Saturday 31 December 2016


Wishing everyone who reads me a very "Happy New Year".
Very soon here in Oz, the fireworks will start.  The first lot at 9pm for children & us oldies, so we can head to bed at a decent hour.  I do believe that people far and wide can watch them on TV & watch us see the new year in before it is finished for you.

What have I been up to since Christmas.  Not a lot, as it's been so hot and muggy.  We also had wild weather on Thursday and scored 35mm in our rain gauge in a few hours.  Some areas of Melbourne had flash flooding, with quite a bit of damage.  That same morning our hard flooring looked like this...
The humidity was so high, that our floors were wet all day.   They announced later that we'd had a 4 consecutive day record of it being so high.

I've been picking blueberries.....

That is an older style Tupperware cake container and  is the second one of these I've filled along with smaller containers, and I've nowhere finished yet.
I've started freezing, giving some away and selling to our local greengrocer.

What to do on a hot day, when everything you touch is damp and sticky.  Colouring in is good, especially after you've shouted yourself a new battery operated sharpener.  I didn't get it finished, but had good fun for a while.

This cupboard where I keep my fabric stash, was slightly messy & now looks much better.  Forgot to take a photo before I started.

And it all started as I was looking for fabrics to start some sewing.  All will be revealed as they are finished.ion


This cake I baked today (Orange & blueberry), will go to our Car Club New Years Day picnic lunch on the lawn.  We are also having a Motacana, so should be a lot of fun.  I'm leaving you with one last picture of tomorrow's to do's.  

This has taken waaay...... longer than expected, as the pictures keep moving themselves all over the place and it's doing my head in.
Take care all, have a great New Years Eve and see you in 2017.
Huggles to all, Susan.

The cards will be removed and sorted.

Saturday 24 December 2016


Linking up with Hawthorn and Julie for the Advent Calendar.

DAY 24

A familiar sign here in Oz.  Outside a MacDonalds.
Finishing up for the Advent Calendar this year and what better way for an Aussie girl (well old lady) to wish everyone Merry Christmas, than with some very down under greetings.  I have sourced these from the internet, as I definitely can't draw, but I don't think I'm doing anything illegal.

Two more bits, that I think are a typical way we celebrate here in Oz.

What a typical backyard would have looked like as I was growing up.  The rotary clothes hoist, cockatoos screeching, the cricket all set up, the good old  paling fence and a very blue sky.

                                                         AN AUSSIE CHRISTMAS.

                                                               FLIES, FLIES,
,       ,                            SUN, SURF &  SAND,    BACKYARD CRICKET,
                            SINGLET, SHORTS & THONGS,   ESKIES FULL,   FLIES,
                             CYCLONE WARNINGS,   CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT,  

OK, enough of me being silly and I'll be having a short break and be back with you for New Year.
Hope you've enjoyed the Numbers and my wafflings, old & new, little snippets of craft and just being me.

Have a wonderful Christmas, take care and sending lots of huggles your way.

Friday 23 December 2016


Linking up with Hawthorn and Julie for the Advent Calendar.

DAY 23.

Ah, number 23 just on the left.  This shop has now actually closed down, but I do love the picture of the man with the piano.  Mine is luckily what they call a cottage style and isn't too big.

Well, not actually crafting, but making my space to work a bit friendlier.  It didn't take too long, but did cut into my time, along with a little baking and tidying up.  

What it looks like now.

Bubs is now set up where I had the ordinary sewing machine, cutting table and ironing board.
That quilt is waiting to go on the machine.
I think after Xmas.

Bookcases still in same place.  Enough space too, as the walk through from kitchen area to spare bedrooms and laundry etc.
It seems to be working OK so far, although I've not used Bubs in months,it seems like.

The back bedroom is now where I sew.  Not much happening on that front yet.  After Christmas I have some plans to get lots done in the way of UFO's, my book and some other designs done too.  I've also an idea for a type of quiltalong, but won't be calling it that.  Watch this space.

Still some organising to do & the quilt on the ironing board is awaiting it's binding (already made now).

Looking to the other side.
I can't believe this Advent calendar is nearly over.  I've enjoyed the number bit, but definitely didn't do well with the crafty side.  Hope everyone isn't finding it too boring.
Take care all, Santa will soon be here.
Huggles, Susan.

Thursday 22 December 2016


Linking up with Hawthorn and Julie for the Advent Calendar.

DAY 22.

Has anybody an idea as to what this might be?

CRAFT......but not mine, "again".

Hubby has been playing with his new toy again.

Now, how come to oldies seem to have been so busy just lately?
Technical problems!
We sorted the computer with the new NBN system that our government are rolling out, "but" they've also switched off the 2G network and hubby's 2 year old mobile isn't compatible, so the last couple of days have been spent trying to sort that out.  We had to buy a new one.  Just what you need at Xmas.
Apart from that it's just doing bits "n" bobs in between the running around.  And to top it all, we are supposed to have 5 days over 30°, which we've not had so far this summer.  We've just had one day at a time, then a big drop in temperature the next day, so this will be a shock to the system.  Xmas day is going to be 35.

