Thursday 30 July 2015


Just a quick post from a rather damp Oz on the crafting front.

Photo below is the front of quilt shown in an earlier post.  I just showed the quilting pattern on the back before.  The block I've used is called 4 Patch Chain and is an old traditional one.  I played with this when I first purchased my Quilt Wizard program in 2008 and coloured it many ways, but did like this version.  I made this last summer and quilted it just recently.

Country Casual.

This is the next quilt that went on the machine.  Binding is now attached and awaiting hand sewing to back.  These star blocks were made when I thought I would be teaching (lol), some years ago, which didn't happen.  I used the no waste flying geese method and only two fabrics in the whole quilt.  I then had to decide what to do with them.  Out came the good old graph paper and this is what developed.  I quilted it with a pattern from Lorien called Twinkle.

Rainbow Stars.

Quite a few blogs I follow have mentioned FPP recently including me on my last post.  My good friend Janette has surpassed me by starting these 5" blocks, which I definitely don't do these days.  Although my eyesight is reasonable, I just struggle with "teeny" now.  I took these photos on Sunday night whilst visiting for a lovely meal.  Also took the photo of their beautiful King Charles spaniel, Wednesday.

Itty bitty pineapple block.

Back with some of the paper foundation.

Above photo is also by Janette, who went to a class on Monday to brush up on Free Motion quilting skills to use on her HQ Sweet Sixteen, which is machine that has 16 inches of throat space for more manouvrability of your quilt.


As I have very few flowers in this garden at the moment, it is difficult to find something to bring inside, bu there is a viburnum tinus flowering and it looks quite good sitting atop the piano.

Not much more has happened so far this week.  It is still wet and cold with more inclement weather on the way.  Can't wait to be able to get into the garden and get some pics of what I want to do out there, though I have planted a lilac, but nothing else yet. The cricket in Birmingham certainly isn't going our way, so maybe I'd better be "English" this week.(lol)  Nearly time to prepare tea and hopefully I'll have something interesting to post over the weekend.
Take care all, Susan.

Friday 24 July 2015


Yes, that's how I felt on Wednesday morning, after I pulled my large star quilt out to work on it.  This is the foundation paper pieced project I've been working on for many years, and have set myself a challenge to finish it this year.  Was I having a "seniors moment" or am I just dippy?  Took fabric and papers from box, unfolded said quilt then couldn't remember which way to cut fabric.  Was it right side up or wrong side?  Which side of the papers to place on said fabric, then suddenly I couldn't even remember which side to stitch.  Breathe, Susan, breathe and take your time thinking.  Ahhh, it all came after about 15 minutes of flipping and flopping fabric and paper.  And I did achieve something after all.

Said quilt awaiting last corner to be finished.
This is and two similar pieces were made by lunchtime, then put away for the outer corner section to be done over the weekend or next week. (maybe!).
For those unfamiliar with "foundation paper piecing", here are photos of front of star and the papers on the back.


Back.  Sorry, but a little crumpled.
I've still not finished binding on small quilt because of very sore fingers, due to a new crop of CHILLBLAINS.  I have suffered with these every winter since I was born. Occasionally they get extra painful and I find it hard with just a few things like sewing with needle and thread, so started some crochet which is much easier.  This is what I'm doing.

Giant granny square rug.
I can do this easily whilst watching some of my favourite TV programs and just at the moment some new episodes are on.  Yeah, and The Ashes.


I was going to post this Wednesday, but time and tiredness got the better of me.
We found a rail trail we'd not known about and started with a short part, although it was quite wet underfoot.  I'm looking forward to doing some more of it soon.

The 1km marker, though we did go further than this.

I've not posted these type of photos for a while, but took these whilst on the walk.  Enjoy!

Remains of the old bridge over Pilgrim Creek.

We think this 70 marker was for the speed allowed on this section.

Fungi, even though it's been so cold.

It was very muddy in parts.


Something I overlooked when I wasn't feeling well, but this parcel arrived in the post and was a lovely surprise that brought both tears and smiles.

My lovely blog friend Hawthorn from I live, I love, I craft, I am me,  sent this.  She found the book at her local church book sale and immediately thought of me and my love for The Dales.  I've dipped in and out looking at the place names and have found it so interesting.  The postcard at the top was actually still in the book and postmarked 1994 and the bottom right of the three is a small notebook.
Aren't I so lucky.  Thanks Hawthorn for you thoughtfulness.

