Monday 20 July 2020


A little bit of what has happened in the last few weeks. 
I've not always  remembered my camera for our local walks, but did take it one day last week.
 From the small park behind our court, we head down the next street and this is the view that beholds us.  A big new estate with clouds of steam from a La Trobe Valley power station in the distance.
 The new school on that estate under construction.  Looks to be quite colourful.
And further along a new wetlands appearing.  We saw a lone pelican circling over this and I didn't have the camera with me.

Before we headed back into lockdown in Melbourne once again, we had a day out in our own area.  We can still do that, being a regional shire, but due to our car being in for repairs, we are a little stuck for going anywhere.
This particular day we made for the coast, picnic basket & thermos in the back & looking forward to a nice walk along the beach.
Just as we headed south, we noticed the mist hanging between the hills, so stopped and took this                                                                                          photo.

Our destination was Shallow Inlet on the south coast of Victoria, about an hour's drive away.
Looking across the inlet to the mountains on Wilson's Promontory. 
 Our car sitting on the sand of the deserted northern side of the inlet.  There were some cars at the southern end with trailers, as this is where fishermen launch their boats to go fishing.
 Walking to the end of the sand, you see this vegetation leading on into marshy land at the head of the inlet.
                                                       DH all rugged up on the track.
                                                       Looking out over the marshy ground.
              Back on the beach, I noticed these 3 pelicans had dropped by to do some fishing.

One of the best days happened about 3 weeks ago now, when some restrictions had been lifted and DD & family could make their way across Melbourne & visit us.  It was wonderful & although I don't show photos of them, DD did bring some of her crafty stuff for both a fun playing session. Crochet blocks & fabric star blocks and also a quilt for me to pop on the big machine when I can get some appropriate backing fabric.  Still can't get to my favourite quilt shops.
The crochet squares on the floor.

And the stars being played with.  A few more are needed, then she has big ideas for some borders.
This the quilt she left here for me to quilt.  I remember her appliqueing these hearts many years ago.
The round plaque on the wall above the ladder was made for me by my younger brother who is intellectually disabled,  at the support group he attends in Sydney.  A mosaic of pebbles & colourful pieces of glass arrived in the post last Christmas & was a lovely surprise.

Occasionally over the last few weeks, we've driven 5 minutes out of town, whichever way we feel like, to give our Morris Minor a run to keep her going.  Taking my camera I was able to snap a few photos on different days.
South of town we have a DAFFODIL farm & it's fun to spot where they have put the bulbs each year.
Rows of daffs in flower last week.
I'll try and remember to see if I can get another photo, maybe soon, to show more.
To the north of town we often spot this camel and lucky for me he was in the front paddock this particular day.

Although I've always plenty to do, I'm struggling to find my mojo at the moment, with this crisis not going away and our cold and dreary weather.  Over the weekend I did some baking & put a little quilt on the machine.
Blueberry Muffins.

Malted Mocha Slice.
                                                                     The small quilt. 
I'm not exactly happy with the quilting, but so be it.  The blue stars were made many years ago & the stitcheries a little later.  Not sure what I had in mind for either, so they ended up as this.

OK, enough waffling from me and I'm off to make us some lunch & wait to see if our car is ready for picking up.
Take care all, stay safe & huggles from down under.

Tuesday 14 July 2020


The sky today from our front garden.
Yes, our weather has been dull, dreary, cold & damp, not necessarily pouring with rain, but just so bleak & wet underfoot.  Not much happening in the garden & trying to stay focused & motivated on anything is somewhat hard to do at the moment.  I'm way behind on both my own blog & reading others, so finally sitting here doing this one. 
Finding & finishing a few bits'n'bobs.
A child' jumper.

A summer cardi & I no longer have the dress I was going to wear it with.

            The quilt is now waiting till I can get some backing to put it on the big machine & quilt it.

I fussy cut some of the 2 1/2" squares.  This QAL was hosted by my friend Joy in Ballarat who blogs at Days Filled With Joy.
Another crafty thing is slowly coming together too.  I bought & showed an old picture frame I purchased at a vintage market earlier this year & it has now become the frame for these, but still needs a fixing for hanging it.
DH made these musical cutouts after finding them photocopied (by me) and thought I'd done them for him.  Anyway, I loved them & I just fancied them in a frame.  I've quite a bit of blank wall space, so once done & hung I'll show them on a blogpost.
                                                                Pottering about.
Some waiting for repotting & others for the garden.

A bit of colour on the plant stand & retaining wall.
The first fully open flower on my camellia - Volunteer.

One of my dark hellebores with the darker one on the right, which always flowers last.

One of my white/green ones.

My Garrya, after not flowering for the first four years has "ONE" flower & going by it's length, it's the male variety..

Lastly, a bit of nonsense.
Can we call this "snail mail".  How I got it from our letterbox and only about an hour after the postie had left it.
Well, that's about it from me and with Melbourne now being in lockdown once more, we have limited access, so can't venture far.
Oh for some sun and to feel somewhat normal, rather than being on edge all the time.  Hopefully I'll post a little more often and show what we've been busy with during this next half of "weird" 2020.
Everybody please take care and stay safe.
Huggles from Susan.