Wednesday, 5 January 2022

HELLO, HELLO......I think I'm back!

 First I'll start by saying sorry to all my good bogpals, that I've been a little wayward of late, but this last lockdown did my head in & I lost all my mojo for anything basically.  I kept busy just pottering about doing all sorts, but nothing worthy of a blog post.

I'll start by ..............."wrapping up 2021 in quilts".  Beware, you've seen some of these before, but it's a bit for me as an online diary of what I achieved this year in my favourite craft.

Hydrangea Galaxy.
 Block patterns by Alyce Blyth and set my own way.
Gifted to our eldest grand daughter for her 25th birthday last year.

Stars Aligned.
A pattern by Sandra Walker of mmm.quilts

Ooh la-la Cats.
One of my own designs to use up some fanciful cat fabric.
Gifted to a little girl whose parents are in our car club.

Paper Chains.
A QAL run in conjunction with friend Joy.
I gifted this one to Windgap Foundation for their Xmas raffle.

One of my own designs, just because I could.

Another of my own designs using the attic window blocks I've been playing with for years for the highlight border.

My own design using a variation log cabin block and done in colours that matched
my mood at the time.

My design and another to use up some stash & just because.
Don't you love DH's little car that matches the centre green.

Which Direction.
This above and the one below were done with Sandra in her annual QAL and I had so much fun,
that I had to make two.

I Did it My Way.

Baby Pluses.
These blocks were started many years ago as part of a QAL that never got very far, due to me miscalculating the fabric I needed, so I finished it as a baby quilt and gifted it to a friend who became a grandma for the first time.

Pinwheel Splash.
Leftover pieces turned into pinwheels and set together my way.
This was gifted to one of the doctors at our clinic for her first baby.

Let's Stay Home.
My friend Joy was running a QAL based on staying home during our extensive lockdowns & as we'd talked about what to do I designed this, but haven't the ability to write a pattern coherently, so made it for myself, along with doing the one she set for us too, which isn't quite finished yet.

Sewcialite Sewalong.
Also made with my friend Joy this year and put together in our own settings.

Flower Power.
Another QAL I joined in with from Jo Avery in Scotland.
Enjoyed doing this using just coloured scraps from my myriad of bits and the backgrounds and sashing from the stash.

Chateau Garden.
Another 2 of my designs made from my stash.
(above & below.)

Well, that's the wrap up done and now what about the year to come.............................

I've finally chosen my word for this coming year and hope that I can live up to it.

It is be myself and make it through the year without stressing too much.

I hope now that I've plucked up the "courage" to do a post, the camera will start being used around the garden, when we walk sometimes and if we get out and about this year.

Happy New Year to all my blog friends and I'll catch up during the month with a few bits'n'bobs that happened last year that I didn't have the heart to post about.
Take care all and giant virtual hugs from down under.


  1. Wow, that's a lot of quilts, you've been very productive in your sewing room. I think my favourite is Flower Power, I love all those different flowers.

    1. Thanks Jo. Seems like Flower Power might win the "favourite" by the look of all the comments I've received.

  2. What a great effort, lots of quilts and many given to others, no wonder you didn't have time to blog! Happy new year Susan

    1. Thanks Judy. I'm sure you've actually "quilted" a lot more, but as I don't do it as a business now I've more time to piece & play and we couldn't go anywhere, practically for the last 2 years. Happy New Year to you too.

  3. Happy New Year Susan. It's good to see your blog post and all your quilts are lovely, you really have kept yourself busy. I agree with Jo, Flower Power is my favourite although I like I Did It My Way as it is such fun.

    1. Thanks Eileen. Keeping busy one way or another has helped me through most of this trying time.

  4. Happy new year Susan … lovely to see you back and feeling courageous 💜

  5. Happy New Year Susan, good to see you back - courage is a good word, we all need a bit of that to go forward into the new year. Take care:)

    1. Thanks Rosie & I think we'll need to muster all the courage we can find to get through another bout of this crisis.

  6. It's so lovely to see you back again Susan, I've certainly missed you. Those quilts are all lovely but 'Oh be still my beating heart',... the flower power one has me swooning. It's stunning

    1. Thanks Cherie. Seems Flower Power was the most popular so I think I'll let Jo up in Edinburgh know her design is well liked.

  7. Lovely to see you back and all your beautiful quilts.
    May your word give you the courage that it gave me last year xx post it up somewhere and it will be there to give you a gentle reminder and a encouraging hug every time you see it xxx

    1. Thanks Kate & I'd not realised it was your word from last year. I'd seen some little signage thing somewhere recently & "courage" was written in big letters & it just seemed to say, this is your word for the year.

  8. Happy New Year Susan, it's good to see you blogging again. You've certainly been busy in the quilt department, I like Skewiff and Rosetta but for a favourite it has to be Flower Power :)

    1. Thanks Eunice. I must let Jo know how well liked her pattern was.

  9. A very Happy New Year to you.
    Lovely to see this blog post and your lovely quilts.

    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  10. Thanks Jan & Happy New Year to you too.

  11. Oh wow, so many beautiful quilts! I think I like the Hydrangea Galaxy and Chateau Garden the best, I think because they are so lovely and colourful.