Sunday 29 May 2016


I'd love to thank all who left comments on my Scavenger Photo Hunt post and sorry I've not done replies this time.  We've been busy and I spent too much time seeing what the other Hunters had been photographing and got a tad lazy.
I'm sure that I sometimes spend too much time looking for a pattern for a quilt, then also get caught up on Pinterest too.  I limit this time to only a half hour or so on weekends, but that drags into an hour occasionally.
Now for a quick round up of the past week.
Monday, hubby and I went for our flu shots, but were also given the one-off pneumonia shot as well. Was my arm sore for the next few days, with bright red marks across the top, so took it easy on Tuesday.

                                                             A LITTLE BIT OF THIS

This is one of my book quilts which I had on the machine between the shop ones.  I had to show a little, as it was being quilted with pattern called Apples by Apricot Moon, in cotton named Pear Green.  Maybe the quilt should be called Tutti-Frutti.

                                                                    SHOP QUILTS.

One quilt off the machine.
This is the next one on.
You may have guessed by now that our local quilt shop owner is mad about both horses and dogs.  I have another one which is also horse related to do next week.  Well, it is a bit of pocket/holiday money for us.

And what has Hubby been up to.

The side fence at the front between our place and the next door rental property was in a bad state, so we asked if the owners would do the right thing and goes halves in fixing it.  They came back with a basic handyman quote and we decided to accept their half and do it ourselves, as Hubby is great at DIY and  knew it would be sturdy enough not to fall on our caravan parked next to it.  We replaced all the rails, which weren't going to be done, although their was only one that wasn't rotten and used the same palings as they were OK.  Job done.

He has also made this stand for my glue gun and one for DD as well.  Glue guns do tend to fall over as the cord is top heavy (something like that anyway).


A few flowers picked from our garden and now on the side table beside my chair in the living room.  I do try and have a small vase there as it cheers me no end.

Tiny gum blossom photographed yesterday.  Hubby thought it was wattle as it is so teeny, but the leaves give it away.

Rhubarb leaves in the veg patch, which are "gigantic".  I picked some, stewed it this afternoon and we'll have it with some custard tonight.

My reading matter over  the last couple of months.  I'm not the best anymore, but keep at least something for a spot of bedtime reading.  I've just started the cat one. The middle one is finished and goes back to the library tomorrow and I hope to put on hold a book called Penguin Bloom, which I may blog about once read.  .The Monty Don book is one I've been dipping in and out of for some time.  A friend found it in an Op Shop and knew I was a MD fan so bought it for me.
That's about it for now.  Just a little of what we've been up to lately.
Hope everyone's weekend has been great.
Take care,  Susan.

Thursday 26 May 2016


Joining in with Hawthorn Spellweaver for the month of May  with ten categories.

1.  PATH

Along a path, through the trees, towards the mouth of the Powlett River on the South Gippsland Coast.


A little lone gum blossom which I thought looked quite "hairy".  I did find this one difficult, though I'm sure there are lots of things.


Baking biscuits last Sunday.


My shadow box with miniatures I've collected over many years.

5.  POEM.

Technicolour Poetry.

OK, so this is my - "What to do when you don't know what to do"!!!!!!!  I'd like to think someone, somewhere could conjure up a poem about these.

6.  HANDS.

Young hands and old hands.  Teaching my grand daughter to knit.  DD rang late Sunday afternoon to ask a question and I heard in the background, "tell Nana I am knitting now".  She's doing well.


My original wedding dress circa 1969, which I'm sure must be "vintage",(I've been married twice for those who don't know) and although this has sentimental value, it is only because my great aunt made it for me.  She was a professional seamstress and this was her 30th wedding dress.  She minded me as a 3 year old whilst my mother had my younger brother and I think she  instilled in me a love of sewing.  I used to sit on the large table which housed her industrial machine and play with buttons and fabric scraps while she sewed.  The bottles were my other choice and I couldn't make up my mind which one to choose, so both are here.


Clouds casting shadows across the hills of South Gippsland.


Technically not from the window, but as I walked into the kitchen on Tuesday, I looked out the window and saw these two galahs on the feeder.  I ran to get my camera, crept out to the opening of our back verandah and quietly took  a couple of photos.  Probably not the easiest to capture without disturbing them and the closest to the kitchen window, which has a flyscreen that makes for lousy photos.  Aren't they such pretty colours and we've not had them on the feeder before.


