Friday 17 October 2014


Oh dear, I'm so sorry all my followers, to have not blogged for such a while.  First I know I explained that I was having trouble loading photos whilst away and would catch up as soon as we got back.  Well, that hasn't happened has it?  I do have an excuse though!
We arrived home Thursday, we unpacked, did some washing, had tea and fell into bed.  Friday, more washing, a little shopping, mowing lawns and weeding, fell into bed again.
Saturday, oh no, I'd picked up some yukky tummy bug and spent the day in bed and am only just starting to feel OK and eat again.  Hubby also went down with it, but has picked up better than me.
In amongst all that I've been trying to finish up Dad's affairs and sort things for my brother once again.  Next on the list is to work out where I got up to with the blog, and go through the photos and do some follow up posts.

As most of my followers know, I just love owls.  The photo below was taken at the White Rose Centre in Leeds.

I would also like to say a big thank you to the lovely "new" people I met, along with family and old friends for making our holiday so special.
Now that we are home, I must really get cracking on making Xmas presents and I've already done a little sewing on something I may tell about in a later post.

These 2 greetings are belated, but we had birthdays this week for Missy Moo who turned 7 on the 15th and Little E who turned 7 on the 16th.  Our two youngest grandchildren are growing up fast and I'll see one on Saturday and the other hopefully in a couple of weeks.

Best go so I can get the day started and sort through the photos later today and maybe do an updated holiday post on Sunday.
Take care all.

Tuesday 7 October 2014


I am writing this in a Premier Inn on our way to London, to  fly back to Australia tomorrow.
Once we are home I will be able to update our travels around UK.  I still have so much to show in the way of photos and commentary. 
I will certainly miss the beautiful countryside, picture postcard villages and quaint cottages.  Narrow roads and huge roundabouts are something I won't mind leaving.  We seem to get continually lost on the roundabouts. 
The thing I am going to miss most though, is some of the wonderful people I met, including new blogpals, old friends and family.  Bless you all for making us feel so welcome. 

No photos in this small post, but hopefully I'll pop on a post over the weekend.  We should be home sometime Thursday afternoon. (Australian time)   I'll be washing, looking around the garden and probably catching up on sleep , but I will also enjoy doing some cooking, sewing, making lists ready for Xmas and lots of other things, including talking to our children and grandchildren.

Take care all.