Thursday, 12 April 2018


Yep, I'm still lurking about, although I've been quiet on this little blog.  Sore backs don't bode well with my computer chair, so I've done some quick catch ups  and that is about it.
I'm not one for sitting still for long, so it's been fitting in some craft around housework & the mundane stuff, but alternating what I do, which helps with pain management.  The garden is being quite neglected though.  Just a few photos of what has been keeping me busy.

These 2 are going to wing there way across the skies to Yorkshire next week, hopefully, after I've made some labels.  My youngest two nieces (sisters), have both given birth recently to baby boys & it's been lovely to make these.  I've actually got a third one to do now, as my Doctor is also expecting. What do I let myself in for?

The quilt above is called "Owling Around", which I designed to use the owl fabric I had on hand.  The quilting pattern (above right) is Oscar Owl.


This one is from a very old pattern I adapted to paper piecing, as the templates didn't seem to fit together right.  I've called it "Up, Up & Away".  The quilting is one called Kites.

I've also had another one on the machine in the trio of quilts I named for three of my granddaughters who live here in Oz.  It just needs it's binding now, but I'll give you a sneak peek.
My own design.
This is quilted with a pattern call Ribbons & Bows from Apricot Moon.


Out came my tin of paints, which haven't seen the light of day since Xmas 2017 and then came the messy part, but fun anyway.
I'm definitely not very clever, although I've wanted to give this a go for a while.
This piece of pegboard came along with our other items from the Indian Restaurant that had closed down.  I posted about the fancy lattice panels, last year,  which we put along side the shed to hide our water tanks.  I'll be putting some beading (well, hubby will,) on the edge & hang it in the sewing room to hold a few of my tools.

Last weekend we visited 4 Makers in our "Open Studios West Gippsland" guide book and look what one of them made me. 
This particular man makes all sorts of sculptures, large & small, from "junk", which he collects from all over.  I was fascinated by his talking of plasma cutting & asked if he ever gave a demonstrations, and the answer was, "Come with me".  Out to the workshop & I was asked if I'd like a cat, bird or whatever and said a dog, please.  Well before that, when we had entered through the gate, there was a black dog sitting under a tree, and me, being me the dog lover, went over to say hello & I'm positive he smiled at me & said a pat would be appreciated.  Then he lay his head to the side and lapped up my petting.  This looks just like Barney smiling.  K made the stand for him yesterday.  Wasn't I a lucky girl & he was free. 
It turned out to be the most fascinating of days with four absolutely amazing Makers.  Pity my small camera battery was flat, which is the one I keep in the car.

OK, just a quick catch up & motivation is returning slowly. 
Take care & huggles to all.


  1. Your quilts are fabulous, I really like the owl one, what a wonderful quilting pattern. I like your doggy sculpture. What's he made from? The open studio event sounds like my kind of thing. Hope your back improves soon and make sure you take things easy in the meantime.

    1. Thanks Jo. You'd have loved the open studios event & I may give a link for it in my next post, if it's still available.

  2. Lovely mini quilts and that dog is wonderful. Lucky you.

  3. You were fortunate to score the dog, glad you are getting on top of it all.

  4. How lovely to get that made for you on the spot - and to have a dog sitting happily with you too :)
    I am always fascinated by the backs of the quilts - where the stitching shows revealing the theme. Lovely xx
    we are having a mini open studios in a couple of weeks,keeping it small and independent and seeing how it goes. x

    1. Thanks Kate. I've had quite a doggy week & should send you an email about it & our open studios visit. Send me a link to your open studio event, as I think they are very special. Take care.

  5. What a lovely selection of quilts! Hope that getting some finishes in will spur your motivation. Hope that the back improves soon Take care xx

    1. Thanks Lesley. I really need to get on top of what is in my "tub of shame", as my friend Jayne puts it. Lots to quilt, but my head is so full of designs that I want to do, as well as the things that always need doing. Back has it's days. Take care.

  6. You've been quite productive! And aren't you lucky to get that doggy? Looking forward to catching up in a few months and seeing some of your goodies in person :) xx