progressing slowly .
Now for some photos of our living area.  We do have a formal lounge, but that is my "quilting room".  Our furniture has been collected over many years from all sorts of places and has resided in quite a few homes over the years.  I suppose you could call it homely and eclectic.

I'd love to show the garden too, but just at the moment because of the hot, dry weather, it looks quite pathetic, so will wait till we get into autumn.  There is actually not much in the way of colour as we have lots of hedges and green shrubbery.  I am missing all my lovely plants from our home in Warragul, so tonight I attempted to do a sort of arrangement for the side table and this is what I came up.

Dusty Miller (I think) from the backyard.
One last photo showing the smoke haze taken from our front yard.  Once we have a clear day again, I will take the same shot and you may be surprised at what I can usually see.

This is a reserve across the road with a walking/bike path through it.  I must try and get on my bike again and make use of it.
That is all for now, until you read me again, take care.

Saturday 8 February 2014

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, its' been a hectic few weeks.  Although we've had the internet on now for a few days, I've just been too busy to even try and do a posting. (and extremely tired and HOT!)

I've caught up on some blog reading of a night on my laptop, but with the older version of windows I have on it, can't comment or post on my own blog.  Must put that right at some stage.

The weather here has be atrocious with most days well into the 30's and a few at 40/41.  No rain and the forecast for the next week has only one day below 30 and it's not just here, but most of the southern half of Australia.  Bring on winter.

Now for a few photos.

Black swans, native hens and seagulls on Lake Wendourie.
Our new home.

Bubs being put back together.


Yesterday, we'd had enough of unpacking, sorting etc., and decided to brave the heat (our car has air conditioning), and went to Maldon, just north of Ballarat.  A couple of years ago I sold my smaller Gammill to a lady who runs the quilt shop there and went to see her.  Ah, she was away for a week in Alice Springs visiting her daughter.  The other daughter was managing the shop.  Oh well, just means another trip later on to a "quilt shop".  I did take some more photos on our little outing.

A Morris Minor Traveller parked in Maldon.  As most will know, we have a Morris Minor Ute of our own.

The Village Patch (quilt shop).

A fenced paddock of emus. ????

 Above and below, photos showing just how dry it is at the moment.

And this is what happens when so dry and hot.  Probably someone threw a cigarette but out of a car window.


Last post I decided to pick someone who commented on my blogiversary to win a small prize.  
OK, the winner was Anne from Marmalade and Catmint, but now the only trouble is that said prize is as yet only half made and my machine has had to go in for repair and a service and won't be back till next week.  The light has been playing up now for a while, but has decided not to work at all.  It doesn't need a new globe, but the switch mechanism is not working.

Another couple of pieces of news.

I have finally driven Ebony, our "new" car and my niece in Leeds gave birth to a baby girl yesterday.  That quilt I've been doing as a tutorial is for her, so best get back into the sewing as soon as my Bernina arrives back.

I think I've just done enough in the study for today as the air conditioning is at the other end of the house and it's getting quite warm in here.  I may post tomorrow with some photos of the above baby quilt (as is at the moment), and my ripple rug progress.

Have a lovely weekend wherever you may be and take care.  I'm glad to be back on board.