Monday 14 March 2022


 A quick post with photos of yesterday afternoon's drive to pick up a coffee and have a waterside fix.  We chose to head down to Corinella on Westernport Bay, about and hour from us.  

We made our way through Lang Lang down to the bay at Corinella, then home again from Grantville taking back roads to make it a round trip.  The bay on the extreme left of map is Port Phillip Bay where Melbourne is situated at the northern end.  
I took these few photos below, to show that it attracts a lot of fishermen and pleasure boats for a day out.
The piers with launching ramps either side.

All the seabirds waiting for a feed from the trimmings of fish being gutted and cleaned in an area provided for this purpose.

Looking across the mud flats as the tide was out.

I just love the pelicans.  There were also plenty of seagulls, terns, one lone ibis and a few other birds. I'm not sure of their names.

A slightly different view looking towards the town in the distance.

Looking toward the other pier where people fish from.

As you can see from this photo it is quite popular with the boating/fishing fraternity.

After watching people bringing their boats in, moving them onto trailers, hooking them up and driving off, we decided to call it a day and wend our way home.  As we headed up into the hills, the sky changed dramatically and started to look like this..................

It rained a little on the way home, but around about 5.30pm when we reached home, thunder started to roll around and lasted for about an hour with short sharp periods of rain.  In all we got about 7.5mm overnight.  I think my garden really enjoyed.
OK, that is my funny lot for now and tomorrow is DH's birthday (beware the Ides of March) and if the weather is fine, we may do something.😊
Just to let all know why I've been so quiet.  I have an infected ear which is driving me insane as I can hear a slight humming sound in my left ear and every now and then it throbs.  I've drops to put in & hopefully all will be well soon.  It is quite eerie at times.  Mojo doesn't seem to want to return either with so much havoc going on in the world.
I' missing blogging, but it will return so I'm trying hard to use my word for this year and have the 
"Courage" to get through these difficult times.
Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post and I'll try and do replies again.
Take care all, stay safe and big huggles from Susan.

Friday 4 March 2022



Will you just look at was our street tree on the verge and they cut it down.  Oh.... and I cried a little.  I was so cranky, as was DH and this all happened at 8am on Wednesday morning and we had words with the culprits, then later in the afternoon visited the council too.  We now want the stump removed and a replacement tree.  Ours was the best looking tree in the court, but they said it was unstable where the trunk forked with a black line inside it.  We had a look at the other silver birches along our court & all have similar lines where larger branches have grown from the main trunk.  Why ours?                                                                                                                                                    I tried to find a good photo of our tree, but seems like I've taken most from our tree, but I found one when it was pouring down & the other photo is looking up the court past our stump, which I took yesterday afternoon.

This must have been winter as all the trees are bare & I have jonquils out in the circular bed.

Looking to the end & notice all the silver birches, but ours is missing.
Suppose you could say, I'm still mad.   The tree nearly always had birds coming and going & we will miss their antics & singing.😢

So much sadness in the world at the moment, this post is stupidly trivial, but I'll post it anyway.             I feel quite helpless to reach out and help in anyway to those caught up in all the mayhem, but know I still need to blog while I can.  Hopefully I'll post a bit more this month and even try and catch up with a few interesting bits from last year.

Have a great weekend everyone, take care, stay safe & hugs.                                                                               Susan.