Tuesday 14 November 2023


 Sorry about the lateness of these posts, but we have a lot happening and been so busy of late.                        I'll try and catch up over the next few days.

Leaving Mt. Gambier, we headed for Warrnambool for one last night before wending our way home.

On the way we noticed a few things and also stopped in at Dartmoor, which I have shown before, but a few photos were beckoning.

The sign for the beautiful carved trees.
We'd stopped for a cuppa near these ones, though pity it was garbage day.

A little further along the road I spied this beauty.
Such a sweet tractor, which makes you smile.
Then we saw this,  what was evidently a museum of sorts, which is now up for sale.
Outside there were placed some lovely old machinery bits and I think what must have been a shop.  Couldn't find much information about it anywhere.
Part of what must have been the complex.

Lovely old machinery and the old store.

More rusting relics.
Along a side road, the sign pointed to a beach, so a quick trip to see this out of the way spot.
If you click on this photo, you will spy hundreds of little birds, which I expect were baby seagulls, although there was a sign warning of pesky plovers too.

Arriving in Warrnambool, we parked up the van and went for a little drive back out to a lookout we pass along the highway, but haven't stopped before.  A few photos follow of what is at Tower Hill Lookout.
The view from the roadside of the lookout, over the water which is looking south.

From the other side we this rock formation and the view further along is more water (below), either the Hopkins River or part of what was the last active volcano in Victoria.  I should have found out more.

Off down that road you see, which takes you down into the reserve and what did I spy along the way, but an emu or two, one of which is shown below.

We made our way back to the caravan, stopping at one of the whale viewing areas, but alas no whales were sighted.
The beach with waves rolling in & a few people wandering along.

The timber viewing area with great views if only there hadn't been a sea mist covering the cliffs further along.

That's it for today and hope you enjoy seeing the last of our trip and I will try and get back with another quick trip away, some garden photos and crafty bits soon.
As I explained, we've had a lot on our plates and to top it all of, DD and family are moving back to Sydney for her hubbies work.  I so miss our kids and grandkids these days.
Another thing is this Blogging Dilemma we seem to be experiencing with commenting and replies...............will we see some sort of fixing or is it another thing which is changing.  I'm tired of keeping up with so much change, chaos and worldwide unrest.
Thanks for hopefully some friends still following.
Take care all and hugs from Susan.