Tuesday, 27 September 2022


 A very quick post for a couple of link ups I usually participate in.

The first being Sandra at mmm.quilts with her DrEaMi link with the squirrels lurking in our sewing rooms.

I bought some lovely magnolia fabric, then saw some more a year later and decided I needed to do something with it and along came another of my Easy Peasy quilts which I quite often do for a much needed baby quilt when the occasion arises.  The flowery squares weren't very "square" so a bit of cursing ensued and I finally ended up with this.  I really wanted it finished so I could take photos with my own magnolia, but mine has few flowers left, so I asked my elderly neighbour if we could use his for my photo.  DH obliged by holding it beside his tree.  It is not quilted yet.

My favourite and only finish this month for the linkup with Cheryl from Meadow Mist Design is actually a pattern I made from her last book (she has another in the works) and I'm very pleased with it after procrastinating on the background fabric.  It was made using a charm square pack and called Medallion in the book.
Poor hubby once again holding this one too, this morning beside our flowering Wonga vine.

Whilst debating how to do some photography earlier with rain pending, I snapped the photo below with Septembers few quilts I've worked on.
On the left is the Charm Medallion, middle, one of my own designs now waiting to be bound and on the right, the Easy Peasy Magnolia, still to be quilted.  Noticing I have a pink theme going on.........uh!
All from me for now & off to link up hopefully.  I still have other things to catch up on, so must find time to post about that stuff too.
Take care all and hugs.


  1. Beautiful quilts. I think my favourite has to be the magnolia.

  2. I think my favourite is the magnolia too. but they are both beautiful quilts.

  3. Your quilts are beautiful and I like the magnolia too. Big thanks to your hubby holding the quilt alongside the tree for your photo.

  4. Lovely. I like the way you display your beautiful quilts:)

    1. Thanks Rosie and we live in beautiful countryside to get out into for some of my hero shots, though sometime the weather doesn't want to play, so our garden has to do for some, or inside.

  5. A fabulous quilty catch-up.
    Your quilts look beautiful.

    All the best Jan

  6. what a beautiful collection of quilts! very nice..

  7. Love your quilts, and great that you take the photos in the outdoors

  8. Both beautiful quilts. And I love pink too. Congratulations!