Friday, 30 November 2018


Linking with Kate for the last hunt of this year.  And what a year it has been for most of the Hunters with such beautiful photos from all that participate.  This month's word list was a bit tricky, but it is amazing what you see & have in the archives.  Here goes.

The row of mailboxes at the corner of Bumbalong Road on the Monaro Highway between Canberra                                                                               & Cooma.

2.  DECAY.
An abandoned shop in the small settlement of Beeac on the road between Colac & Cressy  west of                                                                                Melbourne.
Our dressing table, with bed reflected in the mirror.  This is Edwardian & both it & the bed were purchased in about 1987/88 when we moved to Tasmania.  Sitting at a set of traffic lights outside a shop called Boomerang Furniture, I excitedly announced, "I want that dressing table in the window".
Some weeks later I walked from the Bank (where I was working), up to the shop & was able to 'lay-bye' it & pick up when it was all payed for.  When I arrived to pick it up, the owner told me, he'd had a bed come in that was also in blackwood & would look good with it, so, lo & behold, we went home with 2 items.  We still have them to this day, although the bed has been converted to a queen size, as hubby is 6'3".

4.  STRAND.   
 On the right is the small set of drawers I keep my 'stranded' cottons in.  The bottom 2 drawers are the neat & tidy ones. 

Below we have an old rowing boat stranded on a sandbank on Westernport Bay near Hastings.  It  may even be covered at high tide.                                                                               

5.  FOLD.

This is sort of a "now you see it, now you don't" when folded up, then opened.
So sorry about the quality of these photos, but they are actually prints I've had to scan onto this post.
Our camper trailer (no longer with us), that we towed with the Morris & it saw many adventures.
This was the one I found tricky, as I really wanted it to be different, as I'd thought of all sorts, but they were just not right.

As I love animals of all kinds so much, what better way to end this year's final hunt, but with a beautiful little lizard. I took this photo many years ago in Lane Cove National Park in Sydney.  We were staying at the caravan park there & saw possum & kookaburras, but just couldn't capture them on camera, then I spotted this little beauty sunning himself on the path.
Browsing the archives nets some great photos, that we sometimes forget about, so thanks to Kate, they appear here many years later.

THANK YOU KATE......and to all who take their time to be a part of this fabulous hunt hosted by Kate.  The photos and accompanying stories always amaze, amuse & make me feel a part of a wider community of friends from near & far.
Take care all and huggles.


  1. What a great set of photos and a lovely story about how you acquired the dressing table and bed, furniture was built to last in those days. I see you have a glass dressing table set too, I have the dressing table set that was given to my grandma for her 21st birthday, it's very special to me.

  2. Yet again, a lovely set of photos. Years ago we had a trailer tent, so easy to erect. I love your photo of the mail boxes, wonderful. But I'm drooling over your set of wooden drawers... hopefully see you and your photos in January 2019.

  3. I love all your pictures, hard to choose a favourite as they all are thought provoking. Who are all the people that trustingly leave their post boxes. What has happened to Mr J. Prouse. Who was the Edwardian lady that dressing table made for; what memories that folding caravan must hold of holidays around the country and that handsome lizard, he is beautiful. Yes, searching archives really does bring back happy memories. xx BTW - post boxes is my favourite.

  4. Wow, impossible to choose a favourite - I think this is one of your best selections ever {hug}

  5. That's a beautiful dressing table. A real find. :)
    Brilliant shot for post/mail boxes.
    And I like your interpretation of Fold. My family had a fold out trailer tent when we were growing up. x

  6. Super set of photos. I've enjoyed them all. I love all the mailboxes along Bumbalong Road and your dressing table too. Have a good weekend:)

  7. A great set of photos. I love the row of mailboxes but I think my favourite is the lizard.

  8. Wonderful selection Susan, love love them! My fav is the row of postboxes. Reminds me of a lovely holiday in New Zealand before we had the boys xx

  9. Gorgeous bedroom furniture, I do love wood and have lots of old pieces myself.
    The line of mailboxes made me smile.
    Fold was a great one too.
    Well done.

  10. Lovely collection, I like the story of your second hand furniture and the row of mailboxes.

  11. You did a good job of being creative with the categories. Your dresser really is lovely. The mailboxes look so forlorn. Love you pics.

  12. Great Photos.

    I have added you to the Advent Scavenger Hunt. If you would rather not be on the list Happy to remove

    Julie xxxxxxx

  13. Lovely seeing your photographs.
    I thought the little lizard had beautiful markings.

    All the best Jan