Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Yes!  It is finished.

Now,, what am I going to call it?  I don't want the same name as in the magazine, as it has some of their alternate blocks and a very different colourway.

The magazine picture.  A publication no longer in print, which was QUILTS with style and started in  Jan/Feb 2006 and continued over 6 issues.  I started mine sometime in 2008 with a lot of life's happenings along the way.

Sorry I've been so quiet, but am still not 100% well and the awful heat (41 yesterday and 35 today), I've not had a lot of motivation except to get above finished for the flower and craft show on Sunday.

Since I last posted, I've hardly used the camera, but did find a few photos I'd taken over the last few weeks and also we did have a lovely day out to a town with lots of Antique and Old Wares dealers, so here we go.

Late afternoon sky with moon.

Coming on dusk.
These were taken from our backyard.

Our day to Tyabb was to look  for a small chest of drawers or similar for my cones of cotton (for Bubs) instead of being all muddled in a plastic tub.  No luck but did pick up a couple of bits (naughty!).

This is what came home with us.  A couple of bottles for my collection, which I use for simple flowers, a vintage ecclesiastical letter holder, (so it said), an art deco vase, of which I'd seen a similar square one and hadn't bought, so felt quite lucky to find this one. and, drum roll............a beautiful, delicate water colour of Ashness Bridge, a place I loved.  I feel quite honoured to have found this, as it signed by the artist and is not a print.  I even got $5 off the ticket price.

Another item is this lovely old book,, which is a teeny shade younger than me.

This edition is from 1950.

One of pages of wonderful black and white images.
I did fall for this book, as it reminded me of photos I'd seen in my great grandmother's Country Life magazines, that she allowed me to look at.  They were passed on to her, by an older gentlemen who lived nearby. 

I was the lucky recipient of a large international envelope during last week.  What was inside?
Ahh this!

 I am not able to locate this magazine locally any more and happened to mention it to Sue at  Quilt Times, who's quilt appears on the cover and instruction inside, so to my surprise she sent me one.  A huge thanks.

A couple of photos to end.  These are closeups of some of the quilting on the star quilt, as I did try and custom quilt it.  Probably not the best, but so be it.

Hopefully our weather will cool down soon, and I'll be a bit more energetic and have a bit more to post about.  This weekend we have the show I've been talking about and on the 6th March we are going to an open day at "Harewood House".  No, not the one in Yorkshire, but here on the coast of South Gippsland.  It is an old homestead and I hope to get some good photos and be able to blog about it.  
Hope everyone is having a good week, take care and lots of huggles to you all.


  1. well done on the custom quilting, look forward to show and tell!

  2. Thanks Judy, hope we can make it.

  3. The quilt is beautiful, definitely worth working on to get it finished at last. I love the watercolour you picked up, a very lucky find indeed.

    1. Thanks Jo. I also feel very lucky to have found the little water colour.

  4. What lovely things you found on your travels! They are though totally outdone by the totally wonderfulness of your quilt!!!!! That is incredible!!!!!! I don't know how you would have had time to do anything else after working on it. The details are incredible, the piecing and quilting amazing and it is just so beautiful!! You deserve to win first prize at the show!! As it was originally called the Jubilee Quilt and as it is the Queen's 90th Birthday this year, how about calling it the Elizabeth Quilt? Just a suggestion! I hope that you are feeling much better soon and that you enjoy your visit out. Enjoy the show too!! xx

    1. Thank you Amy, I'm a little overwhelmed by your words. I'm still debating on a name.

  5. Wonderful star quilt! Loved your Ashness Bridge picture - we were about five miles from there last week.

    1. Thanks Shandy. I thought you must be up that from your last post.

  6. Your quilt is truly beautiful. I think you used beautiful colors; what a challenging but gorgeous quilt. That heat must be tough; when we have that kind of weather I feel the same way; just no energy.

    1. Thanks Joanna. Hot again for the next few days. Can't wait for autumn proper.