Monday 18 May 2015


Not sure we'll have internet after today, as we move on Wednesday. We will sleep on a mattress at the new house and furniture will arrive first thing Thursday morning.  We are using the same removalists, so know that they are pretty fast, and we should be able to relax by Thursday evening, although we then have all the unpacking to do.  Most is packed except for the very chunky stuff, like computer, TV, etc, and bits that are too big for boxes ie., pictures, long quilting rulers, and odd shaped "stuff".  I am actually quite bored, not being able to potter around doing things I like - sewing, gardening, cooking, but am looking forward to going back home to West Gippsland.  I've already been asked when I'm going back to volunteering at Vision and have a commission for a quilt for next year ( a 50th wedding anniversary).
Just a couple of photos I've managed to squeeze in for this post.

One toadstool, coming through and the other nearly finished.
 I cleared the lawn and garden beds of the ugly large brown ones, but left these two for photo.
The lavender, which smells heavenly.  I keep this well deadheaded and it rewards us with flowers nearly year round.

Bubs in bits!!!!

Just "some" of our many boxes.
Hopefully everything will go smoothly and I'll even get time to plant some of the bulbs I bought at the garden show in between unpacking.  We've a few ideas for putting our stamp on our new home, but we'll take our time and enjoy the process.
I have an idea for a future post about our last house in WG, the one here in Ballarat and our new one, so watch this space in the future.  I'm sure we'll see a lot more of the garden too, as you did in 2013.
Best go and have some lunch.  Oh and BTW, D & R's quilt is winging its way to UK too.
Have a great week all.  Take care and huggles,

Saturday 9 May 2015


I am still here, packing, sorting, tired, but also excited.  Less than two weeks to go.
The weather has been atrocious for Autumn.  Feels more like the middle of winter already.

Now the gift I've mentioned came from my friend Judy from News from Jude, who I met in August 2013, but she also blogs and I won a gift on her giveaway recently, which was a real surprise as I didn't realise she'd had one.

I received this lovely sewing case full of goodies, including some sweets, needlecase, cotton, tape measure, glossy photo paper, covered notebook, tweezers and a lovely charm pack.  I'll think what I may do with the charm pack once settled.  I was absolutely amazed at winning and just love it.  THANKS Judy.

There's not too much to tell at the moment, but I have finished the binding on the Xmas Raffle quilt and am just about to label the quilt for my nephew and get it sent off.  The two baby quilts arrived safely, one just in time for my great nephews arrival.  My niece put a photo on Facebook of him lying on it.  Great!

We've taken our caravan over to my friends' place, along with a lot of pot plants that they are going to look after.  One that didn't go was my little cyclamen someone gave me about 6 years ago.  I had thought about repotting it this year, but haven't, but just look at it at the moment.  I brought it inside so I could see it flowering.

Can you see the tiny bud?  There are some more coming too.
Well not much more to tell, except that hubby and I wrapped the rollers on my long arm in cling wrap today and we will dismantle her over the next week, so won't be doing much machine sewing of any sort for a few weeks.  I've knitting and some embroidery to keep me amused at night.
Just for a treat we bought some of these, as our local supermarket hadn't had any for a few weeks, and they had a fresh lot in.  We will make them last (giggle).

Thanks for being with me on this our second move in such a short while and I value your comments very much.  I'm so looking forward to going home, being near friends, a lovely garden and just being more like the old me.  It's been a bit of a journey, but life is like that sometimes.
Hopefully I'll be able to post at least once before we move and that our internet doesn't play up again, which is one reason I've not posted.  We had 2 blackouts last week and had to have it reset.
All for now, take care and huggles,