The weekend is supposed to be cold and wet, but we'll try and go out and I may have may start posting more often again with our exploits both at home and out and about.
Take care all,  Susan.

Monday 20 July 2015


Wow, yesterday morning -3.8 at 7am and today -3.4 at about the same time.  The frost was thick.

Frost on lawn out back.
Also, ice was still on the water feature at mid-day.

I've been busy with sewing/knitting over the last week too.
The quilt on the machine is now off and the binding and being handsewn of a night, which is keeping me warm and cosy over my lap.

Back of quilt showing pattern called Mosaic by Lorien quilting.
I'm not showing the front till binding is finished. (ha ha).
Finished knitting a jumper also.  I started this just before we left Ballarat.  It is a thick wool and I've worn it twice in this cold weather and it is definitely warm.

Another knitting finish!  A scarf & beanie for Little E in Canberra.  I've sent this off now and hope she receives it before Friday, when she goes into hospital to have her tonsils out, which hopefully goes well.  A lacy variegated scarf I showed in an earlier post is also on its way to 18 year old GD in Sydney.

Does anyone remember my little cyclamen I showed just before we left Ballarat.  Well, look at her now and there are still more buds to open.

Looking good.
Ok, we'll leave it there for tonight and hopefully post about our walk on Saturday afternoon during the week.  All in all it was a reasonably productive week with some finishes, baking and pulling out that foundation paper pieced star quilt, so I can finish it before the end of the year.  I've also found a crochet rug pattern I would like to try.  A giant granny square that I have seen other people do.  Found a good pattern in an old magazine.  The decluttering is coming along nicely too.
Hope everyone has a lovely week, take care.

Saturday 11 July 2015


Ok, lots of apologies to all about not blogging and only sporadical commenting.

I think I both overdid it and expected far too much of the move and ended up both physically and mentally exhausted and being diagnosed with severe anxiety.  Luckily I have plenty of help here with good doctors and several friends who have been here for me in person and on the phone.  My biggest thanks of course go to my wonderful husband who has supported me through this rather trying time.
Enough of that and now lets look at some photos.

My first is something my DD is doing at the moment.  A beautiful crocheted rug for her sister-in-law who is expecting her first baby.

Aren't the colours delicious!
Now onto a bit about the house.  When we bought it, of course we knew there were a lot of tiles, but we were going to give them a trial run and think about what we may do, but, being one of the coldest winters in many years, we decided that something had to be done straight away.  We were both feeling the hardness and cold through our feet and legs, so vinyl for the kitchen and carpet for the family area which is where Bubs and my sewing area are now.

On 2/7/15 which is when the scree was to go down, I had to go to hospital for a gastroscopy and forgot to take any before photos of the kitchen, but took these when I got home that afternoon.

Scree done.

Vinyl down.

Another view.
Next a couple of pics of the extent of the tiles, then with carpet down.

Extent of the tiles and no the lounge did not stay there, but wouldn't go through the sliding door, so ended up in the kitchen bit.

Carpet down and machine back in position, but then I decided it was no good there so we have moved it again.  This is a mammoth task, but being on wheels does make it somewhat easier.
Now  a couple of photos of the more or less completed rooms now and a couple of odd ones.

New position of machine.

Bookcases back in place with all their books.

Sewing area and the cutting table is now over in the corner after being fixed.  I was sewing in the back bedroom, but felt too isolated, so will see how this goes.

Kitchen back together once again.
Just two more pics for today, no actually "3",

Some old blocks I took from the WIP box  and did some simple sashing.  I'll post another photo once it is quilted.  You may have noticed that there is a small quilt on the machine.  I've had a little problem with the bobbin winder, so it is a bit slow on that front at the moment.

A beautiful dark hellebore I found in the garden.  I'll talk more about the garden in another post.

Also found in the garden, although there was no other veg in sight.  We found more when DD and family visited on Wednesday.  I will be getting veg in sooner or later.
I'll hopefully post again during the week.  I'll leave it at that for now and hope that I still have a few followers.  I'm still in big declutter mode, which is taking up a lot of time, but I am leaving some time for myself to potter around too.  I am off for a hot cup of tea and listen to how we are in for a Polar blast from the South.  I've watched a little tennis and am now enjoying The Ashes, which are both on after 8.30pm our time.
Take care all and sending huggles to my blogpals too.