Friday 4 March 2022



Will you just look at was our street tree on the verge and they cut it down.  Oh.... and I cried a little.  I was so cranky, as was DH and this all happened at 8am on Wednesday morning and we had words with the culprits, then later in the afternoon visited the council too.  We now want the stump removed and a replacement tree.  Ours was the best looking tree in the court, but they said it was unstable where the trunk forked with a black line inside it.  We had a look at the other silver birches along our court & all have similar lines where larger branches have grown from the main trunk.  Why ours?                                                                                                                                                    I tried to find a good photo of our tree, but seems like I've taken most from our tree, but I found one when it was pouring down & the other photo is looking up the court past our stump, which I took yesterday afternoon.

This must have been winter as all the trees are bare & I have jonquils out in the circular bed.

Looking to the end & notice all the silver birches, but ours is missing.
Suppose you could say, I'm still mad.   The tree nearly always had birds coming and going & we will miss their antics & singing.😢

So much sadness in the world at the moment, this post is stupidly trivial, but I'll post it anyway.             I feel quite helpless to reach out and help in anyway to those caught up in all the mayhem, but know I still need to blog while I can.  Hopefully I'll post a bit more this month and even try and catch up with a few interesting bits from last year.

Have a great weekend everyone, take care, stay safe & hugs.                                                                               Susan.


  1. It's not trivial at all I'd be upset too. Will they give you a say in the type of replacement tree.I wish to heck that our local authority would plant productive trees on the grass verges and encourage people to use any fruit that is produced.

  2. Oh how annoying!!! When you want a tree removed (because it legit needs to go) they refuse and when you don't want it gone... well, you know that we had to get rid of all of our trees thanks to council... so I know how you feel :( xx

  3. Oh, that's such a shame. I hate to see healthy trees removed.

  4. Not trivial at all, I'd be mad too, what a shame.
    I can't bear to watch the news reports, it's all so horrible.

  5. It's not trivial at all and I know just how you feel. I used to have a lovely big tree at the bottom of my back garden, it was nowhere near anyone else's property and doing no harm to anyone, birds would come and go and some evenings there would be an owl sitting in there. Then four years ago the housing association decided that most trees on the estate had to go - every one was cut down and the only ones left were the ones where people owned their own homes. I tried everything to keep my tree, even getting advice from a wildlife trust, but the HA were crafty - they waited until nesting season was over and I couldn't do anything to stop them short of chaining myself to it. I couldn't bear to watch my tree come down but yes, I cried afterwards :(

  6. I know exactly what you mean … on both scores. All our daily worries seem so insignificant with what else is going on in the world. I had my hair done the other day and we were talking about it saying it felt wrong that we were being pampered when others are in such despair. I too felt my recent blog post felt very trivial at the moment 😢

  7. I'd be very upset too, I hope you get a nice replacement tree.

    All the best Jan