Take care all 

Wednesday 21 December 2016


Linking up with Hawthorn and Julie for the Advent Calendar.

DAY 21.

Are we really this far already?  Again I've nothing to report on the crafty front, though I've made binding for a quilt I quilted "months ago", started painting my little timber tree hubby made for me, and finished moving all the furniture to the 4th bedroom, with a little help.
I think after our number reveal, we'll take a little coastal journey.  Hope you enjoy.

On our travels one day, I spotted a large advertising sign for Land for Sale, and noticed there was a Lot 21, so went to find it and,  "YAY", number 21.


The rail car at Saltburn that takes you to the top of the cliff.

Views from the top over part of the town.
We then traveled onto Whitby.

Whitby harbour looking towards the swing bridge.

The old abbey on the hill.
Famous Explorer.

Captain Cook's statue.
IT WASN'T OPEN!!!!!!!!

I always visit this shop when in UK, and this was the first time she was closed.  We didn't make a return visit to Whitby this time, but maybe one day.  

Oh, this wasn't very Christmassy, but I hope to do some more catchups with our UK trip over the next few months.  
Take care all,

Tuesday 20 December 2016


Linking up with Hawthorn and Julie for the Advent Calendar.

DAY 20.

What else in Oz!
Now, to go with this photo above, I tried to do a You tube link, but can't.😞
If you type in SIX WHITE BOOMERS and watch a clip, I think that all my English blogpals, may enjoy.
Wish I knew how to do it and if you don't want the Rolfe Harris version, Peter Allen does a good one too.  The clip is the yellow one.


My friend Jayne posted about her Xmas tree & I said I wasn't going to put ours up (haven't for several years due to a variety of reasons) and she said, "Take an hour out & do it".  So I did, though the photo isn't good, as this house is so dark.

Our fake tree, but lots of cute bits collected over many years.
OK, thank you for the messages to hubby and he isn't feeling to bad.  It was evidently an easy tooth to pull and he'll take it easy for the next few days and hopefully be better for Christmas day.
Take care all,

Monday 19 December 2016


Linking up with Hawthorn and Julie for the Advent Calendar.

DAY 19.

One of my DVD's that I love, so it gave me my number today.

This little timber and candle decoration was bought some years ago in an arcade in Skipton, whose name escapes me at the moment.  It is on the hall stand,  to compliment my paper star.  I've not done much decorating this year as we'll be spending the day with DD and family.
Just a short post today as we've been busy and hubby is having a tooth removed tomorrow & I think I'm just as apprehensive as he is.  
Take care all and huggles.

Sunday 18 December 2016

ADVENT CALENDAR 17th & 18th.

Linking up with Hawthorn and Julie for the Advent Calendar.

DAY 18.

This photo was taken at Fountains Abbey, the same place Hawthorn showed in her No. 17 post yesterday.

DAY 17.

Taken on our way home from Canberra last month.  We stayed in Eden on the far south coast of New South Wales, an area we know well.  I'll post about some of our trip at a later date, but this at least gave me a 17.
The crafting has really come to a standstill.  Yesterday, & why I didn't post, was because we decided to take a day out, but got caught in traffic, both going & then coming home.  Two  of my stops didn't happen, though I've found that they are actually next door to each other now, which is 'maybe', not a good thing. 
1. A quilt shop.  2. Kaisercraft - a craft shop.
I knew we were too late for either, arriving in Geelong just after lunchtime, so we visited one of our favourite reclamation stores and spotted both of these below.  Talk about a trip down nostalgia lane.

A small switchboard.

Old school desks.
As for the switchboard, my first experience was a slightly smaller one than this, with what I always called drop down eyelids, then the next one was a bit like this (just an hour during lunch break), and I hated using the PA system.  My last one, again just in the lunch hour was a huge double board with an enormous amount of lines both in, out and extensions.  I actually enjoyed it.

I remember school desks like this in primary school, with their lift up lids and inkwells in the centre.
Oh, those were the days!  How things have changed.

Lastly, today I decided I just couldn't sew or craft in that dark space I showed the other day and have bitten the bullet and started changing it all around.  I'll now sew in one of the back bedrooms, which didn't have a bed anyway, just bits & bobs of my craft, fabric & some plastic tubs.  I think I'll be much happier with more light. That'll be an after Xmas post.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  
Take care all.

Friday 16 December 2016


Linking up with Hawthorn and Julie for the Advent Calendar.

DAY 16.

A wayside marker, taken whilst we were walking the Skipton to Ballarat Rail Trail  I did quite a few posts about this trail back in 2014.
Another  great archive find.


I do not seem to have any inspiration or motivation at the moment for anything other than keeping the house clean, garden tidy, husband fed & worrying about my brother.  Not sure whether it is because Xmas is coming up or what?  
BUT....... I have been picking these and it took me close to an hour this morning (before it got too hot) to pick around 600g and think I'll be doing it nearly every day for a while.  Must get some down to our local green grocer and also start freezing some for ourselves.  Been having fresh ones with my porridge of a morning.

Just wee part of one bush.  The other hasn't even started colouring up yet.
Whilst running some errands yesterday, I noticed these reflections on a building and thought, wow, a great photo.  And here it is.  

