Thursday 28 September 2017


Linking once again for the monthly photo hunt with I live, I love, I craft.

1.   SHUT.
My magnolia had this particular bud, for about 5 days before it decided to open, as the weather had been so cold & overcast.  Now the wind is blowing the petals off in no time at all.

2.   COPPER.
We visited Como House, a National Trust property in Melbourne a few months ago & I happened to snap this windowsill still life.  I remembered it, although I was thinking of something else to use for this  particular word, but couldn't find one.  Lucky wasn't I that I could fall back on the above.

3.   WRIST.
This was a hard one, so WRIST WATCH it is.
I got this watch on my 9th birthday & it had been my mother's 12th birthday gift.  I still quite often wear it to this day & it goes well.  I've just worked out that it is 77 years old.  At least it doesn't run out of battery power, although it does need a new band.

Another hard one, but as you can see from the title on the book, I did find "something" for this word.  I made this bag from the book to carry large quilts in or other craft work, when out and about & it is a 'Fat Quarter Bag'.

5.   IT STARTS WITH C.........
We spotted this on our way through Norfolk many years ago.  Not the best snap, but so many things I had for "C", that it was hard to pick one which might be different.

6.   FOAM.
"FOAMING' surf, crashing over the rocks on Phillip Island on a very blustery day last year.

7.   SCARF.
Just finished this for Missy Moo, who admired my purple one with all it's sparkly bits & asked if I could make one for her too.  She chose the blue colourway & I ordered it from the Wool Warehouse & as soon as it arrived, I made a start.  I chose not to do the same pattern as mine, which was super lacy & not practical for wearing to school.  I worked on a pattern of my own and am pleased with how it turned out.  I've written it all down so that other's can use it too.  Can't wait till she gets home from holiday to see if she likes it.

8.   LINE.
The large telescopes of Siding Springs Observatory near Coonabarabran run on a rail "LINE" for moving.  Taken quite some time ago when on holiday in N.S.W.

I know I hate putting my photo on, but this is for me, quite nostalgic.  I see so many pet photos on blogs and feel that I miss out, but here I am in the late 90's with my two cats, Fluffy (left) & Tabitha (right), who are mother & daughter.  They lived to 14 and nearly 18, so we had them for a long time & I miss them both.  I worked out that I was still working when this photo was taken, as my hair had been permed, wasn't grey, I was wearing rather large round specs & we were living near Nowra on the south coast of N.S.W.  Definitely "NOSTALGIC'.

I love this set of stairs up the side of Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales and often use it as my desktop wallpaper.  I took this photo in 2014, but we didn't actually walk up them.  We were going to in 2016, but didn't even visit Malham that time, so maybe next time.

OK, that's my lot for this month and now I look forward to seeing all the other hunter's photos.
Thanks Kate.  Cheers all.

Sunday 24 September 2017

WHAT!!!! ......Warm Weather?

Yes, Friday & Saturday have both been warm, a little overcast, but warmth.  In fact yesterday, our weather station got to a staggering 33°, which we aren't sure is always a correct reading.  Anyway, time well spent with a day out on Friday & mowing/weeding lawns Saturday morning. 


Deciding to take advantage of the better weather we headed off to Wilsons Promontory, which is the most southerly point of Victoria.  Best to show it with photos.

Heading south on a gravel road for an adventure.

Views over South Gippsland.
Approaching "The Prom" as it is known.

Taken from one of the viewing bays.
A couple of emus near to a wildlife walk.  We'll do this when we have more time to spend in this area, ie. a holiday.๐Ÿ˜Š

More rocky outcrops.
FIRST STOP......Tidal River.

The river emerges into this cove, then out to see.
 I forgot to take many photos of the river itself, but I'll do that another time.
Some people were doing a spot of fishing.

The very soft white sand.

Trudging up the track from the beach.  This soft deep sand certainly gives the legs a workout.
Ooh, and what else did  I spot?   These.

Mummy & baby disappearing into the scrub.  Does anybody recognise what they are????

SECOND STOP....... Squeaky Beach.
The sign in the carpark.
Walking down along the track to the beach.

 Through the trees, then I spy the water.

And we come out at this........

which forded a little creek that wound it's way across the sands.  Hubby chose to go across, but I climbed a small bank & walked along the top.  I didn't want to get my shoes wet if I fell off.
The sandy bank route I took, but, hmmmm..... I still had to get across that water flowing out to sea.
Solution!  Take off your shoes & socks, brace yourself for the cold water, then.....DO IT!!
Aha, how invigorating, as then I went paddling at the edge of the beach where the waves were breaking.  Ooh, I did enjoy, even the cold water, as we are just heading out of winter, so it's still chilly.

