Sunday 29 June 2014


It's still cold and wet, so got a little more sewing done today.  More of that later.


Whilst in Sydney, we had to pick our daughter up from the airport, as she flew up from Melbourne on the Friday.  We'd already booked out of the motel and decided to have a walk along the foreshore of Botany Bay.  This is where Captain Cook landed in 1770.  Below are some photos.

Part of Botany Bay looking through the heads.

Planes coming into land at Sydney Airport.

Cockatoos feeding in nearby parkland.

Another plane with the port of Botany in the distance.

The skyline of Sydney with Sydney tower just peeping over some of the buildings.
It's been a busy week since we arrived home, with lots of washing, a day into Melbourne to pick up oil for Bubs, as they won't put it in the post, then on Friday DD and I went to the Melbourne Quilt Show for our girlie day out.  Now it's Sunday and I'm tuckered out.  Next week will be just about as busy with a Doctor and Dentist appointment, plus possibly a day to Bendigo to pick up a window for the Morris and meet DD and her family as it is school holidays over here and they plan to spend a few days up there.  It's seems there is always so much to do and so little time.

Now for a little bit of quilting.  Along with testing another pattern for Sue over  Quilt Times  (I'll be able to show that at a later date), I've been busy trying to do some patterns along the lines of using traditional blocks in different colour ways, using them either straight or on point.

Buckeye Beauty in my own setting and colours.

These two lots of fabric are next on the list of things to make, but I'll leave you guessing as to what.  Just realised that the colours are quite similar.

All for now and hope you are all enjoying your weekend and will hopefully post again later next week.
Take care.

Saturday 28 June 2014



Wow, the weather over the last week has been decidedly wintry with the wind blowing from the Antarctic and quite a bit of rain.  We had been experiencing a mild start to winter.  There has even been snow and blizzards in the Alpine regions of Victoria.  Today, here in Ballarat the temperature was supposed to reach 8deg.  I've hardly stepped outside and the wind has even brought down some trees on the reserve over the road.

Black wattle with broken branches.
I want to thank everyone for comments on my last post and sorry I didn't reply to them.  This post has been very hard to think about and write, but we've been to Sydney for a week as my dear elderly father passed away on 16th June.  He had advanced dementia and was very frail, and I'm the one who had to make all the arrangements as my only sibling, my younger brother who is intellectually disabled is unable to do these things.  I will leave it at that.


We had one day spare whilst away and decided to visit my cousin in Wollongong, which is a large coastal city, just south of Sydney.  We'd not seen each other for several years.  The scenic route along the coast was the one we chose.  Heading south we travelled through The Royal National Park (Australia's first National park) and then down via the Sea Bridge, which is part of the new road  that follows the coast after many landslips in years gone by.  I grew up knowing these areas very well and enjoyed the day as we'd not been down for a long time.  Some photos follow.

These are what we call Gymea lilies.  I do not know their botanical name I'm afraid.

Closeup of flower.

The Sea Bridge from the lookout at Stanwell Tops where we ate our lunch.  This is the spot where hang gliders take off.  Scary!

Looking down onto Stanwell Park beach.

These Rosellas, which didn't seem to be either the Crimson or Eastern variety were quite tame.  I called them the Mottley Bunch.

Looking back to the bridge from another viewing point.

Now this looks like a photo of the sea!!!!  Well, about mid picture on the right is a whale, but it went under just as I took the photo.  There were three and they even spouted water whilst we were watching.  They are on their annual migration to warmer waters during our winter before returning to Antarctic waters for summer.

One more photo for a few of my blogpals who have pet dogs.  This one belongs to my cousin and she is adorable.  Her name is Ellie and she is still a pup.

I am tired tonight, so will leave it at that and post about our weekend on the way home in Canberra with our youngest son and his family and what I've been up to with my quilting tomorrow, hence the name of this post.
Lots to tell, and am now off to try and finish handsewing the binding on Macy's quilt.
Have a lovely weekend all and take care.

Sunday 8 June 2014


Saturday saw us set out for Daylesford to see the Spa Quilter's show.  It was only small and held at the local primary school.  As you can tell from the name of the group, it was a "Spa" town, with mineral springs.  I posted about going there once for the Sunday markets.  It was a great little show with some lovely ladies who gave me a flyer and said if I was interested to come and visit one Thursday.  As it is some way from here and I'm still not driving far, they suggested hubby could go to the Mens' Shed which also meets on a Thursday.  He has thought about looking into these before, so in the near future we may see what happens.

This little quilt was called Cuppapillar and I thought so cute.  I could take photos for my own personal use, so please respect, but I just had to show.

There was a display of old machines,  and this hand held machine which was fascinating.  We were given a demonstration.

A display cabinet of toy machines.   Sorry about the light bouncing off the glass.
We had our homemade lunch, then wandered up and down the main street.  Must go on a weekday, as it was very busy and also a long weekend here in Oz, so tomorrow is another day off for most people.