Isn't this great, even though I've left on some writing.  I just didn't think you'd get the same effect if I started chopping it up too much.  Must clean that lense a bit better too.
Will I craft tomorrow.  Don't know, but I've all my numbers now, so that is a bonus.
Have a great weekend all, take care & lots of huggles from me.

Thursday 15 December 2016


Linking up with Hawthorn and Julie for the Advent Calendar.

First:-  A big thank you for all my comments.
Second:- Happy birthday to my stepdaughter M (44 today), and another Happy birthday to grandson (M's son) who was16 yesterday and is already taller than Pop, my hubby.
Third;-  Another day without any definite crafting but a lot of fiddling.😞

DAY 15.

If you click on this so you can read the information notice, I think that says it all.  Taken on our holiday to Mallacoota at the , museum of the WW11 bunker that I posted about in  February 2015.

On Tuesday I bought a bag of carrots, but hadn't noticed the packaging till today.  Oh dear, I don't have any reindeer!!  May we eat them instead? (giggle)

I was playing around with this today and have now decided to take the ribbon of, roll it in glitter first, then put the ribbons back on.  I laughed when I thought about it and realise I'm doing a Kirstie Allsopp.  (She just loves glitter).

Judith, my doll that I use for my profile picture, turns 60 this Christmas. She has had a change of clothes for summer today, but this dress is very old and VERY special.  My longtime friend S's mother made this for me. We both had Pedigree dolls & played with them together often.   I must make her some new clothes next year.  That will keep my mind and hands active along with a few more things I'd like to try.

OK, that wraps up today and do hope you enjoyed my number.  It was a bit of a find in the archives.
See you all tomorrow.  Take care.

Wednesday 14 December 2016


Linking up with Hawthorn and Julie for the Advent Calendar.

DAY 14.

One of my many quilting books and hey ho, a number "14" in the sub-title.


With this little lot below............

I made a very simple door wreath, that won't wilt in our heat.  I forgot to take a photo before I painted the frame.

Whilst taking this photo, it was very windy and the ribbon kept blowing, so may have to take it down for the night.  
At least it has been cooler today, but blowing a hooley as my friend Lucie would say.
Have a couple more things in mind for Christmas craft & as hubby is doing some mending on our MM, whilst the radiator is out, we won't be venturing too far, so I'll make the most of being at home.
Off to get our tea ready, so take care all,

Tuesday 13 December 2016


Linking up with Hawthorn and Julie for the Advent Calendar.

DAY 13.

Taken on our lovely Phillip Island where the nightly Penguin Parade happens.  I've done quite a few blog posts about days out there.

A festive touch to the top of our filing cabinet.  The little deer were my Mums & I've had them for many years.
I decided that although they live in this spot most of the time, and as they are associated with Xmas, we'd jazz it up a bit with  red candle in one of my glass star candle holders and some native gumnuts & cones, and a little crochet granny square stocking.  Not too much done, as it was another busy,  hot (36.5°) day.  Tomorrow is to be cooler .😊

Hope, hope, hope I get something crafty done for tomorrow.
Take care all,

Monday 12 December 2016

ADVENT CALENDAR 11th & 12th.

Wow, you could say I'm running a little late with this post.  We had a lovely day, on Sunday,  with members of our car club to celebrate Christmas and we had a little go at lawn bowls.  Not sure I'd get the hang of it and being strange old me, I had to see which hand I would use best.  Left it was.  Wonder why?  As a small child I was taught to use my right hand and not my "left", (I grew up in THAT era). so I do some things more easily with my left, if I wasn't told that I must use my right.  Enough, and onto my numbers.

DAY 12.

This was taken a couple of years ago in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia, whilst away with our caravan.  Notice there are actually 2 number 12's.

No crafting for the last 2 days, but I do have a short story to share.
I'm not sure whether we moved from where I first went to school in 1955 or 56, but this is my first school photo at Miranda Infants, where I was the new girl and was looked after by two girls, one of whom is still someone I keep in touch with today.  Over the years we had periods when we didn't hear from each other, but, somehow we find each other again.  I hope that we can actually meet up some time in the near future.  S follows my blog & sent me this quick email yesterday as a comment on the blog post of the 5th December, as follows....
"In your recent blog you show a photo of the little cookbook that came with your Mum’s fridge.
You used to take that chocolate fudge to school and I used to be sooooooo jealous.....ha ha has......"
I never realised she loved it so much.  Maybe I should take some up when we meet again.  We've known each other now for 60+ years.  Thank you so much S, for that friendship.

My class photo to go with the story above.  I am sitting on the bottom row, far left and my friend is in the same row, 5th from left.
DAY 11.
After Hubby got his scroll saw, I looked in a couple of woodworking books we had purchased some years back & spotted a number 11 on this page (I was getting desperate for this number) and then noticed the title beside it and had a good giggle, as I often think I'm getting lazy when I don't keep up to things as I should.

This is a short post today, as blogger is playing silly and won't let me do this the way I want, so I'm quitting now.
Have a lovely Tuesday all and I'll try and show something crafty tomorrow.
Huggles,  Susan.