A waterfall plunging into the sea on The Isle of Skye.  I thought this so amazing, that it came out No.1 for this category.  We explored Skye in 2011.

All done for the Month of May and thanks once again to Hawthorn for our challenge.
I am loving this so much and enjoy how everyone else interprets it.
Have fun all and take care.

Thursday 19 May 2016


Brrr!  I'm glad my Mum put my winter woollies on me, though something new would be nice.

Judith in her winter outfit.
. I really should make her some new clothes.  I'm sure you will all recognise this lovely little one
I've been a bit slack with blogging lately, due to being sort of busy with other stuff.
Quilted two quilts for the local shop owner and she gave me three more to do.  I won't say too much, but they are testing me somewhat.
This weekend just gone, we had general meeting of car club, then Sunday a visit and display from The Vauxhall Owners Club of Melbourne.
Yesterday was our monthly Coffee and Cake Run, which is lovely as someone picks a route along back roads and we end up at a cafe or bakery and sit chatting, then home again.
I had my monthly massage on Tuesday afternoon, and hubby was fitted with his orthotics to help the pain in his foot.

Now for a few other bits with photos.

An old Hunter's Star top that I quilted after the first 2 shop quilts.  I'll show it in full after I've finished the binding..
I am still getting some UFO's done.

The pile of "book" quilts is growing too.
A Little Bit of Gardening.

My very old pot of cyclamen is back again with lots of leaves.

And, I think some buds too.
It really needs re-potting, so later this year I'll get to that.
My two vintage buckets with bulbs from last year, which I hope flower, as I should have planted them out.

My poor little veg bed.
The silver beet is still being picked and the rhubarb I planted late last year is coming along nicely.
The large curly parsley which died, has at least self seeded.  \
Must try and make some raised beds, so I can get back into veg growing.  This one is just too low for my back/rib problem.

We inherited this Pieris, which isn't as nice as ones I've had before, but at least has buds.
I just don't seem to be able to garden as I did.  Not sure whether it's my physical pain or the garden is just "not me".
OK, just a quick post to let everyone know I am still here.
Nearly the weekend again, so must get sorted, look out ideas for the Scavenger Photo Hunt and hopefully see DD and family this weekend.
Take care all,

Friday 13 May 2016


The lovely Jo at Through the Keyhole nominated me for this award and although I can't participate the exact way, I'm thanking her so much and will answer the questions asked of us and set 10 questions that anyone may answer on my comments page if they would like to.

1. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
Hubby and I went to see Shaun the Sheep Movie last year in Ballarat and loved it.

2. Where would be your ideal place to live, town, country or coast?
That's a hard one, but I've always fancied living on the edge of a village in UK with stunning views.

3. Do you have any pets?
No, not at the moment and I do miss having one.

4. What is your favourite area of the UK?
Another hard one, but I have 3 in this order, Yorkshire, Lakes District and Isle of Skye. (OK I'm nuts).

5. What song annoys you?
Anything Rap or Heavy Metal.

6. What three things would you take to a desert island?
Hubby, food and some sort of 'hand' crafts.

7. If you were given a million pounds, what would you spend it on?
Help my children and support a good charity.

8. What would be your last meal?
HEAVENS!  I don't know.

9. Have you ever met anyone famous?
Yes, if you count Michael Whitney (an Australian cricketer) and Jimmy Doherty of Jimmy's Farm fame.  Are they famous enough?

10. What's your favourite take away?
Rarely do takeaway, but fish and chips would be the most likely.  (Hubby's English, giggle).

1.  What was your favourite subject at school?
2.  Favourite colour.
3.  What musical instrument would you LIKE to play?
4.  Do you follow any sort of sport?
5.  Would you go on a TV game show?
6.  Who else is scared of lifts?
7.  Do you know your 'birth' month flower?
8.  What did you want to be when you 'grew up'?
9.  Natural hair colour (before some of us went grey)?
10 Do you have or have had a nickname used by a family member?. 

OK, that is my quick post for today.  Thanks Jo, that was fun and hope somebody is willing to answer my 10.  I did find it hard thinking up things to ask without them being too personal.
Have a great weekend all and take care.

Sunday 8 May 2016


Hope all mothers here in Oz, have had a lovely Mother's day.  The weather has been wet, cool and overcast here in Victoria.

