Thursday, 28 June 2018


Linking up with the lovely Kate from I live, I love, I craft, I am me to join in with our photo hunt.

This month's words were a little easier for me and I'm afraid I just dipped into the archives, as the weather here has been cold, wet & quite miserable, especially for photography.
Here we go.......................

I was hoping to actually get a photo for this, but most of the wattle is still in bud, so found one taken last year. (I think).

2.  It starts with..............T

I cheated here and chose two.
 The one above was photographed in an Antique & Bric a Brac shop some years ago in Rosedale.
I thought it very clever and cute made from an old sewing machine.

 The one above was from last year's Vintage Commercial Vehicle Show held at a racecourse near Melbourne. 

3.  LILAC.

Two again I'm afraid, as was it the colour lilac or...........A Lilac?
Our wisteria in full flower over the pergola.
It also smelled wonderful.
These two photos (above & below), were taken at our old house here, which I often refer to as No. 4.
Can you see my lilac on the far side of the steps near a verandah post?  It was really pretty & of course this is the garden I still think of as my favourite, but alas, it is no longer mine.

4.  It starts with............G
I took this photo as we were driving through the forests in East Gippsland, when we were away a few years ago.  I couldn't believe my luck, when we saw it and were able to pull to the side of the little used road and take a few snaps, before he scooted up the tree.  If you click on the photo, you'll probably see him better.

This fellow sits at the side of an off ramp on the Nepean Freeway, on the Mornington Peninsular.  I took the photo earlier this year, just in case we needed the colour "SILVER", for a photo hunt.😃  It was quite awkward to get a good photo, but I think you can gauge just how silvery he is.

6.  My own choice.
Oh dear, this may offend or make you laugh hilariously..........................
                     but  I just had to 'hopefully', make everyone smile.
This I snapped in May, on a day out (I do need to catch up on some overdue posts), to Arthur's Seat, again on the Mornington Peninsular.  This particular day, we chanced upon a Motor Museum & in we went (of course), with my motor mad hubby, & my camera in hand.  Among all the lovely vintage cars, bikes & motoring memorabilia, I spied a section given over to vintage homewares & toys, etc.  What did I find, but this condiment set, possibly from the 50/60s?  Can you really imagine putting oil and vinegar in these, on the table,  then using them? 

OK, that is my lot for this month.  And yes I'm  a little early as I'm off to a "quilt retreat" at my friend Judy's in Bordertown for the weekend.  I'll have a little look possibly in the evening & also link with Kate when she has the Mr. Linky up.
Take care all and huggles.


  1. Love your saucy 'own choice', but well done with all the others. We haven't had a drop of rain during June which has been hot, hot, hot - very unusual.

    1. Thanks Carol. Hope you get some rain soon, as we know all too well, what drought is like.

  2. Love the silver gnome

    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. I've never heard of a Goanna before, he looks to be a big boy. Love that condiment set, that did make me chuckle. Enjoy the retreat, I'm sure you'll have a great time.

    1. Thanks Jo. A Goanna is a very large lizard & although I saw many as a child, I'd not seen one for a long time. I knew you'd giggle over my own choice. Have a great time in Cornwall.

  4. Oh well done - again! You are so clever with some of the pictures you have taken. Your garden at No.4 is stunning, I can see why you get so frustrated with what you have now.

    I won't be participating this month, I have so many pictures to sort through from the garden and my recent holiday that to try and do the Challenge as well would just add another 'task' which I don't need. But I am going to enjoy everyone else's contributions.

    Take care, have a lovely time with Judy. xx

    1. Thanks Jayne. Pity you won't be participating & I'll be sewing & chatting tomorrow morning. Take care.

  5. Wonderful photos! The goanna is such an unusual creature and the silver gnome is priceless as is the condiment set. Enjoy your quilt retreat:)

  6. Great choice Susan, the condiment set certainly did not offend, make me smile. The silver gnome so unusual and I do not think I would like to see the lizard eeeew! Love the yellow ,I thought at first it was mimosa ,I think the favourite is the pink tractor.xx

  7. Had to look hard to find the Goanna, the condiment set is certainly of an era, but very amusing.

  8. I must show Beloved the pink tractor... it will look so cute alongside his blue one.... that was my favourite photo. So glad we don't have goannas here; interesting to see but only on TV or your photos! No worries for me to see the condiment set... those were the days!

  9. Lovely set of photographs. Your No 4 garden was beautiful. I love the way you have terraced it. I also had to look hard to see the Gonna. Thought it was part of the tree. Well camouflaged and well spotted. The condiment set brought a smile to my face. Thanks. xx

  10. I love the tractor photo, the pink looks so much nicer than the normal Ferguson Grey which it should be :)

  11. Your own choice made me chortle!

  12. Never heard of a goanna before. It must be thrilling to see one! Love the silver gnome. He polishes up well. And I had to chuckle at your choice. ;)x

  13. Great selection. I'm really enjoying my first scavenger hunt.
    Love the condiment set, that did make me smile.
    Hope you are having fun a the quilt retreat.

  14. Thank you for the laugh Susan - could you imagine that on the table :) Brilliant.
    Your photos are always so exotic - the goanna - wow! What a magnificent creature and your garden was fabulous.

  15. I'm familiar with the "Little Grey Fergies" over here and the later Red Massey Fergusons and some yellow construction models but I've never seen a pink Fergie, how fantastic.
    Great set of pictures with a different perspective!

  16. I love that your photos are so different - even your garden ones - I think your goanna is my favourite pictures - I can even hear it in my head in an Australian accent :D thankyou for joining and hope the quilting retreat is just what you needed xxxx

  17. Thank you for sharing your hunt, you certainly had fun and made us laugh.

  18. Haha, that last photo made me chuckle. Who would put that on their table?!! I love the silver gnome too, an unusual find! I've never seen pink fergie before, they're all grey or blue in my experience!

  19. I laughed, not offended, but wouldn't want her in my house. I love lilacs, too, and hope to plant one here. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll take some of your cool weather right now. This post is very Australian to me; things that really tell about your country. Very nice.