Thursday, 4 September 2014


We've been off out and will just do a quick post with some photos.
Monday saw us head to Holmfirth and then up to Holme Moss, one of the stages in Yorkshire of the Tour de France.  How they rode up these hills and then down is beyond me.

The view whilst we drank a cup of tea at a roadside café.

Typical road in this part of Yorkshire.  It really is up hill and down dale and oh so beautiful. 

A mill stone at the entrance to a farm.
I'll leave the photos for that day as they take so long to load and I did take a lot more.

Tuesday saw us catch up on some washing, then back to Temple Newsam to meet Jo from Through the Keyhole.  She arrived with her daughter and dog Archie.  It was so lovely meeting her and we chatted away in wonderful sunshine and will catch up again before we head home.  I just had the feeling we might click when we met and I'm sure we did.  Below is the lovely gift she gave me and I had the pattern put aside for the fingerless gloves and will certainly make use of them next winter.

My lovely mittens and some yummy biscuits.
Today, Wednesday saw us head south to Crich Tramway Museum, where they have trams from horsedrawn, steam, electricity through the tracks and lastly overhead wires.  They came in all shapes, sizes and colours.  We wandered around, then hopped on a tram and rode to the end of the track, passing an old quarry, hopped off and walked up a rather steep hill to the War Memorial at the top.
From here we had 360deg views over 7 counties.

Tram we caught.

One of the lovely reconstructed buildings with the War Memorial in the distance.

Tram with a destination sign of somewhere I've mentioned in these last 2 posts.

Love the warning sign on this tram.

Views from the top of the hill

The War Memorial.

Looking down into the quarry from the path we were climbing to the top of the hill.  You can see how high we had come as the rails are on the left. (click to enlarge).
OK, I'm sure you've had enough of my ramblings and as I'm tired tonight I think I've waffled on a bit.
Sorry!  Hope you are all having a good week and take care.


  1. The Smith's Travelogue is very interesting to me:) Your gift is so pretty and useful, and I think the biscuit box is lovely itself.

  2. Thanks Joanna. I hope it will interest my followers and I'll definitely be keeping my box.

  3. It was lovely meeting up with you and we definitely did click. I have tickets from the last tram journey in Leeds on the 7th of November 1959 which my dad has given me. He would have taken the one to Temple Newsam as he didn't live far from there before he was married.

    1. Thanks for the snippet of information, as that confirmed what hubby said about when they finished up in Leeds. Not the actual date but at least the year. It was great meeting up. Take care.

  4. What a lovely time you have had!! How great that you got to meet Jo too, the gloves are so lovely aren't they. xx

    1. Yes we are having a great time and meeting Jo was certainly good.

  5. Loving seeing where you have been and it looks as though you have been really busy. Hope to see you both soon. G xxx

    1. Too busy and we'll catch up after we've been to Cornwall.

  6. Oh Susan, I am sorry. Stuck down the well of disorganisation this year I didn't realise you were in England until I saw Sue's blog .... so sorry to have missed you but thrilled to learn what a great trip you're having :)

  7. I'm so glad you are having such a great time! It must've been great to meet up with Jo. It's always fun to meet a blogging friend in real life, especially when you live so far apart. x