Many rocks are scattered across The Prom's beaches.

There is a lovely gap here in between these large ones, but I didn't go
 through this time, but maybe a bit more exploring is needed.

Looking out across the water to even more rocky outcrops.

I spotted these two birds waddling across the sand.  I've checked my bird guide, but can't seem to find what they are.
Maybe a Dusky Moorhen, but I think they are way too dark.

More of that lovely white sand.
Squeaky Beach from a viewing bay on the way home/



Odd shapes.

Just emerging.
Now Sunday morning and what a difference from yesterday.  After 30+° , today will only be 17° & the wind is already blowing a hooley.  There is to be some sun, rain & maybe thunderstorms.  Ah well, maybe a bit of sewing, getting my Photo Hunt post done ready to hit publish while away at the end of next week, doing a spot of child minding, is the best  way to fill in day like this.
Hope you are having a great weekend all.  Take care & huggles.

Saturday 16 September 2017


Well, here I am finally at the computer & writing this post.
It has been very miserable here, with cold, wet, windy weather and it is supposed to be Spring.  There are plenty of bulbs & blossom trees flowering, but the last month or so has been atrocious.  Maybe it is my age or just the lingering winter making me feel rather down. I've had a few health niggles, but seems that it all boils down to my scoliosis & weird ribs & with DD & family  away on holidays, so can't just ring & chat, plus I'm still dealing with all the paperwork etc. for my brother. That seems to be an ongoing hassle, brought on by our Federal Government, so do hope it means that more services will be forthcoming.  Enough moaning and groaning!!!! Let's see what else we've been up to, as life doesn't stop with all the above happening.


 A little sunshine................then...............
Rain with hail.  These 2 photos were taken within about half an hour of each other.
It has been like this for, it seems like,   WEEKS.


 Hubby has been busy in his shed.  A lidded container, box & Adam Ant.  Isn't he cute & after he named him, I said he wasn't very like the punk rocker, to which the reply was....."Who is he?๐Ÿ˜Š

We went off one day last week to a large Woodworking Show and there were some amazing things there.  I took many photos, but we'll just stick to a couple of faves.
                                                             I'd love one of these!

And can you imagine this, with a wonderful painting of The Dales inside it.  Can't imagine that it would suit this house, but maybe a beautiful converted barn would do it justice.

I've been playing too.
This  is  Dotty Custard, made from a jelly roll I had in my stash & quilted with a pattern called Twigonometry by Naomi Hynes.

A very old strippy style I quilted with a simple custom job.  Two quilts on at once is great, especially when one is trying to finish up some UFOs.
                           The other half of the jelly roll from Dotty Custard is becoming this!

 I designed this myself, although the centre is a Paper Pieced pattern from the internet.  I've come to a standstill, as I've run out of grey fabric No.2, so watch this space for an update once I work out a solution.


My poor little neglected cyclamen.

One Wednesday in August, we set off on the monthly CC run & our first stop was at the Gippy Goat, a cafe on a property that breeds milking goats.  Below, we have a few kids in a shed, who after I took this photo came for a cuddle.  One decided that the sleeve of my jumper was tasty & wanted to chew on it.  Finally it let go & off we went to one of our member's properties.

 A dairy farm with a rotary milking machine.  The whole setup is amazing, with solar panels galore, cooling & heating exchange pumps, dams & tanks for collecting water and piped waste to the paddocks.  Very, very eco friendly.

A few of calves which were ever so cute.

I do hope no-one finds this offensive, but I'll understand if you do.  I just couldn't stop laughing, so maybe it's my Ozzie sense of humour.

Hubby & I were out and about one afternoon, hoping to have a good walk, but alas the weather was against us once again.  We stopped at a small cafe near Blue Rock Dam to at least have a cuppa.  In we went & whilst hubby ordered the drinks, I browsed the cake counter.  Next I hear him say, "That's silly, it says -don't bounce the balls".  I had no idea what he was talking about & looked towards the counter & suddenly couldn't stop laughing & asked why he'd said that.
This is what he was talking about. (Photos aren't good as they were taken on his phone).
I couldn't see these................

But I could see this!!!
Sorry, but it still makes me giggle.  Luckily, I don't like bubble gum.
When we got home, I checked some blogposts and noticed that Kate had put up her word list for the September Photo Scavenger hunt, and No. 5 on the list is 'It begins with C' & the first thing that came to mind was the above, so that set me off again.
Hope you also get a bit of a laugh from this, as there is so much tension in the news, and I feel bad just plodding away in my own little bubble.

I'll try not to be away as long so that I don't have such a disjointed posting.  It's a case remembering everything & nothing.  Have a good weekend all & take care.
Whooooo!  The sun is shining again.