Monday 27 March 2023


 This will be a quick post with a quilt and more silos.

We've had a hectic few weeks.....again, so I'm way behind on getting to the computer & very few photos have been taken as although we need some rain, it's been so overcast and nothing happens, though it has poured down in some places.  Ah, the vagaries of weather.

I'm joining in with my friend Sandra's DrEaMi once again, as the one thing that I did start & get to flimsy stage, was a quilt which I designed some time ago & then did the "naughty" thing of a purchase of fabric on the way home, back in January, from our little trip to see our granddaughter before she left for UK.  It caught my attention in a quilt shop in Goulburn, as I'd used it some years back in a different colourway and I'd had it for some time then.    I'd had no intention of starting another quilt at the time as I have quite a few that need quilting, but they will get done hopefully.

I've called this one SHIRALEE.
Once I've quilted it, I'll explain about the name.

Now I'll show a few more photos from our Silo Trail trip with just a caption of where they are.
Sheep Hills.


Couldn't help but put a "patchwork" quilt in one of the snaps I took.
I had it with me as I'd been handsewing the binding whilst away.😊

These two corrugated iron birds were also at Patchewollock.

The silo above & the pretty rubbish bin were both at Lascelles. 

We also visited the most amazing shed.  I'll see if I can put a link on about it's history.
The exterior of the Stick Shed at Murtoa.
The next two photos were hard to take for good exposure, but you should still be able to be amazed at the size.
Interior photos.

You may see the full history of the shed here,

OK, that is my lot for today and I must get to the PC more often to catch up.  We try and stay busy, but lately just seems to have been hectic with all sorts.  Hope everyone had a great weekend and a good week ahead.
Take care all and hugs from Susan.

Tuesday 7 March 2023


 Today will be a bit photo heavy.

This will cover from Kaniva to Rupanyup.

There are many beautifully painted sheep all around the town.Theses are in Kaniva park.

The town's silos have a very colourful mural, which was hard to photograph well because of some power poles.

We passed through Dimboola, where I took a few photos, but thought I'd share the old machinery display instead.

Next we came across the Invisible Man at Arkona, a small siding for the silos.

On the way into the township of Jeparit we passed this old lot of letterboxes, which really makes good use of whatever was to hand in the day.

This large shedding complex has also been painted with birds.
Jeparit is a small town with a school that boasts all of 22 pupils and where one of our better known Prime Ministers was born, Sir Robert Menzies.

Along the road on our travels in between towns we saw this amazing Salt Lake.

The Albacutya silos.

On our second day of exploration, driving along, passing traffic coming the other way we suddenly came across a big gum branch across the road.  We must have just been far enough off, not to see it come down, but it did cause a few problems with cars & trucks approaching & a nice truckie offered a snatch strap which we hooked to our tow bar and pulled it out of the way so everyone could be moving again.  The adventures you have at times.

Reaching Rupanyup we realised that this mural has faded since we first saw it.  Some years ago, 2017 actually, I took a photo of this as it one of some of the first silos to be painted and also a couple of the first we ever saw or heard about.  Many, many more now though.

I loved this carved sculpture of the farmer and his trusty dog.

Sad to see these shops so empty and neglected, but some country towns have lost so much with the passing of time.

Weather today is mild, but ever so windy which scares me a little with grasses so dry and hopefully no bush fires will start.
OK, that is my lot for today, off for lunch now and the the weekly grocery shop.
See you later this week.
Take care all and hugs from Susan.