A funny little story for you.  My GD Little E rang during the week and Pop answered the phone, spoke to her, then DS J, then she asked to speak to me.  Asked if we were coming to see them this weekend, but as they live in Canberra, 8-10 hours away, I said no, we were coming in a few weeks. (don't travel over holiday weekends if we can help it).  She then asked what I was doing on the weekend and I replied that we were going to a quilt show.  Asked what is a quilt show, so explained as best as I could.  She then replied, that maybe I could learn to make one and show her.  I did grin from ear to ear and told her that I could already do that and I would bring one to show her.  Little does she know that she and her brother are getting one each.  I can tell you, that she has sat on a stool watching the big machine working, but that was last year and I suppose a five year old doesn't always remember these things.  Little ones, hey!

Saw this box in an antique shop and  would you believe, I had one of these as a child.  I think they came full of chocolates, but not sure where I got mine from.

The little town of Myrniong with it's imposing sign.

These three Eastern Rosellas were nibbling on seed this morning in my standard silver birch.  You can see the bottom one with the seed in his claw.  I took the photo through the window, otherwise they would have flown away.

Aha, I have been quilting this today.  I will show a better photo once off the machine, but it was made around 1995/6, so will tell the story about it later.

My hanging pot flowering again, although it is winter.

And last, what am I going to do with this fabric?  You will have to wait and see.  I also have fabric put aside to do another test pattern for Sue, so will be busy over the next week or so.

Will post this now and hope everyone out there in Blogland are having a great weekend.
Take care all.

Wednesday 4 June 2014


Ah, it's now nearly tea time, but this morning was "sewing morning" with Joy from Days filled with Joy.  We had a great time chatting and sewing.
Below a photo of what Joy was working on at the table I can now set up for her sewing machine.  It's a little tight in the space, but it's more about the fun side.

 Joy has been working away on this 100 patch, which is made up of 100 2" inch squares.  She will be putting 12 of these blocks together and I can't wait to see the whole quilt and the setting she decides to use.

She also put the binding on this one she had made and quilted whilst still living in Saudi Arabia.  Shown hanging over Bubs.  It is so pretty and bright with a lovely quilting pattern from Hermione Agee.  We couldn't remember the name of that particular pattern.

Now, what did I get up to!  I showed the making of this little bed runner on my last post.  Today I finally got the borders on.

Floral Confetti.
This is sort of another test pattern for Sue from Quilt Times.  I said I'd test Red Sprinkles and she forgot to send the pattern at first, so I did a mock up on "Quilt Wizard", a computer program I have.  When the pattern came through, I'd guessed fairly correctly and went ahead and made it.  Below is a photo of both versions.  They look so different but that is what quilting is all about.  I have so much fun testing for Sue and trying to think outside the box.  It was again made from scraps and my stash.

Well, that is all for now after a very enjoyable day.  I'm off to eat my tea, do some handsewing/crochet tonight whilst watching Phil Spencer in the new series of Secret Agent.  Till next time, take care all.

Sunday 1 June 2014


I have a new larger camera lens, that takes distance photos much better.  Yesterday hubby and I went for a walk along Lake Learmonth and I was able to take photos of the wind turbines on the far hills, which I tried once before and you couldn't make them out.  We had priced them before and they were more expensive than I thought, but Friday we popped into JB Hi-fi and found they were about half price, so came home with one.  Now I'll be able to show some better photos. (maybe!)  Some pics below taken around Learmonth.

Some of the wind turbines.

The lake is very low at the moment and the swans are waddling around the mudflats.

Incredibly fascinating fungi.  Lots of it on the cut down tree stumps.

Australian Magpies.
Today I tried to get down to some sewing, as I've been working with these scraps.  Not the best photo.

They are now becoming this!

Then a decision to be made on which fabric to use for the setting triangles.  Not sure whether it should be the stripey one on the left or the fluttery bits on the right.  Have you any ideas in blogland?  The teal blue will be a very narrow inner border and the colouful one the outer border.

I finished the peg bag.  The rick rack was a leftover and the lace is vintage, I think.  It was in my late Mum's stuff.

 This is my sewing corner.  My cutting table is to the left of where I was standing.  Not as big as the room I use for my Gammill, but I can overspill into there when I need to.

I was hoping to load another quilt onto my long arm system, but I made these instead.

One is now iced and will go with me tomorrow morning to Smythesdale Craft Group with the lovely Joy from Days filled with Joy.  I'm going to drive there myself, we hope.  Still not confident in the big black beast.

Lastly, a couple more photos from yesterday.

Hubby "leaning on the lamp post".

Somebody's back yard.  Don't you just love the pencils.  Reminded me of the large pencil at the Derwent Pencil Factory in Cumbria.

The old Masonic Lodge building,.

The path outside the above building.  Wouldn't it make the most wonderful quilt pattern.  I already have ideas.

This was going to be a quick post, but has taken longer than I thought.  I did take some photos of the churches in Learmonth, but one doesn't show very well,  and I also saw another one at the beginning of town, so will do those another day.  They are all so different.
Hope you've all had a great weekend and take care.
Till next time.