The bare branches against a grey sky with a few sparrows resting.
Last Saturday, I heard a car in our driveway and went out to investigate and what did I find on my doorstep, but this ---------

A  parcel.

The contents.
This parcel came all the way from The Wool Warehouse in the UK and was my mother's day present from DD.  It is the Cupcake Pack for a crochet rug by Lucy from Attic 24.  I will be starting this during the long winter nights whilst watching TV.  I hope to finish this below before I start on the rug.

I had some hanks of wool from many years ago that I'd stashed away and some old knitting magazines, and decided to make myself another jumper.  The above is what is on the go.  The magazine is actually dated October 1986 and is a publication called SANDRA and the pattern only has charted instructions, which I've never attempted before.  It's all going OK, so now know that I can follow a chart.

This morning I put the second customer quilt on the machine.

Dog panels with sashing.

Closeup of quilting.
Done by 3pm.

It didn't take long as it was an easy Edge to Edge pattern she wanted on it, with bones.  I will deliver this tomorrow morning to our local quilt shop.

Whilst out one day in March, at an Antique & Collectables place, I discovered this little footstool and just couldn't resist, although it does need recovering.  Being on the extremely short side, I need something to rest my feet on and so far I'm wondering how I go along without it.  I hope to recover it sometime in the future, but you just can't hurry these things.(lol)

Another find has been given the treatment it needed  and is now hanging on the wall above my desk in the study.  This print was purchased in Ambleside in 2014 and has sat rolled in a postal tube.  I took it to the framers and they quoted me $150 to have a simple mat and frame and I just couldn't justify it.  On our little forays into A & C's (see above), I kept a lookout for a suitable frame and found this one with an old print in it, which only cost $15, and the thick cardboard for around the edge $4, was cut by hubby and we think it looks great for a lot less expense.

Aerial Map of The Lake District.
OK, enough of my ramblings today, but it made a dismal and misty afternoon go by quickly whilst posting this.  It is a jumble of bits I've been going to blog about and just haven't got around to.
Hope your weekend has been a good one and all take care.

Wednesday 4 May 2016


First, I'd like to thank everyone so much for the lovely comments on The Scavenger Hunt Photos.  I'm sorry for not commenting individually, but I was slightly overwhelmed and a tad busy,  Thanks again.
Just a quick post with some photos from our trip to South Australia.
We left Bordertown on the Monday morning and headed to Mount Gambier, where we visited a few places we've been to before, but I'd not taken photos of .

The Blue Lake.
This is a volcanic crater, last active 5000 yeas ago and turns a beautiful blue each November, though no-one knows why.
Extensive views from Tower Hill.
You can see all the way to the sea from here.

Tower Hill.
And yes it is a "hill", as the only way up is to walk and the last bit is really steep.
Later in the afternoon we visited the Umpherstone Sink Hole, which was landscaped inside by a wealthy landowner many years ago and revitalised more recently.  You can view from the top and then take the stairs and explore the bottom.

Looking down into the hole.

One of the local inhabitants, a possum, which usually only appear at dusk or later as they are nocturnal.
They come down to be fed by the visitors and scamper along the walls with their nooks and crannies down near the bottom. He was so cute.

Next morning we left and back over the border into Victoria, where we made a detour and visited Princess Margaret Rose Caves.  We ended up having a private tour as we were the only 'tourists"
They are lovely, although not very extensive.  Anyone following my blog will realise that I posted a photo of them in the Scavenger Hunt.

Behind the pillar is a mass of stalactites, nicknamed The Chandelier.
Next, we headed into Port Fairy, a lovely little town on the Moyne River, just before it heads out to sea.

It's such a pretty place.

Then we headed for Warrnambool to stay the night.  We took a walk out on part of the breakwater and to a vantage point to take photos of Middle Island.  If anyone has seen the movie ODDBALL, will recognise it immediately.  It is such a lovely true story.

Middle Island, which is no longer open to visitors,

The story of the island and it's  Little Penguin inhabitants.  (If you click  and enlarge it you can read the story.)

OK, that was basically the end of our trip, as we headed to Ballarat for a night, then  for home.  Hope you find this small lot of photos interesting.
I'm off to get our dinner ready now, so all starting Wednesday, have a good one.
Take care, Susan.